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Driftwood VY Canis Majoris: This thread will now be integrated into 'Driftwood Series 6 Settings'
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  • @jeffgibbstc, I was using VY Mysteron Night with the 14-42 panasonic kit lens, oh and the closeup of the Pansonic sign was shot on EX Tele, so that one was a bit of a shock to see it looking so clean. I can't wait to use a faster lens! Also Jeff, though I didn't notice problems with yellow and greens specifically, I had what may be the opposite using the night patch. A giant neon sign that was clearly Orange was red in the videos. I even shifted the white balance all the way over to the yellow spectrum to see if it corrected, with no such luck. Curious, since reds and yellows showed up fine. I need to check for other oranges I may have caught to see if this was an isolated sign vs camera issue.

  • @mee well having tried to shoot Time Square at night with a GH1 even with the 20mm prime with mixed results what a long long way we have come! I find at this point the issues with colors in the GH2 to be my primary concern--every thing else is over the top with the correct patches, settings, and careful shooting.

  • @mee Agreed, colour rendition is the only outstanding issue. I find that manually correcting WB with the old two clicks left one click down for skin tones does help a lot with orange. Had an indoor shot the other day testing CM Skin Tone soft where there was an orange lantern in the background that came out exactly correct (but I appreciate this was probably just a particularly lucky orange colour). Also, neon orange is going to be a wholly different proposition probably. @JeffGibbsTC yellow/green being too fierce has always been an issue, you have to pull the green back on pretty much every shot as there is a green cast on everything you shoot with a GH2. Basically there are issues accross the whole spectrum with the camera, but its all correctable with colour correction, plus it varies a fair bit with different film modes.

  • @stray, I went back and watched the two videos I posted, and saw some nice oranges, so what you are saying makes a bit of sense to me (all be it new info for me). The sign that went red was not as well lit, and I was shooting from more of a distance, so maybe these two factors had some play? Eitherway I am a happy camper, most people would not notice the red sign that's supposed to be orange in the heart of Tokyo ;) I will post that video though as soon as Vimeo allows me the weekly storage space.

  • I just buy the GH2 Not so long ago, I am EXTREMELY surprised at the result ... it's pretty amazing, when you go to the panasonic firmware hack (Sedna AQ1 and Canis Majoris) I'm still on your ass. : D I'll give something for the tremendous work done, as soon as I received my pay :)

    Just to know, sometimes hack the device with the plant and there's no way to turn off, remove the battery apart, I hope this does not damage my GH2 :/ I press right off and I pull the battery out. I wait a few seconds and then I turn it on.

    thank you in advance for your precisions

  • @gokuan003, depending on the hack and which SD card you are using this can happen. It does not damage the camera to remove the battery, and many of us have had to do it from time to time. Using Canis Majoris and Orion with Sandisk extreme 30MB/s and 95MB/s cards I have not had this problem recently. Using a 45MB/s card in the past I had many problems like this.

  • Just to get a summary of the last weeks of patches I would be grateful if someone could just briefly tell me what's the patch you currently like the most.

    I'm using v4b Orion but according to many people, it seems like Canis Day is maybe better in details, and maybe also when it comes to grading? What's your thoughts about which is the most useful patch for daylight filming?

    (Interesting with the night version btw.)

  • Hi @driftwood, guys and those who tested Canis Majoris 'Night',

    Could you advise me - is CM Night OK during a day shooting in terms of details/noise? I like shooting during the night and day. I still can't make myself decide which one I should use - Sedna AQ1 or CM Night.

    I started using Sedna AQ1 right from the beginning and I'm very happy with its sharpness during both situations - it's an allrounder. I do realize that CM Night won't give correct colors during the day, but as I realize it can be easily fixed during the grading process.

    Could you advise me on this issue? Thanks in advance.

  • "Mee" thank you, Cam reassuring because it happened to me happened when even 15 times, if not more .. my errors writing often turns into a crash (when I use the FSH and HBR) Finally I got scared because of the instructions, precautions should I take scary anyway, speaking of the device that "could to function normally ": D I try to follow the advice thepalalias but it is true that orion and Canis Night, are not listed on the table, I should try on Sedna AQ1 ... and respect what you told me: D, I find it prettier colors on Sedna AQ1 A but I find the sharper image on the canis night, after I did not try Canis Day ... I tried to see what it gives like knowing that my goal and not to film the night but the limit in the evening.

    Well I am reassured to see that this case is solid GH2: D

  • @rajamalik Try grading those PNG files to get your answer - they haven't had any lossy compression applied to them, so the answers are all there. You still can't tell whether it is better than the others (because of the other variables) but you can see how well it holds up to grading quite easily with them.

    In the meantime, I will soon post the first lowlight comparisons between CM Night and GOLGOP3-13_SednaAQ1C_V2.1_BETA4 that have been satisfactorily controlled. Note (in terms of bitrate) the average for CM Night was 146mbps and for GOLGOP was 97 mbps for the night shots that will soon appear.

    @MikhailK It is a difficult decision. I just advised somebody to go with Sedna AQ1if they needed it to be totally balanced, but that was based in part on color and on the amount of testing I have had a time to do with each (which is less with CM Night). CM Night has been very clean and very detailed during my daylight testing so far - I have not scene any situation where it did worse in those areas so far.

  • Swan--CM Day PM test, 14-140mm, high contrast.

  • I tested canis night in the night inside with just the TV on, and I think with an iso above 800, we perceive to the bottom of the screen a kind of bar horizontal line, taking on the screen from left to right. I thought it was maybe the sensor but when it does not record it is not present ... (sensor, SD card or lens) mystery., although embarrassing if I film a concert in the dark.

  • Another view of Swan, tired of wrestling with Vimeo today, this is compressed but seems like a good representation of what CM Day PM can do.

  • talking about the problem I mentioned above, we see also on this video ... this strange bar, towards the bottom of the screen.

  • Through having a picky eye, we see faults everywhere: D

  • @ Stray. I saw your test at Do you think that setting white balance with the green filter would address the problem with color rendition? The thread died shortly thereafter. Has anyone tested the purple/green filter trick under controlled conditions?

  • @CurtisMack Its hard to say, I definitely feel that it does result in better sampled chroma channels, but this doesn't necessarily mean the colours themselves will be anymore accurate. I don't believe that you need a filter to accomplish this either, you can just set your WB manually on a green card. But if its something you intend to do always then yep get a magenta filter and create (in a studio setup to make damn sure you've covered the entire range from black to white) a good LUT or constant workflow/script to do your conversion to remove the filters cast. It is a PITA workflow and not one I intend to use. I'm happy knowing the camera limitations, what I need to do to on a given shot, and what I'm going to need to do to colour correct it. I have noticed that it does improve things with regard to banding, but still its not worth following that approach for me personally. I mainly shoot with bkmcwds GOP 3 settings and rely on the less compressed I-Frames to sort out most potential banding issues.

    Thing is the new matrices that driftwood is providing are having a dramatic effect on the way the chroma is being encoded as it is. I've been playing around with CM Skin Tone shot footage today and I've noticed a great improvement in the red channel and, I feel, (but this is just a gut feeling) a worrying drop in the blue channel (which is a shame as the specularity of white skin for example is mostly blueish). Driftwood is doing great work with the matrix settings, and it is having a positive effect on colour rendition. If we do get to alter film modes then maybe we can sort it all out once and for all, but as we're getting enough data to fix most of the incorrect colours I'm not that fussed myself. Oh and don't underestimate the effect of the green cast the camera gives, taking that out well has a large effect on every colour, maybe thats what the magenta filter approach is mostly doing.

  • @mee great posts my friend....just wanted to know where you bought sandisk 30mb for 10$ not at bic camera for sure???

  • @AlexManta just wanted to know where you bought sandisk 30mb for 10$ not at bic camera for sure???

    Really! I could use ten of them!

    @Stray Good post and information, Thanks!

  • @gokuan003 that's my vid. posted it on page 1 and mentioned that I had the issue. i found that shooting at standard all 0 hid the issue. also, i was shooting at ISO 2500. will be doing a corporate shoot on friday in a dark room (albeit with lighting), so hopefully it won't be seen. the issue is not due to the patch. it's an issue with the camera.

  • Yes I have also this problem and at the same place, you really pulled recess in the dark to see but ISO 800, in the dark it is almost invisible ... Finally, I'd have another opinion on the subject, if other people also this phenomenon, ca already be more reassuring: D

  • @AlexManta and @Peternap Not Bic camera, Bic, Yodobashi, and Softmap still have them all between $22 and $27 each. I found them at two of the smaller shops, one I had to ask the counter, the other had them out in a huge display. they were 900yen so maybe closer to a whopping $11 ;) Should I start taking orders?

  • @thepalalias,

    "CM Night has been very clean and very detailed during my daylight testing so far - I have not scene any situation where it did worse in those areas so far."

    Thanks. It's a result anyway!

  • @thepalalias canis M night is superb ,....the image graded better,.... i am waiting to see other canis M as well,...will wait few more weeks and then i will change the setup,...

  • @5thwall "i found that shooting at standard all 0 hid the issue"

    I've just checked this issue with this "horizontal line" as @gokuan003 wrote previously.

    All I can confirm is that on my GH2 this issue DOES NOT go away even if you shoot at standard or other picture profile. From my point of view this shitty line appears starting from ISO 1250 (during some shots it's hard to notice but it is there!).

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev, @driftwood - I wish you could help us on this issue with this shitty line during high ISOs...

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