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Sony A7s, FHD camera, with 12Mp sensor, big DR
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  • Olli, I am selling my mint FE 24-70 to replace it with a 28-135. You could save a little more by buying used.

    Lens Authority has a beat up A7s for cheap

  • I live in Germany and with taxes and shipping it makes most time no sense for me to order from the US only time I did it was with my GH4 to have the option to shoot without the 29 minute limitation

  • Sony A7S + Atomos Shogun + Zeiss Contax 50mm f1.7 and 18mm f4 + Laing M30p Steadicam + MotionDogs Lenzhound. Just a practice reel - still new at the Steadicam thing. All shot in ProRes422 4k, downscaled to 1080p.

  • Allen, really pro looking! Puts it up another notch.

  • @ Allen - Looks great! Thanks share this video. The music put me right into a theater seat along with the visuals.

  • @RRRoger well, film a show with several cams and post the raw files so we can see the difference.

  • drdave, just out of curiosity: could you post some of your work with the ax100? I want to buy either that cam or the pana fz1000 for recording U2 later this year

  • @olli66 recommend you rent one for a few days, then you will know for sure. Just posted a vid where the first clip is ax100 in showcase.

  • @DrDave sure thing I rent everything before I make a big investment. where do I find your footage?

  • @olli66 this was filmed with a single ax100 in dim, fluorescent light.

  • Great job DrDave under that dim light with an AX100. Now try it with an A7s and it will be like night and day.

  • I tried the A7s and I thought it was a fabulous camera, but it did not record 4K internally....

  • New firmware version 2.00, released 6/16/2015:

    • The startup time is shortened
  • MikeLinn It is appalling how much we compromise our morals. Are we going out the way of the Romans did? I could not watch much of this. Good photography but foul language and is murder really OK?

  • @RRRoger MikeLinn is our contentsniffer, he's not the author of the movie :-)

  • I just heard the news about the A7 R II...internal 4k ?? I am sold. Gonna have to save up a lot of money now... This camera sounds like all my dreams coming through. Now the question is only: Will it have video limitations (15 minutes or 29 minutes) or will only the US models have no limitations?

  • Is there any speculation here when Sony might be releasing the A7sII? It must be in the works and I'm trying to gauge whether or not I should buy now or wait until they announce it to preorder. It can't be that far away right?

  • Decided to try out some major upscaling to see if the image would fall apart if I upscaled 150% from a APC-C capture. There are two shots in here that are upscaled as such. I'd like to think it's impossible to spot these two. Very pleased with the A7s IQ. Everything handheld with a Canon 70-200mm IS with a Commlite adapter. Slog2 with a very dark ND-filter.

  • @elkanah77 very nice colors, great skin tones!

  • Thanks. Its a great little camera and it loves light! ;-)

  • Recent shoot with the A7S + Atomos Shogun + Zeiss Contax 50mm and 18mm. I've been experimenting with CC2015 Lumetri, Film Convert and VisionColor 3DLUTS to achieve different looks with the camera. So far I've really enjoyed the new Lumetri tools. Steadicam shots taken with LAING M30P, Motion Dogs / Lenzhound.

  • A7s Natural Light Test

  • BMPCC ProRes vs BMPCC Raw vs Sony a7s S-LOG2