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Driftwood VY Canis Majoris: This thread will now be integrated into 'Driftwood Series 6 Settings'
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  • @driftwood damn, that does look amazing. You have really reached out here man. Thank you!

  • I agree, @Driftwood , you have outdone yourself on this one. I wanted to try out Night during day and the results appear to be a much more gradable image. The structure of this is outstanding. Bravo!

    Screen shot 2012-05-02 at 9.49.23 PM.png
    1280 x 800 - 1M
  • @thepalalias You've done a Herculean comparison job here. Can I hassle you to publish average bitrates for each file?

  • @duartix Here is what Vegas says about them. I am sure at least one of the bitrate columns is wrong, but the file size and length are there for you to figure it out if desired.

    EDIT: A cursory glance says that the avg. total bitrate seems to be the accurate one - remember that includes an extra 192kbps, though. ;)

    2012-05-01 data.png
    503 x 382 - 16K
  • it seems canis night does well in day too?? does it improve lo light performance? noise etc,.....

  • Any chance for these patches to be applied to GH1?

  • @rajamalik My testing on the topic today was inconclusive. I shot 7 outdoor comparisons in the early evening but upon returning to the computer found that the variation in the sunlight was too strong to make the comparisons useful. Will let you know what I find when I get sufficiently controlled results.

  • @thepalalias Thank you! That information also plays a BIG role in my settings choice. IMHO it puts Sanity as an undisputed Efficiency/IQ champion.

    Also thanks @driftwood, for keeping exploring unknown territory.

  • A stupid question :/ Night of the Canis Majoris ptool v3.64d or v3.65d? the file is not specified, while the other 2 are canis majoris on 3.65d ...

  • Always download the latest ptools.

  • @driftwood Great Skin Stone and lighting. What lens was this?

  • Screen grab looks amazing @driftwood. What wide lens are you using on that?

  • I wasn't even going to try Soft Skin but I was testing a zoom I picked up last week and thought I'd give it a try...This may be the best of the three and it looks equally as good in 720 and 1080. Vibrant -2, An old Sears 80-200 ..f11

  • Lenses used in those shots, Voitlander 0.95, Panny 7-14mm, others 70-200mm Canon L series, FD50mm 1.2, FD 85MM 1.2, OM Zuiko 55mm 1.2, Panny 45-175 and a few others.

  • I had just loaded Canis Majoris Day PM when a storm broke out and a drain near the bay burst open with a pulse of water. This is some video I grabbed with the 14-140. I will putting up more as I get the chance. So far... wow. Seems like yet again another breakthrough.

  • I am so thankful to Nick for this patch and plan on donating again (third time) soon! I encourage everyone to support this effort it is helping to drive not just the GH2 forward, but has raised the bar very high for the entire DSLR video world, and given us filmmakers some amazing tools.

  • Do they have wealth people in Michigan? because where I live, this is a common occurrence, multitude of wealthy people, such as Formula 1 big shot Bernie and his numerous wealthy patrons, King of Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton pissing the profits away. More importantly @driftwood CM Day is unbelievable... I can not conceive of this thing getting better. I will post this weekend some footage,or inches,oh yeah Mbps this weekend. Thank You Gentlemen, Everybody PayPal is waiting, drop a dime.

  • @JeffGibbsTC @ExileNorth Great that you guys are excited, just remember that it's "Day PM" and that there will be a "Day AM" later on. So start labeling them specifically now or when people come back to look at this page later on, they won't know which one you are talking about. :)

  • So how would something like Canis/night fare if one were to drop the bitrate to something that is more usable? Also, what is the reason that spanning fails in most cases? Bitrate? Something else?

  • @driftwood Great work driftwood! Wondering if you're basing your settings on the standard profile once more? Skin tones in your previous CM day look great!

  • Some quick shots from when I was testing Day PM

  • @adamquesada Wow, this thing even looks good on YOUTUBE!? Usually the best hacks or footage (from any camera) can't make it through youtube and still look decent (both compared to vimeo or original file), but this still looked great.

  • "Always download the latest ptools"

    Where does one find the latest ptools? Is there a standard location for the latest update? The search function isn't very helpful.

  • Streetshot with VY Canis Majoris soft skin:

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