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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • @Adde...awesome vid mate...what lens did used for the video

  • @vurias06

    Thanks! It was all shot with the Tamron 17-55 f2.8... It is an amazing lens for the money!

  • @bueller Thanks man! Please tell your friends. I have a lot of fun making it.

  • @Adde awsome! Sounds a little like AHA! has passed a rejuvenating cure, I like it. Well cut too! What kind of crane did you use?

  • I just received my Sandisk 64GB 95mbts cards in the mail and wanted to do a quick test of the Mysteron Burst hack as my last cards could only handle the most simple scenes. It definitely could not handle a hand held shot of this bush outside my house. I shot this at 160 ISO, 50fps. 9 aperture and set the white balance to a more blue setting to avoid that noisy red channel. I then Clip Wrapped the MTS file, so as to maintain the high bit rate and then imported it into Final Cut Pro to match the settings of the original video. Then I brought the white balance back over towards the red and added a very very mild sharpness as the camera had every setting to -2 for the shot. This file you are looking at is a compressed version of the original. Vimeo won't play the original. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. But, as you know, if you want to see what this hack is achieving then you really need to download the original. There are key things in this file that you don't see. Here is the link to that original that you will only have the option to download it When I first saw the footage I was happy with the clarity and resolve but I still wondered if my stock GH2 could have done the same. I think it could have come very close. But then as I watched it over and over, I began to see things that confirmed to me the strength of this hack. This is why you have to download the original if you are interested in what this hack can do. In the first shot, there is a cobweb flying in the wind that you see. The second shot is what did it for me. There is a fine misty rain happening in the shadows of the trees. It was the kind of rain where you can't really tell if it's raining or not. You can actually see the tiny raindrops in the darkest parts of the image. I know that the stock GH2 would not have picked these things up. It may have shown elements of it in a couple of frames here and there, but this hack resolves this finite detail all through the video. Now, while we don't care about cob webs, we do care that this hack will look for every chance it can to repeat the details that were in any of our shots to make them more real and visceral. I hope this helps someone. I know I was scratching my head for the longest time, staring at footage and saying to myself, "really???? I don't really see it." Well, here it is in my very first test. I shot it with my Zuiko 35-100 which is tac sharp. God, I love that lens! It's the only 2.0 prime that zooms! Just a quick note of interest: I was able to record as long as I wanted with this card and this super high hack. I was not able to transfer it to the computer or record a second clip after that, even though there was room on the card. I could play it in camera but there is something overwhelming that happens to long clips that I have to figure out. The card would not even mount on the desktop. Strange. I plan to use this hack a little stepped down and see if I can get similar results. 176mbts maybe. Put it this way, I did a controversial test on the GH2 compared to the RED Epic that I rented for four days. If 1080p was all you cared about delivering, then this cam would stand toe to toe with that RED. I guarantee it!!! Bring on the hate. RED may have more color to grade but if you can control your conditions (which most film guys can) then I would happily film next to a RED with this little puppy. Hats off to Driftwood and his running mates. :0)

  • Which hack for shooting 720p60 and then slowing further with optical flow. I am guessing Mysteron Burst?? Any suggestions welcome.

  • @peaceonearth

    Yeah I really like their music. I am not sure what model the jib was but I remember that the brand was EZ-jib (it must have been a really old model, at least 10 years old) =P

  • Shot this with a Kowa 2x anamorphic adapter with Sedna Q20a in avchd mode thus the very wide 3:55. I actually like the the dramatic 3:55 ratio more and more because it reminds me of those epic blockbusters from the 50's and 60's. All clips went through Neat noise reduction and therefor had to sharpen things up a bit and did some gamma adjustments as well. Standard picture profile -2 -2 0 -1. Half of the shots in slow-mo.

  • @peaceonearth There is no 720p advantage to shooting Mysteron Burst vs. Mysteron as far as I could tell in my testing. The big difference between the two is 24H. So I would just use Mysteron if I were going that route.

    Mysteron's 720P stability/spanning is higher than that of Sedna, but the Sedna options may provide higher image quality if it is sufficently stable. I shot the slow-motion for Joanna St. Claire's music video (where the GH2 was used, at least) in Sedna AQ1 C with a 1/4000 shutter for the most part. I used Mysteron when filming a martial arts exhibition match. While my 720P testing is less extensive than my 24H testing, those are the two settings (pre-Canis Majoris) I would look at first. Sanity was what I used before Sedna.

    As for CM, it remains to be scene how each version will perform in that respect.

  • @elkanah77 excellent stuff.

  • @elkanah77 That was fuckin' sweet.

  • My first test project. Used sedna q20 a. I don't really know much about filming stuff, so I am starting out with some not for profit stuff. Hopefully this embeds. I used the Voit 25 .95, the voit, 50 mm 1.1, the zeiss 50 mm 1.4, and I actually cant remember anything about my methodology or mentality regarding ISO or which lens was used on what shot. I just shot a bunch of stuff and then figured out how to use premier pro as I figured out how to put something together that sort of made sense.

    I'm not sure if the quality is anything to write home about, but I hope the video is effective. I also was involved with the recording / mastering of the audio track on here.

  • Here is a short teaser for a film i shot with Driftwood Quantum v9 setting and old manual nikon lenses.

  • Final Cut X crashes as soon as I go to import any of the hacks. Mysteron, Sedna. I have tried different cards and restarted. It just crashes as soon as it looks at the file. I have even Clip Wrapped the MTS files and then tried importing. Kills it. Then I resaved the file in Quicktime. I had Quicktime totally rewrite the file and it still crashed FCPX. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • @mclarenf1 Just to control the variables, what results are you currently getting with other filetypes? I just want to rule out that codec or FC X have gotten corrupted somehow.

  • Thanks thepalalias. I think it was my fault. My 2TB raid only had 10 GB left. I cleared some out and so far so good. Man, is there any way to get Sedna to do more than 4 minutes? I have the 64 GB card.

  • @mclarenf1 If you have the SanDisk 64GB 95MB/s, then Sedna should already be spanning in 24H. What exactly is happening at the moment?

  • @mclarenf1 Uncheck the time limit (which is set to 4 minutes) in ptools found under patches for testers - and then check > 30 min limit too found under pathes for users.

  • @driftwood Did you add the the time limit into the Sedna settings more recently? I remember the option did not exist when they settings were released.

  • Can't remember but he needs to check. Mysteron was for sure and all Canis are limited to 4mins for safe writes. Anyone wanting to test spanning out on Canis would be good. Thanks for all your input Per. I'm still bloody busy at the moment and can't answer too many queries till next week. That won't stop me putting up the rest of the settings this week/end. Four more to come. :-)

    People will have to wait and hopefully donate to Vitaliy. I think people are under the impression he gets a lot of donations - and thats not true. Most people just sign up, take the settings and leave. Disappointing.

  • Just donated to Vitaliy. Thank you for everyone's efforts :)

  • Will donate this weekend. I can't thank you enough for your help. Even if it's on 10% better, that's the difference I like to reach for. Mysteron is sick!

  • Just donated again. I encourage anyone who can to give these guys some coin. I would say what they have given me is the difference of a really expensive lens. $20 here or there is change for that! Come on all. These guys have brought so much value to the table. Sick cam, sick glass, now a sick hack!!! I feel like I am on the bleeding edge :0)

  • Getting this message in Final Cut for a Mysteron Clip importing The following clip encountered an error during import and is still referencing media on the camera:

    Import Failed Clip Name: 2012-05-03 20:26:58 Event: Kyle Wedding

    Original Name: Clip #3 Volume: PRIVATE Stream Error at: 00:00:24:04

  • @mclaren Thanks, but I was actually asking - are there any MTS clips at all that you can (currently, not in the past) add to the session without getting the error? I`m trying to make sure that it is in fact specific to the individual clips as opposed to any other sort of configuration issue.

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