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12mm f/1.6 Noktor
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  • Well I called them just now, and they literally said (I speak Dutch) "we don't have them, they are on their way to our facility", and "any day now", so it could still be days, but definitely sounds better than months! Guess I shouldn't count on it for the next week's job, but still.

  • Thanks everyone! Trying to track it down for 5 months and get clear answers about it has been as hard as finding the Smoke Monster in LOST! At least that was entertaining! Samyang, please make a 11mm f1.4. M43.

  • The price on fotokonijnenberg just went up from 399€ to 499!

  • Wow, I'm glad I got mine for 349€ at Konijnenberg in the "early days".

  • Still in stock on the emilyfoto store - £300 + £20 ish shipping has been for months

  • I might be interested in selling mine. I have enjoyed using it and love its look and especially the incredibly cinematic flares.

    Unfortunately I have a huge amount of underwater filming to do and need to buy a 7-14mm (to say nothing of the case which will cost more than the lens). Can't really see the point of having 2 lenses covering the same focal length. PM me if you're interested.

  • Ordered from SLRMagic on the Noktor website on March 25th; E-mailed them early April about their one month estimate and was told that it would ship at the latest April 25th with the previously mentioned updated lens. E-mailed them yesterday(the 24th) about the status and got an e-mail this morning (the 25th) with a UPS tracking number. Hoping there's no problem with the lens.

  • There seem so many variations. Green ring version, black ring version, crazy flare version, and different ring rotation version. Geez. What's next? Pink ring?

  • @stonebat

    What do you mean? Initial version had greed ring in front, but all shipped ones are black as I know.
    All else looks like not very connected to reality, including pink proposition. :-)

  • This lens now shows up in stock at an unnamed U.S. camera store

    I'll wait for the Chinese knock-off version, the Nokoff 12.75mm,f32, only $19.95 :)

  • @Vitaliy I thought about owning this lens. But it seems in forever beta mode where popularity of 7-14 seems exploding. Imagine using a super sharp wide angle lens on 13+ stops dynamic range body :)

  • Now have an UPS tracking number from Fotokon.. The saga continues... and possibly near's its end?

  • I ordered one from Adorama yesterday over the phone. Before I went to bed I already had the UPS tracking number and a delivery date of May 1st. Adorama told me it was the last one, so they went pretty fast.

    Will update once it's in my hands.

  • @matthere

    same here, the lens is on its way - finaly

  • Konijnenberg says in stock now! Hope they make good on their promises.

  • Has anyone tried a Canon wide angle lens (or any other brand) on this for an even wider shot? Since the front thread is 58mm, I'm thinking it might work with the popular WD58 of the GL-2 days... My Hyperprime should be arriving next week, so if nobody responds, I'll test and post results.

  • it doesn't works with wide angle..

  • My lens arrived this morning. Looks great, wish I had it last week, but well.

  • my lens arrived too wohoo!

  • Mine arrived today as well. Can't wait to give it a shot tomorrow!

  •, a popular camera store in Bangkok, Thailand have this in stock for 15,500 THB. And 50mm f/0.95 for 22,000 THB only, which is much cheaper than noktor website. I saw these price in his facebook page, don't know he ship the items overseas or not but this worth contact for whom interested. He also the distributor of Voightlander in Thailand, his NOKTON price may be cheaper than shop in US.

  • I just lost faith in SLR Magic...My lens arrived today and it totally came apart as I was taking off the lens cap. The rear glass element just fell right out!
    This was also my first order with Adorama, and it might just be the last! Anyone have horror stories like this?

  • @fosterchen

    Can you make a picture? :-)

    I am sure it is easy to put back and screw it on.

  • @fosterchen

    Oh man, that sounds horrible. I would not take that well at all.

    As I recall, people were complaining about the lens mount being slightly loose. Has this issue been resolved with latest batches?

  • Here are a couple shots of the lens and what came apart. That ring I'm holding does have an inside thread, but I tried screwing it back on and it would not tighten, but loosen again after 3 or 4 turns. I've already contacted Adorama about this, just waiting for their reply... Unless someone really needs/wants this lens now and would like to pay full price to fix it up themselves, you can Paypal me $550 plus shipping. really.

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