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Sony A7s, FHD camera, with 12Mp sensor, big DR
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  • Couple question before i buy: 1, In slog2, the iso can't go lower than 3200, so in day light i have to use ND filter or don't use slog2? 2, What's do you think about the sound solution for a7s for one man band, doing lots of travel and documentaries. (i have rode videomic pro, and zoom h5n) 3, What lens options out there, sony FE 24-70/4 oss? how about Sony FE 24-240mm oss, didn't see many videographer talks this super zoom lens. or any other choice? For the prime, I'm look into minolta 50/1.4 for the portrait, but not sure about the wide angle and 100mm macro, which one to choose...

    1. Yes, slog2 minimum ISO is 3200 and you must use strong ND filter.Also must expose 1-2 stops over to avoid noise. I have a Haida PRO II-S ND12-ND500
    2. Use H5 with line in to camera(H5 line output -20, A7S audio level 8), is the same quality and noise level then the wav from H5, there is also the Sony XLR-K2M
    3. Have FE28-70 for Run and go and Walimex(Rokinon) 16,35,85 for more cinematic SEL24240 is interesting, but bulky and expensive
  • Thanks for your answer @omega1978 , I dont feel good with sony K2M sitting on top of that weak hot shoe... and rokinon is affadable but bulk for me...

  • S-Log2 at ISO 3200 has the same highlight range as a standard gamma setting at ISO 320. So, no, you don't need a very strong ND filter. But you might want some kind of ND filter.

  • I guess what you mean is something people talking about we need overexposure 2-3 stop, so it's actually work as iso 400-800. yeah, actually that isn't that bad, haha

  • Seems to me, that the downside to a camera capable of shooting in the near dark is that you need filters to shoot in daylight. I am also having to use EV adjustments a lot when using Auto ISO

  • After using the A7s for a recent shoot, a few friends and I had some thoughts on the camera

  • Hey thanks much for the review Xenocide38, so perfectly concise, humourous and informative! You have cured me my of my recent obsession to own a A7s... at least in its current state.

  • WOW - that is truly an amazing video

  • @ Vitaliy: Do you know which drone was flying the A7S?

    @ everybody:

    Did anybody observe improvements regarding the blue light issue with the new firmware?

    Whoever noticed the problem with certain kinds of blue light in the A7S with the older firmware: is this wishful thinking on my side or did Sony improve on this? I currently can't check it under identical conditions, but my impression is that there is some improvement here.

    Or does anybody know if you can downgrade firmware somehow?

  • @nomad From the video description:

    Gear used: Sony a7S @ ISO 40’000-51’200 Slog2 Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern for timelapse only Lenses: Canon 24mm f2.8, Canon 16-35mm f2.8, Tokina 24-70mm f2.8, Canon 70-200mm f4 UAV: DJI S900 with DJI A2 Flight Controller UAV Gimbal: FTBO G10 (no post stabilization) Handheld Gimbal:DYS HHG5D (no post stabilization) Gimbal Controller: 2 Basecam SimpleBGC 32bit V2.44b9

  • I'm not sure if this was ever posted here, but it's super informative if you're using S-log on the A7S (or if you just want to understand the fundamentals of log gamma)...

  • I respectfully disagree with most of what Alister Chapman said there, and I posted comments there with the details. Anyway, ACES makes most of that nonsense irrelevant.

  • S-Log is not the very best idea with an A7S anyway due to the restrictions to 8 bit. I'm still waiting for a scene where S-Log is even using all of those few bits.

    Rather make yourself well-adapted profiles for your typical shooting situations and the A7S will shine!

  • Something I always wondered: if I use S-Log2 gamma with other colors than S-Gamut, do I get the same dynamic range but without the "strange" colors given by S-Gamut (which need to be converted using a proper LUT)? Let's say I use PP7 but change the color to Cine2 or Movie or other, what would I loose? Thanks!

  • @nomad, expose properly in S-Log2, and the restrictions of the 8-bit recording format will not be a problem. I've yet to encounter any banding in my recordings.

    @flablo, yes, you can combine S-Log2 with whatever color mode you want, and you still get the dynamic range of S-Log2.

  • @flabo Have you tried Kholi's SLog2 Pro color settings? I've found them to look a lot better than SGamut.

  • @balazer i've heard that there is a difference in the amount of color information stored and that s-gamut is better...

  • S-Gamut has a wider gamut than Rec.709. If your delivery format is Rec.709, S-Gamut has no particular advantage over Rec.709 color.

  • found it on fb. He wrote, that he used the Ronin, Samyang 14mm and Canon Zooms.