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Sony A7s, FHD camera, with 12Mp sensor, big DR
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  • Here's some interesting info from the online Sony help guide. Specifically which gamma to use with which Picture Profile...

    I'm assuming this isn't included in the manual? Very odd. Someone really needs to write a "filmmakers guide to the A7S" with all this info about the pros and cons of different picture profiles, gamma settings, etc. I'd pay money for that (if it was reasonable).

  • Here is a little BTS highlighting the A7s + Atomos Shogun + Anamorphic Shop FM lens + Helios44 + Hypergonar. Footage from A7s, helios44, Mir1b, Mir20m, graded with VisionColor LUTs and Film Covert Pro.

  • Very cool Kiteboarding at night. What was your highest ISO used in the Video? And at what EV and f-stop?

  • @MikeLinn No doubt the Sony A7s is an astounding camera but those tests of the barn are suspect for exposure variation and color look at the light in the barn is it orange (GH4) or is it green (A7S)? Exposure can have a huge affect on how we perceive images and I just don't think something is right here.

  • I do not like the "Cinematic" look.

    My take is: For the dollar my GH4 is easily the best camera. For portability my GH4 is easily the best camera. With an expensive/heavy lens and and expensive 4k recorder, and a much more difficult set up and sometimes after Post Processing, my A7s will give me the best Video, especially in poor/low light.

  • Hey guys, my short shot on the A7s is up on the #TOFF site. If you feel so inclined, I would much appreciate a vote on the page to move forward. A vote is just selecting the star rating you choose.

    Thanks to everyone on here for the filmmaking advice over the years.

  • I am so torn between decisions...I do need multiple cameras because I shoot concerts with multiple angles. I own multiple GH2 cameras, one GH3 and one GH4. In the future I wanted to buy one more GH4 some day or wait for the GH5. I really love 4k and the possibility to crop/zoom in post so when I use a cam on a tripod that is unmanned I can still add a little movement to that footage in post production. What I was never happy with my mft cameras is the DOF and the resolution of the pictures. Then I heard about the Sony a7s and since that day I am thinking of buying one of those beauties. It is so beautiful that I think it would become my favourite cam for photography and well for video it will be "just "1080p" then. I heard about h265 and internal 4k rumors on future models but I was going to buy the beautiful Sigma 18-35 lense and for my GH4 I would need a Metabons adapter. So why not take the 600 USD for the adapter and invest that money in the Sony camera? What do you guys think? What's the difference of the performance of the Sigma lense on the Sony a7s and on the GH4 with the speedbooster? thanks for some opinions/input!

  • Olli, first off the "beautiful" Sigma 18-35 is an APS-C lens. It would be better to use it with a SpeedBooster (not necessarily MetaBones) on the GH4. The A7s would have to use it in crop mode thus negating the advantage of FullFrame. Second the A7s does not need a f/1.8 lens to shoot in the dark although it would regain some DOF.

    I have both cameras and use the GH4 outside in daylight and the A7s inside or at night.

    To get the most out of the A7s, I have an Odyssey 7Q+ and shoot 4k DownRes to 1080P30. I also have multiple batteries and am getting the 28-135 f/4 Cine lens. For that kind of money you could buy 3 GH4s and lens. But in the poor/low light that I shoot nearly all my Video in, the A7s really shines. You should probably rent this combination before you buy unless you are near Monterey Bay where I can show you mine.

  • thanks RRRoger, I am new to photography and the different formats. I am just familar with mft. Never before owned a DSLR. So, the lowlight benefits of the Sony and movie qualitys aside: Since I am looking for one camera that offers higher resolution photos and more shallow DOF than my GH4 and can still be used for my video projects I am still thinking about the Sony a7s. Would you recommend it? Of course, I would test the camera before I buy it and do a more careful research which lense to buy. I really need one with a large aperture.

  • @olli66 The a7s will give you more shallow depth of field, but it won't produce higher resolution photos.

  • The A7s with f/4 should give all the DOF you need. And a lot more shallow than a GH4 with f/2.8 lens or even f1.8 lens. I don't get a lot more from my 28-70 f/2.8 Nikkor and adapter on the A7s than I do with my native 24-70 f/4 which I am selling because it does not have an aperture ring.

  • oh, I just noticed the a7 "just" has 12.2MP. from all the flickr photos I have seen I thought it would have more well since I am not doing large printouts anyway I will be fine with the MP so the question is: I own the Leica 42,5mm F 1.2 lense for the GH4 and that is the combination the a7 would have to beat, should I consider buying the a7s or wait and see what's next on the horizon? man, I am so tempted with full frame...

  • For concerts and indoor environments like that, it makes a lot of sense to go with the A7s due to its low light ability. When I had the GH4, I'd always have to worry about shooting indoors. I do miss the articulating display, ease of use and long battery life, though.

  • 12.2MP is optimized for 4k Video and the image quality is very good. The A7s really does not need a f/1.2 lens but almost all are adaptable to the E mount. The FullFrame equivalent to your 42.5 Leica would be 85mm.

    So far and hopefully, there will always be a "latest and greatest" model and improvements of camera bodies. Do you need of just want the A7s now? Can you afford $8,000 for a complete new camera system including 4k recorder? If a larger A7s II is produced, it may have internal 4k recording capability but will the codec be as good as ProRes and will it be capable of recording more than 29 minutes at a time?

  • If you want to get an 85mm f/1.2 lens for an A7s, Mitakon makes one which seems to be pretty well-regarded and which is priced in a range that mortals can afford.

  • The manual focus Mitakon 85 looks to be really nice and you can get it with a Sony FE mount. One thing I really like about using a manual focus lens is that you do not have to go into the menus to change back and forth from AutoFocus.

  • @olli66 all I do is film concerts and I can assure you the best cam for this is the ax100. Buy six, or buy four and mix in a few DSLRs if you want special lenses/DOF, etc.

  • DrDave It sounds like you never used a professional CamCorder or an A7s. My experience with PalmCorders has been disappointing to say the least. Try a FS7 an you will see a world of difference.

    However, if the X100 is good enough for your work, why pay more. I remember when I was using Nikon D1-4 Cameras with Pro glass for Events and my competition was making more money with something like a D70 + kit lens.

  • well, I don't neccessary need 4k so the setup wouldn't cost me 8000 USD cam + one lense...hmm...I need to check it out next week ;-)