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Driftwood VY Canis Majoris: This thread will now be integrated into 'Driftwood Series 6 Settings'
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  • @driftwood Thank you for all your hard work and great patches...wonderful work!! I am reasonably new to the GH2, and I will be shooting music clips fairly soon. You said "The picture profiles on the GH2 have yet to be cracked"...just a couple of questions about that. Will they be cracked? and potentially would that make much difference at all to developers like yourself?

    Plus...this is a question that has been thrashed I I apologise in advance. But I have to do a fair bit of panning, and I have found the rolling shutter-strobing has caused me a fair few problems, I guess there is no patch that can fix that? is that correct?
    I did find (I am in PAL land) that the 1080P NTSC 30frames is about the best for this, and the 24P and 25P not so good, obviously the AVCHD*2 - 720P - (made to 1080P ) 50/60frames is a lot better, but I can notice there is less resolution, and I have a TM700 50p and that is good. I have seen other things shot on the GH2 that seem to have good 1080p resolution that pan quite well considering. Just wondered if anyone has any advice or suggestions on this. Thanks again Cheers

  • @Astro -- strobe is generally a result of panning too quickly, (or not fast enough), and/or under exposing. Expose for highlights as much as you can without blowing it out, move slow and smooth (or whip pan), and stick an ND in front of your glass. No patches for it, though many have commented that driftwoods all I frame patches reduce jello.

  • A small test of the GH2 Hack Canis Majoris "day PM". ISO 160 ,settings smooth -2-2-2-2 . Used the 14-140mm kit lens, 1/50, 24p,average bitrate 140. The exposure change at the start is me messing with my ND filter on the lens..sorry about on to test "night" today....:)

  • @JDN Thanks very much for the reply....much appreciated. I have been panning slow and also very slow, med and faster...loads of tests and I still get it, although less on 30fps and much less on 50/60 frames sec. I have my exposure highlights set up on the LCD and I leave it so there is only the slightest washout (in good light), so I think thats pretty good. But I will try a ND on the glass...I havent tried that yet, and see how I go. Thanks again Cheers

  • @Astro What's your shutter speed?

  • Here are some strange colors when using the SLR Magic 12mm lens with Day PM stopped down. Had not experienced such extreme colors with this lens using Sedna in a variety of lighting conditions. It's almost like I was using vibrant or nature or something amped up. With the 14-140 I can see a little of the color wanting to jump out like this but its much more natural.

  • Day PM with the SLR 12mm prime

  • Using VY Canis Majoris Night I spent the day and night shooting in Akihabara and surely got at least 3 minutes of decent footage ;) However my vimeo account has reached it's weekly limit, so I will have to wait to upload. A bit off topic but I found Sandisk Extreme 30MB/s 8 gb cards for $10 ! Bought two, and was very tempted to buy two more, since they all performed just as well as my 16gb Extreme pro 95MB/s card with Canis Majoris during day and night high iso shots, not to mention I easily burned through the new cards. Expect some very colorful footage sometime Monday.

  • Here I have a big problem and I do not know or it can come, I am in M mode and I film in FSH, it does not work: (any hack, mysteron, Sedna AQ1 A, or the last Canis Majoris ... I want to clarify, that my card is a Sandisk 64gb 95mbs, I try these hacks in Pal and NTSC. if anyone can help me, ca would be really cool.

    I had not encountered this problem before, for at least untested, my goal Voigtlander 25mm

    thank you

  • @gokuan003 My advice would be to check the spanning table in the GH2 Hacke Reference section at

    I tested various settings with that card and the data may help you find a setting that performs reliably in FSH mode on your card.

  • Holy shit I think Day PM is amazing for the GF3

    1307 x 683 - 399K
  • @peternap Hi...I've used every shutter speed available....I have done many hours of testing on this. I generally around follow the 180-degree shutter 50 for 25p and 60 for 30p and so on. Sometimes slower for blurring effects, and faster for cleaner, but generally around 50 or thereabouts. Cheers

  • Ok thank you thepalalias :) so basically even if ca bug, you just find the right adjustment ... example. iso, aperture, also settle the contrasts, sharpness, and avoid the mouvent too fast?

    if I want to get a shoot in FSH and not have errors in writing with the 64GB sandisk 95mbs.

    Thank you for your precisions.

  • @Astro: do you remember to turn oi-stabilizer off when panning on a tripod?

  • @gokuan003 Sedna AQ1 B and C should be OK in FSH with that card if you don't shoot death charts.

  • @kanintesova Hi...Its disengaged because I am using the 20mm F1.7 Lens and that has no stabilizing function. So the option to stabilize is not available and the Icon with the hand does not come up on the LCD screen.

  • @gokuan003 Yes, that is certainly one approach that could yield good results. Typically detail, movement and ISO are the biggest culprits, and keep sharpness at -2, and be aware that the codec typically has to work a little less hard when you are underexposed than when you are properly exposed - though it may not be worth it. Manual focus lenses also tend to be easier on the system than ones with electronic connections (like the native Panasonic ones).

    However, I also meant that the table contains a list of which settings have performed more reliably with each card in each mode. In my experience, the card you are using consistently meets or exceeds the performance of any other card I have tested on the GH2, so if you find that it spans on any card, then it is almost assured that it also spans on your card.

    However, I was not clear on whether you needed spanning or just up to 4 minutes. I also was not clear on what exactly you meant by "does not work". Do you mean that it will not film at all or that you get write speed errors? Or does it just not record more than 4 minutes? If it is the last one, you may want to go to the very last option in PTool (near the bottom) and deselect the record limit. I recorded an 11 minute clip with Canis Majoris Night of a dancing bird after doing more formal testing a few nights back, so if the content is not too demanding (and the settings are not either) it can potentially span on a 64GB card in 24H mode.

    Hope that helps!

  • thank you! I did not see the problem like that, now everything seems more clear :) well I have not put a -2 sharpness and already, with the iso, the movement and the opening 4, AC went on canis. I made some test inside my house .... my goal VOIGTLANDER Nokton 25mm, so any manual, F2.8, ISO 800, I removed the "fluid" without too much movement and brutal AC went well, by the outside it has against any other is, as a result I tried to stay a iso 800, f4, Fashion cinema, with slow movements to avoid reading errors and passed ca ... by cons if I increased the iso or that I had touched the opening so that the image is brighter, I not given 30 seconds for this to stop recess :/ I did not put a -2, -2 , -2, -2, I will do now :) I must see if in NTSC and PAL ca reacts in the same way, what works or not.

    No actually I have not made ​​clear, it made ​​the stops at 3m57 does not bother me, I prefer that ca me up with a file that is longer than 12m and that my registration has not gone :/. I was talking about .... not made ​​much of, the aircraft plant completely, impossible to put it out or write error: (but hey you :) I gravce was beginning to understand, I thought I had a problem sD card or device.

    really thank you! it's so good to see someone who you listen and try to help you the best :)

  • @thepalalias see there are more canis to come isn't it??? i think canis night is sensitive to low light,...u r darkness comparison in previous pages shows like canis shoots more details even in darkness,...and this car images shows the day light shots of canis night,,...good one,...its all clear that canis night wins even in day,..but about color correction and grading i feel we should wait and see how canis night could win in day shots while grading as it was meant to shoot only in night(artificial light) ,.i am so happy that finally sir @driftwood reached somewhere where gh2 footages are now comparable to prores hq 4:2:2 footage from a fs100+ninja combos,,.....

  • Turns out I had a bit more storage left on vimeo, so here are a couple shots from Akihabara. Both are shot in 1080p, at 2500 ISO I believe, and a film speed of either 50 or 100. 14-42 kit lens, settings at 0 0 0 0 Absolutely no noise reduction or grading has been done. Just uploaded straight from file to vimeo. More to come after the weekend!

    Sorry I couldn't find a neon Driftwood or Vitaliy Sign.

  • j'ai entendu dire du bien sur le Orion 4d, j'aimerai savoir quelle est la version la plus élevé, v1, v2 ou v3?

    thank you :)

  • I've heard good things about Orion 4d, I like to know which version the highest, v1, v2 or v3?

  • So are the too intense yellow-greens in my driving in the rain with CM Day PM stopped down on a day with dark skies anyway an artifact of CM Day PM? Anyone else experience this? Or was something else causing the color aberations?

  • @mee great looking night footage, exceptionally crisp. Can you say more about what patch, lens, settings you used?

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