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Official GX1 hack development topic
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  • Hi Everybody, Its my first post, I'd like to ask something superintelligent :)

    QUESTION: If you buy a GX1 in US (and therefore is a 30p/60i sensor), can I use it in europe with 25p/50i mode once apply the hacks?

    sorry if its been asked already, I've tryed searching for this question withous success.

  • Yes you can. With hack you can switch between PAL <-> NTSC so you could use it as you wish..

  • Thank you JOFO, I just wish it would come soon the hack for the GF5, I'd buy that one instead of the GX1 con screen is way better and is more recent. My economic advantage would be to buy it in US and to use in EUROPE with 1/50hz frequency (for my personal use, not as a business I mean).

  • Hello,

    I use GX1 (japanese version only) I would like to know, Can I change to use English or Thai language ? If can, How to do it?

    Sorry I'm not good in English but hope you will understand, I'm Thai. (Thailand)

    Thank You Nitipol

  • With latest PTool you could install/unlock other languages and then you could switch whatever you want..

  • Thank you for your answer, but I have some question please help me. Is this the link for download to hack GX1 ?

    3.66 is latest Ptool ?

    How to hack for change language?

    Thank you very much.


  • Hey. I've read before that will update a hack for GX1. but until today there is no news, I realized that there is a problem with this ?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thank You for link, But now I can't update .bin file on my GX1. when I put playback button it no have mode for update. Please help.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Now I can do it. Thanks for all it very Great.

  • Hi Guys! Can somebody confirm that bitrate upto 35Mbs .MP4 and 42Mbs AVCHD works on GX1 after applying the patch, and/or post some links with default/hacked - before/after video footage? Also, any comments on GX1 pin-point focus within the frame, while taking the video, and good cheap lenses recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi guys,

    appreciate a few pointers here as I have a GX1 and tried many times to update the firmware with no success. Using ptool ver 366 and bin file ( GX1__V12.bin ) have been created and copied to Sd card upon power up followed by pressing the green play button, the hourglass only come out for a second and replace with the no picture message.

    Did I missed a somthing?

  • Have you using genuine Panasonic battery? Update only works with ganuine battery

  • @JOFO

    Yes, and it been fully charged as well. The set is fresh out of the box from japan, just need to set the language thing first. Thanks for the quick reply.

    just to add on. finally, manage to update the firmware. thanks.

  • Seems that the MP4 mode has much greater detail and resolution than the AVCHD mode. The MTS files have a lot of vertical streaking too ie. the pixels of slightly slanted lines cling to a vertical streak.

    Will post pictures later using GalaXian.

  • @Mordae What player are you using/NLE? Check with Windows Media Player (PC) or Movist (OSX) to see if those slants really exist.

  • @driftwood I'm using MPC-HC with MadVR, so I doubt it's that. Also it seemed that the MP4 was generally "sharper" too. Not by pixel density, but just seems more detailed in the edges and stuff and without the haloing.

  • Attached the two files. They're from the blue channel. Both show horizontal streaking, but the AVCHD's is much worse, giving weird 1 pixel patterns at a few places. Also, the blue channel seems to be macroblocking more than the red and green.

    Also attached are the framegrabs from both codecs, showing the AVCHD detail smoothing.

    826 x 382 - 51K
    826 x 382 - 53K
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @Mordae Thank you for the pictures. Do you have any video samples for downloading? Maybe even before and after hack? (Will get my GX1 from Japan in 5 weeks, from a friend who lives there - so I can't test myself).

  • @Mordae Im working on the next GalaXian setting at the moment. Could you send me the two test files - mp4 and avchd - Ill take a look. Thanks. Also MADVR is prone to problems if not handled correctly. I will run your tests through my methods.

  • @driftwood Thanks for your hard work! Greatly appreciated (even though I have no camera yet). When supporting the GalaXian project, shall I leave a special note when contributing?

  • @Mordae I ran your two recordings thru my tests nd could see no streaking. In your original screengrab examples above you have deblocking problems caused by incorrect transcode.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Will it be possible to enable the "MJPEG FPS" setting for GX1 in the future releases of Ptools?

  • @adamquesada

    I'll add it to the list and check.