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12mm f/1.6 Noktor
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  • Just ask them for a free shipping label. Print out the return form and specify whether you want a full refund or an exchange.

  • @fosterchen

    LOL, I saw your eBay auction earlier. For only $50 more than retail you too can own a broken version of the SLR Magic 12MM!

  • this is bad PR for SLR Magic... why not contact them and try to get a replacement? or at least get a refund from Adorama

  • Well, having waited 4+ months for my lens I can say that the lens itself is OK. Nice aperture function, annoying lens cap.. A case / bag (even if very simple) would not have been too much to ask for IMO. SLR Magic have some serious issues with their manufacturing and unless they sort things out I can't see them being successful in the long run.

    I'd be hesitant to order a lens of theirs again. (second hand might be a different matter).

  • My lens is very good as well. The loose mount issue has obviously been sorted. The screw-in lens cap is annoying, but I have put a step up ring so I can use my 77mm vari ND, so I have a generic 77mm cap on it now-much better! I also hope they sort their manufacturing and supply chain, as this is a very high quality product, which is still unfortunately quite hard to come by.

  • @butler360 Like it states, it is only to see if there's someone who really wanted the lens but missed out on the latest stock. And if that someone is willing or able to permanently fix this manufacturing problem, something that as it seems SLR Magic has not. Don't get me wrong, this is still a high quality lens, and if it had the track record of lens elements falling out all the time, it wouldn't be out of stock all the time.

    Thanks @Vitaliy_Kiselev for the communications help w/ SLR Magic. I have emailed them so hopefully they will taking this matter as swiftly as I have read here from other users.

  • Obviously SLR Magic ain't Samyang or Cosina for the excellent build quality. But are you guys happy with the images from the lens? How's flare at max aperture?

  • Flare looks nice and at about T1.8 the lens flares very rarely.

  • Lens will be returned to Adorama. End of story.

  • Do you want a replacement or full refund?

  • @stonebat my lens is at least as well built as Samyang 35 or 85. I am being an optimist, so I think that these were typical early issues after taking over a brand name (noktor), looking for a factory to build and setting up a supply chain. I bought it to complement my FDs and I have to say it really exceedes (so far in quick tests) my wildest dreams. The color is practically the same, as well as the build quality. However, this lens has MANY MANY weirdnesses, starting with the odd size and shape, the fact I have to reverse my follow focus (one of the few FFs that will even work with it) as the focus ring is almost at the mount. Look earlier in this thread for the FF issues and which FF works with it (I think it is in special deals as well). The screw on cap is also ridiculous, but that is easily solved. There are wild flares from f1,6 to (at least) f2, which do look nice, but it is something that gets old fast and you don't want to see it all the time. I haven't had a chance to use it on a job yet, and will not have a chance before the 10th, but I have played with it enough to say I am very, very happy. If you are going to buy Samyangs, and want ultimate sharpness and modern look, you probably should not buy this lens. Again, I bought it as it looks like my FDs (a set of 5 which were sifted through at least 30 I bought and sold back on ebay). People are quick to dismiss FDs, and there is a myth on this forum that FDs are cheap. Well, since the FD adapter for RED was released (and even fried a few Epics and Scarlets :) the FDs have freaking expensive online. Also, even with the most advanced hacks (and ever) the GH2 can't and will never be able to resolve the full output of the good FDs. I am not only talking about resolution, but especially the heavy bokeh of the FDs brings the GH2 to its knees and all there is is a lot of banding. So, I am keeping mine. Especially if I get the BMC and the Samyangs :) I am also planning to collect a Samyang set, as those lenses are just unbeliveably good. If you want that look, either get an Olympus 9-18 or Panasonic 7-14 for the wide end. They are sharp, wide, and have all the modern coatings. I wanted to get an Olympus, but decided to get the SLR 12mm simply because I wanted to complete my FD set. For what I NEED it, it was a stupid decision (shooting hotels and convention centers promos where the FDs are never used). My clients prefer the look that is as modern as possible, but I made a selfish decision, and if the 12mm fails to shine here, there is always Panny 14-45. Back on topic, this lens is surely not for everyone, and I could not really recommend it to anyone before they try (unlikely with such availability). But it really does everything it says on the tin-constant aperture, creamy focus (well it is new) and great image. Sorry for such a long post, but as many people will have many different questions, I just tried to cover what I thought was relevant. Finally, an advice if I may; I figured if the end of the World is coming in a flood, I might as well chain myself to all those peli cases where my lenses are :)

  • @fosterchen sorry it didn't work out, get an Olympus maybe, it's even wider and the images I saw look very very nice. What other lenses do you use? EDIT I meant Olympus 9-18, not the 12, although the 12 seems to be the perfect substitute for the SLR magic, but more expensive.

  • The Olympus starts to be sold used on ebay.. I wanted absolutely to buy a 12mm lens, but now after reading this.. For the money I can buy the panny 14mm (about 140€) and the samyang 7.5mm.. Have a FD 17mm but is not wide enough and F4 %-(

  • @allenswrench

    There are lots of "FD" word. So how's the image quality from 12mm 1.6? Any sample footage for sharing? Thanks.

  • It seems i totally forgot to post this video sample in this thread! I posted it in the driftwood thread since I was mainly testing the patch but it's also a nice lens test ;)

  • Well, if you have a quick look at seb farges quick test of oly 12mm and slr magic 12mm, I wouldn't say there's a massive difference in terms of "clinical" (both are pretty clean, depending on how they are used):

    If anything, I quite prefer the barrel distortion of the slr-magic (looks more natural IMO).. The main difference to slower offerings / other lenses in similar focal length is that there are more particular / extreme looks available from the slr magic: flares, extreme close ups w. heavy bokeh e.t.c. but you can also used it stepped down, sharp. Maybe not THE sharpest of the lot, but sharp enough to do the job for such occasions.

  • Mine came in as well. Even a couple of days earlier than promised. Here's a couple of pics (GH2). Only the trees had a bit of Photoshop treatment. Didn't take any representative video's with it yet. Working on that tomorrow.

    I like.

    3360 x 2240 - 3M
    4752 x 3168 - 6M
  • Third pic didn't fit in 1st post.

    4752 x 3168 - 3M
  • @RRRR Anyone who says they prefer barrel distortion or softness over sharper, rectilinear lenses is lying to themselves. A lens with no distortion is the most 'natural'. If you want to loose resolution, gaussian blur to your hearts content.

  • Send back your Voigtlander 25's then folks - soft's officially out lol

  • @Ptchaw I think the barrel distortion of the OLY looks more unnatural (at least in video) than the slr magic, that is the point I'm making. I have not tried to correct either of them in post so I can't say how that works out for either of them (video footage) as I have not tried.. Distortion is to be expected on such a wide lens even if there are aspherical (correcting) elements in it. Soft is a relative term that is only fit to describe your own tastes..

    In terms of resolving power, the slr magic is very OK for such a wide lens. I would certainly not descibe it as soft, when stopped down to f2.8 or so..

    Off the cuff I think the slr magic seems the current bargain (if you can deal with the hassle) in this focal length.

    here you can get the facts:

    OLY distortion: (hover on the image to see the raw, uncorrected image)

    SLR Magic distortion:

    And you can easily see that the difference in resolving power between the two isn't massive. A slight edge for the OLY.

  • @RRRR But once you take into account the distortion compensation, which would be compensated for by the GH2, the distortion on the Oly is virtually non-existant.

    The SLR Magic is very soft in the corners, even when stopped down to f/2: and has some very ugly flaring, whereas the Oly is much more controlled:

    Obviously it's down to personal opinion at the end of the day, but the IQ of the Oly is far higher.

  • @Ptchaw, not true! The image looks wierd, the software compensation is not the same as the image created by optics.. Panning / movement at the edges of the frame looks bad as a result. You can't correct a fisheye lens without some wierd stuff starting to happen, for instance.

    Don't use the SLR magic if you want to put sharp / highly detailed objects in corners. Don't use either of them. Use a 25-50mm (50-100 ff equivalent) lens and step back instead.

    Flaring is virtually non-existent on the SLR magic unless wide open. And it's indeed a matter of personal preference.

  • @RRRR doesn't look weird to me!

    It's not fair to say that neither of them is unusable in the corners; the Oly is almost tack sharp, even wide open and resolves more than enough for 1080p, the SLR Magic is just a blur at f/2.

    Of course the SLR magic is fine for flaring stopped down, but so is any lens! My point is, wide open shooting into a light source it is totally unusable, where the Oly degrades elegantly; many shots on the Oly would simply not be possible on the SLR Magic. Considering the margin between the two lenses has come down a lot, it's quite a heavy IQ sacrifice for a smooth aperture and apertures that you'd ideally avoid shooting at anyway.