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  • Thanks, so the bitrate will not help here, and I believe there is no way to control the shutter speed in video except with the flicker red setting. The video was in bright sun and when panning was quite choppy so it would be nice to be able to fix this.

  • @ driftwood: Many thanks! worked as described, very stable and extreme good looking footage with a San Disk extreme pro 32 GB UHS1. After Testing the patch I reduced the 1080i bitrate to 42MB/S and 720 p to 35 MB/S. With these setting IC-playback works fine, which is very important to me for documentary purposes.

  • I loaded the driftwood settings but changed the bitrate to 42mbs for 1080i, but in Windows Explorer none of the files show higher than 17mbs?

  • Some additional information, I ran some tests recording cartoons on live tv, to stress the avchd and used bitrate viewer to analyze the stream. Looking at multiple videos I only saw peaks of up to 17mbs, which is similar to what I had before the patch. Is there something that I am missing or should I really see higher bitrates? Are there other factors that affect this such as the card that I am using ect?

  • Try any of the following (or in combination): ripples on a pond, panning very wide angle landscapes, high ISO.

  • I tried those combinations with the exception of the ripples and there was a high of 18Mbs. I then tried playing the birds video from and recording it on camera. I saw a bitrate peak of 21mbs. I guess this means that patch is working?

  • @newgx1 WHich bitrates did you change?

  • I left all your settings the same except under AVCHD Compression I changed 'Video Bitrate FSH/SH' to 42 from 90 and "Video Bitrate FH/H" to 35. I just loaded your full settings with no changes and shot the same video of the birds and saw a peak bitrate of 42mbs if that helps with anything.

  • They dont change the declared bitrate, Goto Bitrate Settings in Patches for Testers. change the Top settings for Declared bitrate.

  • Hi Vitaliy Firstly a big thank you for the amazing work you have done! One thing that really hacks me off (no pun intended :-) ) is the BULB MODE being limited to about 130 seconds. If you have time would it be possible to remove this restriction in your hack? Many thanks Laurence

  • One thing that really hacks me off (no pun intended :-) ) is the BULB MODE being limited to about 130 seconds.

    I searched for this, but failed to find it yet.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Actually, the GX1 will provide an insight into how the GH3 control modes could be changed when you eventually come to it.

  • Thanks for the reply Vitaliy. Just in case it helps, I have timed it (a few times) and according to my stopwatch it is 128 seconds - the camera then starts the NR countdown at 127 seconds, so you are looking for 128 or possibly 127.

  • Hi Vitaliy, the first thing is to thank the good work you do. and after reading a bit about it, I think the manual control in video iso will be difficult. or because you have something along those lines. sorry for my poor English.

  • After downloading the original firmware again (I had to put the original through the PTool and save it because the camera didn't detect the original), my camera can't play MP4 files. It plays AVCHD fine, but for the MP4 files it says it can't play that kind of file... I reloaded the firmware again but nothing happens.

    Has this happened to anyone?!?!?

  • Yeah that's a bug. That's why 3.66 is a beta release. But that shouldn't be a showstopper.

  • @stonebat

    It is strange statement. As I belive that he talks about original firmware, no patches (except version related).

  • Oh never mind. Possibly original has a bug?

  • Yes, no patches, only original settings. Nevertheless, I've managed it to work (both original and patched), but only when after the update is done, imediatelly format the SD card and then turn of the camera. If I turned of the camera after updating, turned it on again, format the card and turn it off, it won't read the MP4 file format. That's very strange...

  • @Whisperdancer

    Reset all settings (in camera). And check other SD card.

  • I tried reseting, but without sucess. I have to try another SD card, but this is the only one I have right now...

    This time I left the NTSC<>PAL option off. I tried reloading with this option on, and it doesn't play MP4 files. Tested again with off, and MP4 files play OK in camera.

    BUT I'm sure I had the hacked firmware working OK with this option turned on.

    The option for selecting PAL or NTSC is still in the GX1 menu (per manual). Does this mean the patch has an effect on the setings this menu (on video recording)?

  • Hi! Does anyone know if there has been any updates with the manual movie modes? Thank you!!

  • @tomasmackey

    Not yet, sorry. I let evryone know after I could make it work.

  • Thank you so much Vitaliy!

  • Thank you very much for your hard work.I will Always look forward