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Driftwood VY Canis Majoris: This thread will now be integrated into 'Driftwood Series 6 Settings'
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  • Here are some short tests in various lighting. These are just straight from the camera, no grading. They were all shot at 720p on Standard Setting 0,0,0,0. All except the flowering bush were at 50 film speed to avoid flicker of the neon lights (even in day light this is an issue around here). The bush was 125 film speed at f6? and ISO 160. All the other shots were either 160 or 640. Panasonic kit 14-42 lens. Any mush/blur in the movement is almost certainly due to shooting at 50speed on 720p rather than the patch itself. Maybe it's just me but the reds, especially on the traffic light looked really really nice. Not that I would understand it, but did you do something there Driftwood?

    All videos were shot using sandisk extreme pro 16gb 95 mb/s card. I never reached 4 mins, but the only fails I had were using 80% speed, both with and without tele. Tele worked fine at regular speed. I didn't have time to try and get the 80% to work with different iso and film speed setting, but will see what I can do tomorrow.

  • @Mee Maybe it's just me but the reds, especially on the traffic light looked really really nice. Not that I would understand it, but did you do something there Driftwood?

    There seems to be more depth in all the colors. Red just shows up more because it is the hardest for me to reproduce accurately.

  • @peternap I definitely think you are right about all the colors having more depth, but the red and yellow traffic lights look edible to me, like delicious cough drops from the old days ! Also I should have put a disclaimer, the fourth video will make you dizzy.

  • @mee Beautiful colours, and a bonus is that we get to see bits of (for me) foreign places. Just wondering about that wonderful 4th video - that must have intrigued the passers-by, to see you shooting that. I may have missed it, but what was the film setting (ie, Standard / Cinema etc...)

  • @Mark_the_Harp Thanks, yeah I actually did that shot a few times, plus once in the past. I like filming those hanging lamps, but that set specifically are the best hanging lamps I have found to date. and not too far from my home! I think I may be building a rep as the crazy American that lurks in alleys doing strange things with his camera =P As for setting you didn't miss it, I forgot to post I used Standard 0,0,0,0 on all. I will update that now.

  • Cheers! I am amazed at the colours, having got used to standard and what it does. And don't worry, we've all lurked in alleyways. Or is that just me?

  • @Driftwood I spent a few hours with it outside today Nick and I'm getting the opposite of what I got last night. In the daylight using Vibrant -2 all, I'm having trouble getting the colors to pop where last night they almost jumped in my lap. Is this what you expected?

  • Yes its targetted for Night hence the name.

  • Contribution, a must. I just did, Now lets all keep this site moving. Driftwood and Vitaly, outstanding work, outstanding to say the least. Now the work begins again. Thanks gentlemen.

  • Since I don't have a 95mb/s card, I can't test it but does this do anything for the crazy red/blue noise we get in the darker areas and high-ish(1600/3200) iso?

  • @driftwood any news on Cluster 2.0 ? :-)

  • (download-able)

    Canis Night 1 shot upload via raw .mts

    720p sh standard -2-2-1-2 voightlander 17.5mm t8 shutter /60 untouched, ungraded

    The 60p holds up well. the 1080 looks great too. Not a side by side test, but a test nonetheless. Thanks Driftwood and All for the devotion to this small plastic camera and it's users.

  • Hi, is it going to be like "all these 7 soon become one at the end or we keep jumping to the next one" type of thing; asking for all the people who has only one cam Thanks @driftwood you rule man.

  • switching isn't hard. just buy a bunch of rally cheap, really small SD cards and keep your favorites on them.

  • Ill have to wait for 95mbps card seems this one fails allot on the extreme pro 45mbps... :(...

  • @No_SuRReNDeR I'm using 30MB/s SanDisk Extreme cards with Canis and have yet to have a "Recording has stopped do to limitations of the card" error. Shooting windblown trees and bushes, fast manual lens, ISO 160. Haven't tried an ISO above 800 yet, though.

  • @disastronaut The general concensus on the 30MB/s vs the Exterem Pro 45 MB/s is that believe it or not...the 30 writes faster and is more stable. On my 45MB/s card I get about a minute or so tops before errors. This is shooting people and interiors mostly. It seems to happen allot on pans or fast motion. I try not to video bushes and trees as a "testing" method because typically its not what I shoot. And on a side note yes all my tests where at higher ISO's...

  • *** NEW *** 'Day pm' and 'Skin Tone Soft' settings released at the top of this thread.

    1. Donated (again)

    2. Downloaded VY Canis Majoris

    3. THANK YOU Nick and VK!!

    Can't wait to put these through the paces!


  • Just a quick test of Canis Majoris "day"...just before sunset...I will test tomorrow on a protest(Mayday) in the local park.

  • @safari Thanks for helping test. What lens was used?

  • Just my 14-140 kit lens...I find this lens quite versatile but I have others that I use for other uses.....oh and Thanks Driftwood for your work. I will be testing other hacks as they come available. I have been using mysteron since it was out and loved it...but the fun is in the testing! Mike

  • @driftwood waiting for the most detailed canis like sedna AAQ1,...any super detailed canis available??

  • nm, need to switch to new ptool

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