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Panasonic GH6, final m43 camera, again with bad AF
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  • The GH6, which is currently under development, aims to achieve both the mobility unique to Micro Four Thirds systems and a variety of video expressiveness. Both the sensor and engine have been newly developed to support 4: 2: 2 10bit Cinema 4K60p video recording, and we plan to achieve unlimited video recording time within the recommended operating temperature. I’m really sorry that I can’t tell you in detail, but please look forward to what kind of camera the GH6, which is still under development by engineers, will be finished.

    Thank you Panasonic.

    Seriously considering going to Sony FF now.

  • Oh puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzze. I stayed up for this?

  • "Seriously considering going to Sony FF now."

    I have both FF Sony and Panasonic. Aside from the AF and available lenses, Panasonic is better for image and build quality, high resolution photo and video (6K, open gate etc) IBIS, EVF, LOG and color science. Panasonic is terrible at marketing though

  • Ya know, Panasonic never said they were going to release the camera or anything really today. That was fabricated out of thin hope. From my understanding Panasonic is not sure themselves when the release will be. I think what is very likely is that a small number of prototypes are out, 3 to 6 in Japan only. Beyond dialing in auto focus, firmware versions are being tested, modified, and a keen eye is being kept on what is being released by others. Say what you will about Panasonic's auto focus history, but they were the first to have many things we now consider standard, and have always had great menu's and usability. Designing a whole new camera to replace one that stood the test of time (GH5/s) is not a linear timeline even in the best of times. The GH5II should have been a sign to many that the GH6 is slow cooking and won't be released till they have it right. Like most I was hopeful to see more info, but sorta suspected very little to be added. All companies here have been working hard to secure supply chains not just for the moment, but for the long run, and marketing/pr strategies have to adjust accordingly. In a way this can be beneficial as it allows companies to test prototypes and fine tune them longer since there is no sense setting a hard release date until production materials can be secured.

  • Gh6 will be a very long term investment for buyers, just for the timeline and relajase dates of other updates and cameras from panafriend. this is a final mayor investment from them. I think it’s the epitome of m4/3 cameras.

    I’m sure They are developing a very unique one with lots of functions that are not available on other brands. For that’ I’m positive. Check Gh5 II, no one is delivering that functionality and performance at that price point. That is why they are very closed and secretly making advancements in the new model.

    It is very likely that they will come out with a really mature product and with very good features. Just Be patient and keep on looking for leaked info. It’s been 10 years, and they are making some hell of last products, cos cameras from panafriend, is an already broken business.

    Be positive before the shutdown.

  • @yaz72

    Aside from the AF and available lenses, Panasonic is better for image and build quality,

    The Panasonic market share in the FF mirrorless sector is really minuscule, so I don't have much faith in the Lumix future. Neither MFT or FF.

    I'm currently just at the GH4, being strained for cash for the GH5 heyday. My finances has improved immensely this year so after the may GH5II/GH6 announcement I have been holding out for the GH6. Hoping for a solid upgrade on my GH4.

    I guess the options here besides abandoning M43 is getting either a "cheap" GH5 these days, a even more cheap photocentric G9 (which is like 100 USD cheaper than the GH5) or a GH5II (to expensive really if I want the GH6 later on) if will I continue to hold out for the GH6 (Spring 2022? Autumn 2022? Before the end of 2022?). Or just use the GH4 for another period - but cash is burning in my pocket for a upgrade :-p

    In my view the problem here is that the GH6 has no commited date for finalizing after the "before the end of the year" announcement from may 2021 has fallen.

    Rant off.

  • When the lead time is this long, the camera is old even before it is released.

  • I expect the announcement relatively soon. This is not a source thing, but a general feeling based on sources moods. I'm not talking release date. It is unlikely they will announce it so close on the heals of Nikon's flagship. Different market, but many will draw comparisons nonetheless. If I was going to just guess I would guess 3rd quarter of November announcement.

  • @DRDave, except the GH6 remained the best videocentric option long after its release. Panasonic development team is wicked smart. Stubborn, but not dumb. Also remember they have a new development manager, that stepped in a year before Covid, and I am sure is eager to stretch his wings.

  • @mee So we had the developement announcement in may and is now waiting for the pre announcement before christmas.

  • Nikon ate Panasonic's lunch. Panasonic has a comeback with their full frame cameras, I suspect that the GH6 will have difficulty competing.

  • @EspenB Probably. Panasonic traditionally doesn't seem to concerned with getting cameras out in time for christmas.

  • @DrDave If Nikon releases something like a z60 aps-c monster then I would fully agree. The GH6 is not in the same target audience as the Z9, but as it stands we at least know the GH6 will kill it in maximum frame rates, price point, weight, and many other real world concerns that budget cinema enthusiasts and professionals alike share.

  • Nokishita:

    Panasonic’s “DC-GH6” has also been registered with the Russian certification body. (In Russia) Only the body and two types of lens kits (DC-GH6M and DC-GH6L) are available, the compatible charger is “DVLC1005Z”, and the AC adapter is “VSK0815K”


  • GH6 hardware is done, firmware is still under developement.

    Release at CES in january.

    Panasonic should really learn some stuff from GoPro and release the camera before the firmware is done. :-p


    1560 x 1129 - 301K
  • So it’s aimed at bloggers there is a frontal red record button

  • I wish for a kit which bundles the GH6 with the 10-25 mm f1.7 lens. :-)

  • Panasonic announced on December 16 that the commercialization of the Micro Four Thirds standard mirrorless camera "LUMIX GH6" is expected to be delayed in early 2022.

    Japanese translation.

    To be short - do not expect GH6 until Q2 or even Q3 2022.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Q3, 2022? A bit to negative perhaps?

    Are we talking about the semiconductor crisis here?

  • 45 mins of absolutely nothing.

  • Most likely we are looking at some revisions to keep up with what's being released by others. Shortages could be another aspect. I spoke with someone from one of the big camera companies recently who is in charge of securing supply chains. I don't really want to say which company (not Panasonic), but it seemed they were reaching their needs, but only with allot of leg work to various countries and "creative thinking" to ensure things were on track. This was several months ago, so Panasonic may be further back in the cue, or simply cut off from some of the suppliers.

  • @mee

    I guess we are only talking about firmware updates at this late stage.