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Panasonic GH6, final m43 camera, again with bad AF
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  • @markr041 While not an m43 lens, I've found the Sigma 18-35 pretty darned good at being parfocal, especially if you begin by zooming all the way to 35mm then focus.

  • I would have loved to have seen proper TV / Video / ENG zoom lenses released for m4/3 years ago. Proper parfocal servo zooms with manual iris rings and NO AUTOFOCUS!!!!!!! If 2/3" can have it for 40 years why can't there be cut-down versions for DLSR style cameras?

    I've used Canon J17s on m4/3 but they are quite bulky and probably too long a zoom range to be a "go to" lens for most shoots (also the price can be prohibitive - depending on whether you get a good secondhand deal or not).

  • 30 hrs to go and the leaks are starting to flood.


    700 x 483 - 448K
  • 24 hrs to go. (LUMIX GH6 will be unveiled on Feb 22nd, 2022 1:00 AM UTC.)

    Launch videos (I will update with more links):

  • image



    666 x 498 - 43K
    708 x 609 - 42K
    687 x 599 - 52K
  • Gerald Undone review:

  • DP Review:

  • DSLR Video shooter:

  • Matti Happoja:

  • First talk in the live stream was of course about the AF...

    Reason for DFD AF: Picture quality. Could not implement PDAF in the high dynamic range sensor.

    Probably totally BS.

  • Shipping by the end of march.

    Pre order promotion in the US: Free CF Express Type B card

    Future upgrades:
    External RAW over HDMI
    Recording to SSD over USB-C
    More ProRes options/resolutions

  • Note on the US pre-order bonus: not always currently reflected in online stores. I suggest contacting the retailers to confirm if buying early.

  • Gerald Undone:

    This swan song of the micro four thirds system is a fine camera, but it struggles to compete with full frame image quality.

    Still not a good camera for AF.

    AF still looks bad.

    m43 is dead to me.

  • Tony:

    But there’s a fatal flaw. The Panasonic Lumix GH6 uses the contrast-based Depth-from-Defocus (DFD) system… it often works flawlessly, in fact, for still interview subjects it outperformed Canon! With moving subjects, however, it either couldn’t keep up or it pulsed annoyingly.

  • Andyax (Norway):

    AF is improved over GH5, but easily beaten by Sony.

  • Potato Jet:

  • Fan noise. Pulsing. Heavy. Chunky. Smaller screen.
    Otherwise, fine.

  • @EspenB

    I have huge issues with this guys. As with proper enough light 98% of their audience won't be able to tell different between m43 and best FF. And it is almost all of their shots.

  • Panasonic had literally one job to do: take the GH5 and implement a proper phase-detection system that seamlessly works with subject tracking, face/eyes and has no pulsing!

    Unfortunately, they stubbornly insist on not providing the most requested feature (PDAF), and so this camera is uninteresting in 2022 IMO!

    I didn't even complain about image quality, which by the way is more than one stop worst compared to the OM1:

    GH6 ISO 12800:

    OM1 ISO 25.600:

  • DPreview says

    The GH6's sensor, which we're told is 'not made by the company everyone always assumes we use'

    In the real world there is no assumption about the use of Sony sensors.

  • @Eno

    I think I have about 14 pcs of m43 lenses. Four are Oly lenses including the 7-14 mm f2.8 which sees a lot of use.

    If continuing with m43 for photo the OM-1 seems like a better deal.

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  • DOA?

    The GH6 might appear to be a tough sell at $2,199 USD considering you can currently buy a full-frame S5 for $1,897.99 USD with a free 85mm prime lens. The Sony a7 IV is also only $399 USD more.

    In my personal opinion, despite its capabilities, the GH6 needed to be priced closer to $1,500 USD to cause any type of market disruption. I know! It sounds ridiculous to be critiquing the price of a camera with the capabilities and features that the GH6. $2,199 USD is a relatively low amount of money to pay and while I think it is probably worth the money, the prices of full-frame mirrorless hybrids may say otherwise.