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GH3 rumors topic
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    GH3 Rumors specifications (with current probability status):

    • Wheather sealed, metal body (99%)
    • Shutter button located similarly to G5 (99%)
    • Focus peaking and zebras (99%)
    • 920k or better capacitive touch screen (98%)
    • Improved EVF (99%)
    • 1080p48/ 1080p50/1080p60 at 28mbps, 50mbps and intraframe 72mbps (99%)
    • 1080p120/1080p100 special modes (limited time usage), 720p120/720p100 unlimited (44%)
    • WiFi direct with Android and iPhone applications with remote video capture (99%)
    • 1/3.5" mic input and headphone output (98%)
    • Supplied with new wheather sealed kit (55%)
    • And optional battery grip, of course, XLR mic input option (98%)

    43rumors version

    • 16 Megapixel “Wide dynamic range” CMOS Sensor.
    • New Venus 7 engine
    • Electronic shutter option
    • ISO 100-12.800
    • 6fps
    • Fastest AF of any interchangeable lens system camera.
    • Video Bitrate 50Mbps (72Mbps ALL-I)
    • 3.5 inch Mic in
    • built-in stereo mic
    • Headphones out
    • Time Code
    • 1740k OLED LVF, Touch Monitor OLED 610k.
    • external battery grip
    • Wifi with remote control through iOS and Android Applications
    • external XLR accessory
    • Focus Peaking
    • Interval shooting and slow motion. Slow Movie extension (40%, 50%, 80%) Fast 160/ 200 / 300%
    • Magnesium alloy body. Body is bigger than the Panasonic GH2.

    Having had a very long chat with a Panasonic representative who has just come back from the 2012 internal product range launch in Germany at the start of the month, I think we can safely say that there will be no GH3 (replacement for the GH2) until sometime around October 2012 at the earliest. Taking a sneek peek at the launch schedule for 2012 and up-and-coming products from Pann's consumer division, this bares fruit as the checkboxes for GH2 don't stop until October. Here's the sneek peeks from the schedule. Also note, it seems the GX1 will become the budget camera of choice looking at the full year ahead.

    They will also have a MASSIVE opportunity to hit hard into Canon and the rest of the market – I don't see anything too radical announced from their competition – Panny's opportunity is here; they can truly establish m4/3 with a blinding top spec flagship product. If they can sort out HDMI, improved codec for 25p/30p, true 24p/60p, 4:2:2 (could be asking for too much), picture profile editor, and they'll have a winner. This is NOT too tall an order. I think I speak for a lot of us, that we would pay 25% more for such a product. However, its more than likely they'll keep it below the AF video camera spec.

    3264 x 2448 - 3M
    3264 x 2448 - 3M
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  • Thanks for the info Nick. Based on the upcoming picks from competition and the GH2VK itself, Panasonic has some tall orders to overcome.

  • Thanks for the info! Thats good to know.

  • What about 20mm 1.7 renewal? :P

  • So....September/October is when GH2s should be their cheapest? Hopefully they'll approach the price GH1s went for a the end.

  • Oh that's right, hopefully it should be cheap enough. Hopefully panasonic also deliver too on the GH3. Lots of expectations and wish list.

  • Can you find out when the new lens are coming? 12-35 and 35-100, this is more important than gh3, dont you think?

  • Panasonic knows that canon will announce their mirrorless system at photokina.. so they have to bring the best they have .. I´m expecting a lot from this little monster...

    I think these lenses will be announced at NAB with the panasonic new S35 camcorder

  • I think we'll see a new AF101 derivative at NAB along with those lenses.

  • Fingers crossed, panny do a good job with the gh3. Bring consumer lineup experiences and tech together with some of the broadcast division standards and it will be a real winner.

    Clean output, genlock e.t.c... Even if the camera had to be slightly bigger and slightly heavier and more expensive no-one would complain. Weather sealed, why not?

  • @driftwood

    Most probably this images mean different thing, as Panasonic is known to produce cameras after introduction of new models. So, I expect GH3 to be announced between April and July.

  • Give me global shutter, in-body stabilizer a la Oly, Nikon's sensitivity and Pentax' dynamic range - I will call any one of these upgrade. 4:2:2, 50/60p, HDMI out, codec improvements - these are minor tweaks to me: April, October, next year - I don't really care.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Yep, I think you could be right there. They would definitely announce ahead of the schedule of running down stocks of old.

  • I hope Panasonic is moving up... with professional lenses, photo bodies... weather sealed GH3, intra-codec, 4:2:2, 1080p50/60. And a better sensor of course... especially in terms of noise.

  •, its a possibility then that they may make an announcement at NAB. I won't expect it to not get too excited. I wish they would make an updated '7-14 X' lens with threads. A GH3 with 1080/60p, 4:2:2/hdmi out hacked or unhacked....would destroy a MkIII. Especially in price-point. A new AF101 should definitely give hints of what will come out on the GH3 if its not announced together.

  • Genlock (or lan/wifi port that can be used for syncing + remote tasks) and clean output would put a gh3 way ahead of all available dslr options and sub 20k cameras for 3d shooting in one swipe..

    Just make the broadcast department produce camcorders for those who want simple video setups. Gh2 / Af100 proves it's not hard to sell both side by side (even with similar video quality). Those who prefer a hog prefer a hog.

  • Well, if they go AVCHD 2.0, 1080/60p is a given.

    All intra? Increased bit rates? Not gonna happen in the consumer-bound AVCHD world. We’ll get 1080/60p at 28 Mbit/sec and that’ll be it.

    I’d take 4:2:0 10-bit over 4:2:2 8-bit any day, but again, it’s not in the AVCHD specs, so it’s not going to happen either.

  • I would love a HDR video function in next panasonic m43 cameras... Or a dream: HDR in next GH2 hack version... Magic Lantern HDR for Canon cameras is making me to consider buying a T3i...

  • What does it mean that the boxes are checked through Oct? What do the boxes represent? @Apefos I’d take 4:2:0 10-bit over 4:2:2 8-bit any day, Why so? What are the pros and cons of each.

  • common guys, you gotta be realistic... don't expect 10bits, 4:2:2 or clean hdmi out in a consumer, sub $1000 camera. afaik all we're getting from gh3 is 1080/60p, weather sealed body, slightly better sensor and hopefully no banding whatsoever in low light;) global shutter? GH4 possibly maybe. well, that's what I'd do if I run Panasonic;)

  • The hacked GH2 is such a marvel that Panny would have to implement some mind-blowing upgrades in the GH3 to make it a 'must buy' purchase for me. Given that we're unlikely to see any major changes, I'm more apt to invest in multiple GH2 bodies than a new GH3. That said, including 4:2:2 8-bit, picture profile editing, clean HDMI-out, a more robust, weather-sealed body and disabling AGC would certainly tempt me.

    Although this may be technically unfeasible, I'd like to see the 1:1 crop mode evolve into a degradation-free, in-body zoom mode by including more cropping options (i.e., 2X, 4X, 6X...). Assuming I'm not entirely off-base, this could allow ultrawide lenses to function as macros without IQ compromises. Regarding peripherals, I'd like Panny to release a professional remote control solution, as I don't find the current third party options very appealing. And how about compatibility with non-proprietary batteries?

    More than camera bodies, I feel professional glass should be Panny's biggest priority. Canon can afford to release underwhelming camera body updates at slow intervals given how heavily invested their customers are in their glass. Panasonic should embrace their video-centric customer base by pioneering a new line of prosumer cine-style lenses, unique to the m43 format. I'd also love to see a refreshed version of the LA7200 anamorphic adapter, and a wider variety of ultrawide primes.

    • Like @Mr_Moore said, 1080p60 is mandatory.

    • 4:2:2 is only a question of Panasonic wanting it or not. This is all about market segmentation and I'm betting it's not going to happen, otherwise the GH2 would have it already. The same goes for clean HDMI but I have some hopes I could be wrong on just this one.

    • Weather sealing? Not a chance... It would be an incentive to buy Olympus glass.

    • Global shutter? (edited, I first wrote global shitter) That's the million dollar question (and feature), but I'm thinking not yet, otherwise there would be people shitting in their pants and leaking about it already unless...

    • ...the camera is only launched in October! :( The recent huge price drops suggest otherwise, that a launch is around the corner but this could also be a reaction to the NEX7 and OM-D which are überlly specced for photography and one of them was in the same price range.

  • re: the hdmi, Nikon already has it in a far more expensive camera.. So introducing a clean signal would be an easy way to be very competitive.

    However, what would really blow many out of the water would be a) if gh series is given a lift in terms of price - intended market (and specs upped accordingly) and b) if panny introduce a way to record raw video from their sensors and release their own recorder (an optional extension for gh and camcorder series). Such a recorder wouldn't have to be cheap and would lead people to invest in panasonic long term.

    Making the camera easily syncable would be absolutely massive.

  • +1 @adventsam . I'm really hoping these new x-lenses won't need digital sharpening. I'm satisfied with the gh2. Not so satisfied by having to use either vintage or non m4/3 lenses in order to get an organic footage.

    Good videos lenses would make me stick with panasonic.

  • My wishlist for GH3: 1) 4:2:2 2) Headphone monitoring jack. 3) Metal body (something like GX1) 5) Remote control, for focus, zoom, record etc ... 6) 50Mbps as standard in HBR 25p ... These are the basic ones :-)

  • Personally I don't really care what they do - as long as its hackable... Panny will NEVER get with the program... at least not yet... So I would rather the hardware is better for VK to hack!

    And maybe heavier firmware integration... So that lots of Image sensor stuff can be fixed... instead of hardware etc... its doable, and makes sense in the long run to be able to change these things on the fly...

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