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Driftwood VY Canis Majoris: This thread will now be integrated into 'Driftwood Series 6 Settings'
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  • @driftwood,


    wondering about b and p frame scaling and if u could include those so we can experiment with 3gop w. these new matrixes...

  • Just got back from spending the evening doing informal Canis Majoris testing with @Bueller .

    I wanted to report that afterwards, when we filmed his bird (cocteau not a parrot), Mookie. dancing (using ISO 400 with Smooth -2, -2, -2, -2 using a Panasonic 20mm at f1.7, with shutter 1/60 in manual mode on a Transcend SDXC 64GB card) that it Canis Majoris Night spanned flawlessly for all 11.5 minutes of shooting.

    It may not have been a high detail scene, but I was still surprised. That's not a very high speed card.

    @safari Driftwood was saying that there will be both "Day PM" and the upcoming "Day AM", so your current labeling could rapidly become confusing. :) You used Day PM, right?

  • double post

  • @thepalalias day pm day am night. ,..what about indoor(artificial lighting) is there any,.. Hai just asking I am into any of them I am waiting for Sedna aaq1 successor from canis

  • Camera won't play clips over 80 sec, it's better you keep the limit to 80 if you want to review shots,.. if it isn't a problem go for 240 sec limit,.,.its safe you keep them in 4 min limit for 176mbit patch

  • @rajamalik Who was the second comment directed at? As far as the first one, I do not know Driftwood's full plans. :)

    So far, I am using CM Night for indoor artificial lighting.

  • @thepalalias I'm using NIGHT for indoor too and it seems to like that. As far as I can tell, "NIGHT" needs light concentrated in smaller areas. It doesn't seem too picky what kind of light it is. During the day..."NIGHT" makes the sky look dull in all the settings I've tried.

    I haven't tried "DAY" yet. The sun just came up.

  • @thepalalias.....Yes I should have noted it as "day PM"...Thanks for the correction.


  • It's raining today so I only took a short shot to see if the muddy look "NIGHT" had in daylight was gone. Looks like it is.

    1600 x 900 - 1003K
  • @rajamalik @thepalalias you can play if you merge "some setting with some setting" so if you copy the sedna bitrates and frame limits and fb, paste inside the Canis N, playback is possible for longer then 80sec clips in cam. (mysteron + "sedna matrix" is also very good, filmlook to my eyes)

  • @driftwood comment one above also for driftwood, thanks

  • @thepalalias it is for @obscura he also says that if me merge different matrix the camera can play clips which is longer than 80 sec,...his message was - "I merged some settings (you also can diy guys) for example:

    Mysteron +"SednaMatrix" (looks more like filmlook, only added sedna-matrix)

    VY CanisM N +"Sedna-bitrates-buffers/FB and Frame limit" (to eliminate the reported fault "clip longer than 80sec, playback in camera stops")

    playable with "Sandisk 8GB 95Mbit/s" card

    --by the trees you can't see the bunch anymore-- --a suggestion-- But I prefer, ONLY ONE ALLROUND HQ SETTING, So we can get say from, percent 70-90 all the time for all situations, instead from ONE individual best setting for one scenario. I think there will many be happy if this can be done and achieved, but don't know what the plans are from the makers...

    This way (settings and settings and settings) we get with every new setting (a new name, and dozens maybe in future even more with it's optionally names. So we have even now much much more settings then in OLD DAYS FILM CHOOSE options from AGFA, KODAK etc."

  • @thepalalias i don't know how true it is,...

  • @rajamalik Stop looking. Sedna A AQ1 is here and Mysteron as well. Stop looking for the next best setting and start shooting actual stuff. It won't get much better anyway. @driftwood is now looking for thing that have huge impact om small things and for that, he needs more different settings. It was the same in the film days.

    The good allround settings are already there. I will stick with Sedna A AQ1 as it works perfectly. I will probably try-out a new setting in the future but than I need to see comparisons.

  • @rajamalik I said "merge some settings with some settings" and not "matrix with matrix" (this means proven and working combinations of bitrates with buffers frame limits etc. from one INJECT into another setting in case of lowering some bitrate for example from 176M to 154M, if the card/footage does not play in camera, for sdcards within trouble)

  • @obscura hai its alright but still it won't play longer in camera,..did u find any top notch patch successfully merged to work like that??? @sohus i still didn't pick any canis, as u said i am still with sedna aaq1 i am waiting for a super detailed all rounder which pushes sedna's details even further, just as u expect the "all rounder canis"

  • @obscura thx anyway for those settings in the message,... but see still it won't work,.. try for u r self,... take a 3 min shot and try playing it in the camera,... may be sedna q20 helps,.. i don't know not sure,... sedna aq1 mysteron and canis 176mbit cannot be played if its over 80 sec,...

  • @rajamalik okay mate, but I was able to play in camera for more than 2min. then It stopped by me to check if it is working for clips over 80sec with VY Canis N, and it did worked for me "with and without merging bitrates/frame limit etc. from Sedna A" as I said, card is Sandisk 8GB 95Mbit/s, thanks

  • Don't expect one 'universal' setting here.

    If you are in a process of optimization, the gains are getting smaller and smaller in the end if you don't focus research in one area. Sedna A AQ1 is about as good as it gets. Even that isn't "universal" any more: there are three versions with different attention to detail (A, B, C) and it's aimed at very fast cards anyway.

    The only way to optimize any further is optimization for specific lighting situations, as Chris is doing right now. Horses for courses, as they say.

    For some folks settings that are spanning and highly reliable like GOLGOP, Sanity or Cake are the universal settings right now. Better for them than any of Chris' recent developments, since he's aiming at utmost quality for controlled shooting now with the best cards out there and with careful planning, like feature shooting.

    If you want something that is highly universal, the original Panny version ain't bad, works and spans with any crappy card out there…

  • @rajamalik yesterday I shoot some stuff with Sedna I think it was AQ1, (I take only the A version for now) I was able to play with my card, but with sometimes when playing back some audio issues on playing in camera, but video still plays, maybe do later another try to check it twice I'm now on "VY Canis N with Sedna A bitrates etc."

  • @nomad i am not into it actually,.,.. i use sedna aaq1 i have all my cards in 95mb/s sandisks,..i am discussing with @obscura as he started this topic and he founded some solution it seems,... i know sedna mysteron and canis serves the fastest cards,.. i use sedna aaq,.... but trust me there will be a top notch canis all rounder from sir @driftwood,.. see he create everything for reason,... sedna aq a b c each serves different needs,, b a all rounder remember so that canis will also have a all rounder a detailed one and so on,..i am waiting,..not only me,..@sohus and many members are sedna aaq1 lovers will sure test the new height(canis),...

  • I have the highest respect of what sir Driftwood is doing. But if I understand his approach well (and above all, I reserve the right to be wrong), he's into scene-specific settings right now because of diminishing returns from further refining general settings.

  • @nomad yes but he announced there will be 7 canis,.. u see soft skin tone canis is already released there will be a all rounder canis and the most detailed too,..then lighting based canis night day pm and day am and may be a indoor one,..totally 7,..he he,.. this is how i guessed sir @driftwood 's move

  • @nomad i accept everything from u r side,..but add little more to it,.. a most detailed ,. an all rounder and a skin soft canis majoris,..which will be considered as the successor patch of sednas,...

  • @rajamalik I've recorded with manual lens no digital a for about 3.25min and it plays back in camera for the whole lenght without interrupt or whatever, "VY CanisM N + sedna bitrates buffers etc." as I posted you, does mean also a 154Mbit settings, Sandisk 8GB 95Mbit/s, it plays in camera dont't be afraid check it yourself it works for me

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