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12mm f/1.6 Noktor
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  • thanks, will try again

  • Im picking mine up tomorrow from the UPS. Been waiting months for this lens-cant wait

  • @rockroadpix

    Actually, they have never had stock, yet.

  • Mine arrived today via UPS. Direct from SLRMagic in China.. I'll put a quick video up later of some of my tests that I've done tonight, quickly.

    So far though I am happy with it.

    There is some twist on the lens mount with the camera, but this is no more really than the Voigtlander 25mm of mine. It's heavy enough that it doesn't feel like it does this as i'm holding the lens to focus. There is no rocking which is what i was most worried about.

    It's a lot smaller than I expected. Seems reasonably sharp, though haven't scrutinised the footage out of the camera yet.

  • Here's a quick video of a few tests I tried tonight with the lens.

    duplicated as the video embedding didn't seem to work...

  • nice video, @jimtreats

    that smooth, round aperture is KILLER! I just bought a Mir1 37mm for the same reason . . . I bet this lens would pair well with it. But Darn You Voigtlander for not keeping the 25mm f0.95 round-apertured. darn you.

  • @B3Guy I got the Jupiter 9 85/1.8 for its incredible 15 aperture blades. I didn't think the Voigtlander was that bad with its 10 blade design.

    Really interested in this hyper prime though. Great price too!

  • @jimtreats - thanks, really useful test. Got to get me one of these things!

  • Thanks guys.. i'll try to do some better ones to actually test sharpness in better light lower isos.. personally i need to try shooting some people to get a feel for how it'll draw in those situations.. having seen other folks efforts with this lens i've no doubt it should be great.

    I included a bit of video showing the twist of the lens on the camera mount. Could those who've had real problems with this on this lens have a look and see if my lens is better in that regard..

    I may do another test of all my lenses mounted on the GH2 and the amount of play left in the mount/lens.

    I don't think its a problem as its quite hard to cause that twist to happen, i'm grabbing immovable parts of the lens and twisting.. under normal focusing and aperture adjustment the lens doesn't get chance to move. Also as the movement is only a twist i'll assume that mostly this wouldn't be noticeable anyways?

  • Could you do a test shot with ex-tele? I'm curious to see how it holds up.

  • @P4INKiller here you go

    Sorry its low light and not great quality, but i think it does pretty well.. If you have anything specific i've not shown you'd like to see, just say and time permitting i'll have a go.

  • @sohus "I just received it and my lens mount is perfect. Definitely not loose... feels as tight as the Voigtlander."

    Yes they fixed it, since the 'Daily Mirror' of filmmaking journalism alerted them too it on the prototype.

  • I still wonder whether its a little too loose, along with the Voigtlander... I'm going to test all my lenses but i think only the panasonic ones i have are actually totally tight on the lens mount. I'd still like to hear what occurred with the earlier ones that were noticeable in video-use.

  • Just a little look at the out of focus rendering of lights with this lens.

  • Beautiful bokeh. Wonder if it's useable shooting narrative - I'm thinking in particular of that scene in 'No Way Out', where George Clooney seduces Jennifer Lopez in that bar (something for all the family in that film)

  • @mrbill you mean Out Of Sight and this scene -

    I've yet to do any decent 1-2 person shoot tests to see how much you can get out of focus. To get the sort of look seen above you need to be focussing quite close.

    Has anyone gotten a thin filter onto this lens to protect the element without any noticeable vigenetting?

  • nvmd...missed above post-disregard

  • I get spammed emails from SLR Magic, and a lot of what they say does't endear me to them. When I went to Tokyo in November I noticed the Olympus 12mm, 2nd hand at a good price. It certainly has the benefit of super quick AF... but... emotionally...

    The SLR Magic Hyperprime 12mm is capable of results that have 'something' the more expensive Olympus lacks. I have no idea what.

  • @EOSHD

    Yep. We just need to find their actual factory and their designers.

  • It would be nice to have more openness about that, however it is not something you think about whilst taking a great shot.

  • @jimtreats - oops, senior moment there - that's scene (not the Costner movie)

  • Anyone know the filter thread diameter on this? Wondered if a 77mm fader is the way to go and if it might vignette?

  • Does anyone know if this works with a TRUSMT matte box or if it's too wide angled for that?