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PTool v3.65d topic
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  • Typing error...

  • Here in Sweden the government always announce new laws on April 1th, strangely enough!

  • @Kihlian I love how you left out number 2!

  • For the conspiracy theory

    1) given the few post of the BIG´s (VK, driftwood, alcomposer etc. etc.

    2) They are making a hidden forum for genius with no more question from us noob (like where can I find this settings etc.)

    3) they are studying how people react to these continuous high level of announced news and LOL.

    4) VK will make a new record for the most refreshed page of all the times!

    5) It´s a april fools

    6) GH2 will turn with a new patch to a Mazinger robot!

    Since I live in CET central European time =+1, in NY there are -4 and f.e. Hk +8. And don´t know from where in the world the news will come, I´m speculating on what CET time tomorrow we will know if it is a April fools!

    480 x 640 - 34K
  • I hope its not an april fools, whatever it is :)

  • BT: Panasonic has bought the copy rights of VK's hacks, and Panasonic will release their official ROM updates for the GH2, GF2, GF3 that incorporate VK's hacks.

  • 'Bigan Thritty' days and GH2

  • à nex7 hack ?

  • BT = gf2・3 Manual Control!!

  • BT = Battery Tool ??? :)))

  • maybe continuous flash light for video recording :P

  • Vitaly discovered the GH2 is also a printer and print well in low light? BT also :-)

  • @evero

    It's simple. Just "follow" the topic.

  • Great news, also curious about the BT :)

    One side note: Is it possible to make the latest PTool topic sticky in the forum? I almost missed the fact that v3.65 was out because of all the other activity on the site (which is a good thing, ofcourse)

  • did you ever noticed that best and most interesting stuff gets announced or relased every first of april? mm....

  • It's just going to be April fools stuff... you guys are crazy!

  • I have a feeling we have to take this the literal way, like a big, BIG matte box or something :) I'm not expecting more GH2 magic... but maybe another camera? What's with the secrecy anyways, not a good way to prepare people for eventual disappointments ;)

    Who am I kidding, I'm dreaming too...for something BIG (and I'm not talking about my penis rolleyes)

  • If we had access to start developing our own firmware alongside Panasonic firmware (a la Magic Lantern) along with custom profiles (a la Flaat/marvelscine/CineStyle) now that really would be BIG.

  • I'm hoping for picture profiles. Flatter more room for grading would be pretty sweet to experiment without losing quality we currently have. I just think with resolution and the smoother motion of all-I patches, flatter settings would round out the cinematic tools.

    NOW if it could be something bigger I would be all for it, but I'm sure some things are just impossible, like 444 RAW output. but hey we can dream.

  • @paglez es cierto! en cualquier caso lo de abril no vale con nosotros

  • Fulgencio es el 28 de diciembre. Santos Inocentes

  • arg arg argar garahahagaoizjrpoipiuguygoijuè!y à&è!t"t§èè§r ygftyhujjuikn (face on keyboard from excitement)

  • there is no such thing as april fools in Spain... we have something similar for nov 28.. so it would not be fair doing it to me

  • GH3 special prize and pre-ordered for P-V member would be a BT

  • Yes, I see it, the gh2 does 4k, or 10/12 bit or whatever extraordinary thing and announced on April 1st. Everybody says a joke dishes etc. and it the end it is true. hahaha true VK.

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