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GH3 rumors topic
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  • Nope, it seems like simple error. Most probably video was uploaded today, but he forget to make it unavailable to public (until time comes).

    Yea, this is what I'm suspecting. The editing seems kind of rough and not very good. This might have been a rough-cut they were just passing to someone for notes.

  • Its the venus engine setup is what im most intrigued about. Now if the photokina p-view reporters could get an mts grab or two it will make interesting dissection.

    I'm a little worried regarding the power of the processors and memory layout in the gh3 as I was underwhelmed by the G5.

  • power of the processors and memory layout in the gh3 as I was underwhelmed by the G5

    Don't get that you are talking about.

  • Im sure about improvements of the Alexa of the poor man, but some idea about improvements in photo still? I love my GH2, good video look and its very funny, but in photo still inst a very good camera.

  • I cant see the video here in chile due to limited and intermittent internet connex.

    VK Memory. Buffers, etc... What change we get from our 70mbps Intra bucks worth.

  • @QuickHitRecord

    If you're talking about the little thing on the right of the front, that looks like a flash pc-sync connector, something that higher end DSLRs have. Something which is a first for any panasonic digital camera that I know of, seems they're really trying to get serious with the GH3, even for stills.

  • @joesiv You are probably right. As soon as I saw it I was hoping that it had something to do with video shooting. Sometimes I forget that people take pictures with these cameras too.

  • At around 2:22 it looks like they are watching the video feed live on a laptop?

  • Yes, is Philip Bloom in the video.

  • It's Philip Bloom and Bruce Logan. =]

  • It is a secret because they all have signed an NDA (non disclosure agreement) and breaking the news will result into litigation.

    I am sold. Buying this for sure once it is out for Pre-order on B&H. BMCC looks interesting too but not sure how fast they can provide the right amount of stocks for the masses.

  • @kholi, and the man from the Corvette look like Vincent Gallo.

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    I dunno who the actor was, but he does kinda look like him! I do know that's Bruce shooting with him, though.

  • Looks like they let the pro DSLR film makers take the GH3 for a spin to beta test it. Hopefully, that means Panasonic really wants this to be a king maker in the pro camera world.

    I don't think this is going to be a "cheap" camera any time soon. :)

  • Looks like they let the pro DSLR film makers

    I really do not get term "pro DSLR film makers".
    I much more prefer to see real pro film makers.

  • does Interval shooting mean in camera timelapse? No external device?

    timecode is interesting, do any of the Canon Nikons have TC? Do we really need that?

  • @disneytoy

    I am sure they'll have very advanced time lapse part in their mobile apps.

  • Im making captures from the video.

    750 x 469 - 113K
    750 x 469 - 92K
    750 x 469 - 184K
    750 x 469 - 123K
    750 x 469 - 160K
  • Do you think it will come in Red again:-)

    I'm dissapointed there is no voice recognition.

    Camera reply "Speed" Action Cut

    Check the Gate.

  • It can't be pro body if they won't make pink.

    I am sure it is best kept secret before Photokina.

  • If you want me to describe this camera in short:

    It is dream on Pentax user. Whether sealed solid body, with three wheels, power zoom lenses, and support of all his old manual glass.

  • I love the new look of the GH3. It's bigger but still a VERY small camera. Looks a lot more serious and better build quality. All the leaked specs are fine by me. Just one more unanswered question. Come on Pany give us 4:2:2!!!!

    I can't wait to see the video they're working on in this promo. It looks pretty good from the small glimpse in the promo.

  • Nice to see they kept the fully articulated screen. The shot of the bottom seems to have a proper mount as well. So many great steps. The layout looks more and more like a 5D. I wonder about some of the controls being moved--like moving WB and ISO to the top. But that's small stuff. Very exciting to see some images. I'm looking forward to the news about codec and other features. (And price!)

  • Looking good. I just hope they're actually going to get the shipping right this time...

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