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Zacuto 'Revenge of Great Camera Shootout,' featuring GH2
  • Ran a quick topic search, but did not see this news as having already been posted -

    The cameras involved are:

    1. Sony F65 -- Sony Representatives
    2. ARRI Alexa -- Rodney Charters, ASC
    3. RED Epic -- Ryan Walters
    4. Sony FS100 -- Den Lennie & Mick Jones
    5. Sony F3 w/slog -- Nancy Schreiber, ASC
    6. Canon C300 -- Polly Morgan
    7. Canon 7D with Technicolor settings -- Michael Negrin, ASC
    8. Panasonic GH2 (hacked and non-hacked) -- Jonny Zeller & Colt Seman

    "'Revenge' is unlike any other camera test that I've ever been involved with," says Zacuto producer, Scott Lynch. "I believe that the tools available to us are all capable of creating great looking images, but only if you know how to use them. The big challenge for us was creating a test that would bring out the real world differences between these cameras. You can shoot charts which will give you scientific results, but that environment is not the real world. What we wanted to know was how cinematographers creatively solve the limitations of their camera. There are going to be some great discussions when this test gets released. People are going to be blown away."

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  • Interesting set of cameras. I've enjoyed each one of these shootouts, so no doubt this year's will be even better.

  • I wonder what hack they used, what settings, etc.

  • Colt Seman using a hacked GH2... enough said!

    ... you gotta have Brass *alls to have a name like that, and I salute you for not changing your name!

  • The Personal-View guys going to NAB should sign up for the Las Vegas screening on the Zacuto site, they will be interviewing people who go to get their reactions and some will end up in the final documentary -

    "Steve Weiss · Chicago, Illinois This page is going to evolve weekly as we work towards completion of the Doc series that Premieres on June 15th 2012. Get to one of the screenings, comment and potentially you will end up in the final documentary."

  • Any news on this?

    Would be nice knowing which settings has been used on the GH2.

    I read this comment on the shootout:

  • @Longjohnsilver

    The presenter said "Quantum B", I believe, which isn't quite right? He seemed to think the data rate was 120mbs or 130mbs. I haven't used the Quantums from that period, so wasn't sure exactly which one he was referring to.

  • @jrd It could mean quantum v9b, or Quantum X (v4b orion). There are probably more with b in there name, but I think 9b is the most likely used.

  • @Stray

    The test was in February, which would have been too early for Orion? V9b is probably right, and the data rate he mentioned seems to fit.

  • Can't wait till they release the shootout to view online. Anyone have an expected date?

  • @RatLabProductions

    Like all tests, this one couldn't answer all questions. It was meant to replicate a house with window and practical lighting, and to create the shadows and highlights you could expect to see under these conditions, with about a 13-stop range. It involved actors coming and going in a living room, a boom down to a 2-shot in that same room, and an actor stepping in and out of the front door and moving into a darkened area with other talent. The test was not meant to be a trial of raw resolution or color reproduction.

    All cameras used the same lighting and were given a one-light grade. The obvious differences, among the better cameras, were seen in shadows and highlights, and you had to look. A separate round allowed each team to light and grade specifically for its camera. This produced greater variation between the samples, but was uncontrolled, so it was impossible to know to what extent differences were attributable solely to lighting and grading.

    Much as one would like to make a definitive judgment, you're not likely to be able to do it with this test, careful and well-designed thought it was. At least, I couldn't.

  • V9b was no slouch, imo...

  • I was the one that prepared Colt for the GH2 segment of Zacuto's shootout.

    They used Quantum V9B, Sandisk 64GB Cards, more than likely Smooth or standard dialed all the way down, etc.

    I sent a pretty simple to follow "check list" of things to do when you shoot, including the ISO bug etc. After reports back from various people that I know that have seen it, the GH2 was done justice and went beyond expectations in a way that made a certain very famous filmmaker pick it as his choice of image.

    Personally, I can't wait to see the results.

  • @kholi

    The audience at my screening was floored by the GH2.

  • Really looking forward to seeing this. Just the fact that they included the GH2 in such company is pretty cool.

  • @jrd

    I've been hearing the same thing come from nearly every single screening. And, that fellow in the link up there (HDVider) is echoing similar thoughts about the F65 and GH2 comparison to others that I've talked to.

    Sorta sad that I haven't been able to see it yet, but still.

  • GH2 finally getting respect.

  • So did they not do the unhacked GH2? Would have been cool to see the difference. Do any of the cameras besides the GH2 do Continuous Auto Focus during video?

    I guess we can only assume that this was pre version 1.1 hackable cameras, right?

  • @mpgxsvcd They used a hacked GH2 running Quantum v9b.

  • I think my favourite aspect of this shootout is the premise that is a rather refreshing change. No camera is the best but it is the craft that is required to get the best out of a camera that is important.

  • @NickBen

    A couple of my buds on that shoot as well as the Zacuto shoot, in fact I still have Jonny's 28mm Nikkor. He has yet to reclaim it from me. I haven't seen him since he left for that shoot.

  • At least in one preview, the GH2 is sitting in the top three.... with Quantum v9B.

  • I'm personally really interested to hear opinions on the F65. On paper, its a very cool machine, and would seem to kinda be in a whole new league.

  • They are already whining over at! ....grabbing popcorn

  • I like how Andrew pulls quotes from other people/forums (PV) and forces them into this other guys post.