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Driftwood VY Canis Majoris: This thread will now be integrated into 'Driftwood Series 6 Settings'
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  • Here are some short tests in various lighting. These are just straight from the camera, no grading. They were all shot at 720p on Standard Setting 0,0,0,0. All except the flowering bush were at 50 film speed to avoid flicker of the neon lights (even in day light this is an issue around here). The bush was 125 film speed at f6? and ISO 160. All the other shots were either 160 or 640. Panasonic kit 14-42 lens. Any mush/blur in the movement is almost certainly due to shooting at 50speed on 720p rather than the patch itself. Maybe it's just me but the reds, especially on the traffic light looked really really nice. Not that I would understand it, but did you do something there Driftwood?

    All videos were shot using sandisk extreme pro 16gb 95 mb/s card. I never reached 4 mins, but the only fails I had were using 80% speed, both with and without tele. Tele worked fine at regular speed. I didn't have time to try and get the 80% to work with different iso and film speed setting, but will see what I can do tomorrow.


    Done .

    (Feels good to do so, even on smaller amounts. Try it guys!)

  • Look good @driftwood. What lens are you using for that "Day-pm" test video?

  • @5thwall Thanks...that was a good workout for the middle of the night. I guess noise is relevant. It looked acceptable to me...nothing Neat Video can't smooth out.

  • @5thwall, 1/25 shutter fixes the horizontal line most of the time. Not the most desirable fix of course. At least you gain an extra stop!

    Results look pretty good, can't wait to test this out.

  • Here's my test from tonight. Shot at 2500, mostly open all the way on both lenses. f0.95 to 1.8. Nikon 50 and Voigt 25.

    Pretty noisy, as expected. I'm getting the lower-3rd horizontal line issue in some shots (any trick to getting that to go away like ISO 320 noise bug?) One test shot using standard 0 didn't show horizontal line. But popped up to smooth -2 and it shows up. Not saying this patch has anything to do with the line. Just wond'rin.

    Noticed nice sharpness in distant objects. Overall very nice. Objectively, I'd say it feels, "classy." ;) Thanks, Nick.

  • You can pull the 4 minute time limit very easily by unchecking in ptools.

  • @sohus Edited, I write it wrong but mean that..

  • Simply put, the variance in luminance and chrominance required Sir Danish.

  • What is the intention of driftwood´s "Day - pm Setting" test? Which improvements or characteristics am I supposed to see here?

  • Nothing exciting, just testing out ISO 640 and 1280. Click original quality to have it playback at 2634x1080p

  • @kihlian It is not frame limit, it is recording limit. Frame limit is another setting under experimental settings.

  • @PETERNAP It´s because of the recording limit setting. Last voice in the experimental settings in Ptool; you can turn it off..

  • Damn @Driftwood, you getting very close to the holy grail....

  • @ driftwood, what am I looking at in the vimeo video on the second post ... graded/ungraded video? I'm confused to what this video is showing? Some more details like lens fstop and ISO shutter would be great

  • First few shots and it stops recording at 4 minutes no matter what I'm pointing it at. Looks good so far.

    1600 x 900 - 914K
  • VY Canis Majoris has 7 setting it seems i need 3 gh2's to use all of them 24/7 ......@driftwood i sir, how do u do? after a long time,.. thank u so much and i wish u all the best for u r shoots,. sir do we have any most detailed and super sharp canis in the row to beat sedna A Aq1????

  • Testing it out now

  • VY Canis Majoris has a few options coming...

  • Testing now!

  • We can see the star in the night

  • I believe Sedna A AQ1 is the one to beat. If this one does it, it's hats off to driftwood! I'm sure it's going to be great ;)

  • Can't wait to test this out!

  • I will do a bigger test later but which would you like comparison footage against first? Orion, Mysteron or Sedna?

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