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Driftwood VY Canis Majoris: This thread will now be integrated into 'Driftwood Series 6 Settings'
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  • gokuan003 I have experienced the same thing. And I was worried! However, the sound is fine. It just can't keep up on playback. try transcoding the shot to a lower bitrate then play it back and it should be in synch.

    thepalalias, thank you very much for sharing your excellent tests and very lucid observations.

  • EDIT: Looks like @bheath and I had the same thought.

    @gokuan003 When you say "on your TV" do you mean when you are playing from the SD card on your TV?

    Playing straight from the SD card will often result in that problem at high bitrates, whether you use the reader on a TV or PS3, etc. because the bitrate exceeds the interface's bandwidth.

    The solution is to edit or re-encode them at a lower bitrate before playing them on that sort of device.

    @bheath Glad it's helpful!

  • @gokuan003 Ca fais tu la meme chose avec le son sur ton ordinateur?

  • @driftwood Did some testclips (nothing special) with your Canis Majoris soft skin patch (who let that shiny dog out?) and post one here:

    amazing crisp clean image!

    Canis Majoris soft skin streamparser.PNG
    746 x 398 - 38K
    canis majoris soft skin.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 712K
  • Just flashed my camera with Canis Night and noticed my 32gb card is only reading 3m57s of free space (I formatted it again just to be sure). That can't be accurate, right? Should I try flashing it with Canis again? I was getting ~27min with Sedna A.

    Edit: Oh, I just remembered Driftwood mentioning about a 4min clip limit. This is probably that. Is there a good way to see how much time is left on the card, though?

  • i had no problem with sandisk 32gb/45MB and 16 gb/30MB! Canis Majoris Night. with all film mode. Thanks Nick!

  • @Oedipax I've been removing the limit on all three of the settings. I'm not real sure why he put it there.

  • @peternap He put it there in case a file decides not to span after 4min, and could mess up your file.

  • bheath , Ok thank you for your precisions :) so if this is normal, it's going so I have not changed hack ... I thought my GH2 had a problem.

  • @driftwood

    ...donated, thx 4 helping all of us filmmakers!

    I have a question...

    Since CV 'night' has a more aggressive matrix, and is tuned for night time shots...

    so... obviously it should win the shot that @thepalalias took, because it was at nighttime shot, correct?

    so, that being said,

    if the shot was at high noon, with a bright sun,,, would the CV 'night' shot still have the best clarity, or; when the colour space changes to daytime colours, then would CV 'Day PM' should actually be the better choice?

    i am doing some of my own testing, but was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts/feedback on this...

  • @x_worpig_x, so there's a chance that if a file doesn't span it gets corrupted and isn't useable at all? Good to know. On Sedna at least when I had spanning fails (usually between 3 and 4 min into a clip) I still had everything up until that point.

  • thepalalias , yes it is exactly that :) thank you for your precisions I feel relieved! : D

  • @Oedipax I personally never had a problem either. But i remember someone mentioning file corruption at one point.

  • @flaschus I expect someone will do some detailed tests but what I found when trying night....during the day, was that the colors were muted and the overall look was muddy.

    In other words, it was just the opposite of what happened using it after dark with isolated lighting. I go the same thing in both 720 and 1080

  • As you can see in the shots above, Canis Majoris seems it does fine with greens and dynamic range, even during the daytime. The question is how it handles reds and blues (which are much less present in that shot).

  • hmm,, yeah thats what i thought i was seeing,,,

    probably the best way to descibe what i am seeing is like a painter's palette, only having so many colours to choose from, depending on the patch..

  • I may keep night on and do some day tests in a colorful part of Tokyo as soon as the rain lets up. Frommy initial day night tests (Night patch shot during the day) I thought the reds looked nice and frankly all colors. it was overcast though, and I never had any blue skies to film.

  • Can someone do some faces or skin test with the CM skin patch?...I am far too lazy to do this myself.... Although I appreciate baskets...and bushes,it would be nice to see some people. More notably, attractive women.

  • @No_SuRReNDeR All we got here is ugly Wimmin. Somebody else has to do it.

  • I tried CM Night, Day PM and Sedna AQ1 on my baby boy under soft tungsten at ISO800 and for the life of me I can't see any difference besides the bitrate that's higher with Canis. I wish there was a more scientific way of testing the settings.

  • @ssh I think thepalalias has done the most scientific testing yet. Evaluation for me has gotten to be like finding the sweet spot on a lens. Shoot and look.

  • @peternap I understand, I'm in the same boat, hence the need for scientific (read measurable) evidence.


  • If X is < Y in the matrix, sometimes the human eye sees Y the same as X. But if you were to put your life on it, would you still say the same? Look deeper, look further, grade better... VY Canis Majoris offers you more. It ain't raw, but its more. Some people can't tell the difference between raw and AVCHD... let alone stock and hacks.

    "It's too bad she won't live... but then again, who does?"

  • @driftwood "All of those moment's will be lost, in time, like tears, in rain"

    or better? 'all of those moments will be lost, in noise, like stock settings, at night'

  • "He say you braderunner...."

    "Tell him I'm eating....!"

    Here's some more screenshots from today's Driftwood video shoot using multi flavours of VY Canis Majoris. This set is from the 'Day pm' setting. Straight grabs. No fuckin around, as of yet.

    VY Canis Majoris 'Day pm' Screen shot 2012-05-03 at 02.32.55.png
    1917 x 1166 - 3M
    VY Canis Majoris 'Day pm' Screen shot 2012-05-03 at 02.30.23.png
    1918 x 1169 - 2M
    VY Canis Majoris 'Day pm' Screen shot 2012-05-03 at 02.28.09.png
    1916 x 1166 - 3M
    VY Canis Majoris 'Day pm' Screen shot 2012-05-03 at 02.42.08.png
    1918 x 1165 - 2M
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