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GH2 720p50/60 and 1080i60 Settings
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  • just shot some outdoors with sanity and noticed some oddities on my panna class 6 and transcend class 10. 20mm AF f16 1/125th ISO 200

    shooting SH at 44Mb - works
    shooting FH at 33Mb - works but bitrate is around the 3-4Mbit (just checked and the ini file is missing an extra 0)
    shooting FSH at 44Mb - write error
    shooting 24H at 66Mb - works

    whats good is with indoor shots with shutter 1/25th 1/30th Bitrate doesn't drop like it used to with the GH1 in 720
  • MRfanny
    OMG, thank you for finding that missing zero! I wondered why the bitrate was so low for FH mode. I'm going to fix it pronto!
  • SANITY v3.1

    This version of SANITY fixes a missing zero in FH mode and makes it useable. I set FH bitrate to 32M based on gameb's report of successful spanning at that bitrate.
  • I just tried the Sanity V3.1 hack on the GH2 using one of my old PNY class 10 card and I notice that the writing also stopped after a little bit of shooting. I then put in the Sandisk class 10 card that I just received in the mail today and was able to shoot much longer and it did not stop writing. I only experimented for a few minutes and granted the Sandisk card is fresh out of the package.

    It was the 720p SH mode that I tried and as far as video quality is concerned, I'm impressed.
  • @paulo_teixeira
    Thanks for the report. I've watched your videos on Vimeo over the years (the Harvard pillow fight was awesome) - nice to see you here.

    I developed Sanity using 16GB Sandisk 30M class 10 cards, so I'm glad it's working for you with your Sandisk card.

    Now that H mode is working, I just tested 720 60P with a very poor Transcend class 6 card, and it recorded smoothly without any issues. It also looks pretty darn good, too! So, if you're having problems with 720P, just drop down to H mode.
  • Yes it's definitely weird that although I was one of the first to own a GH1 and a GH2, I ended up being a little late to hack the GH1 and then a little late to hack the GH2 and finally, late to be on this forum. I almost decided to hack the GH2 for the music video I produced in August but was slightly worried about anything happening to the camera. The current hacks for the GH2 are getting pretty mature now and it's good that 60p is gaining progress.

    Later tonight being New Years Eve and day, will be the perfect way to test it out since I'll be going around Boston shooting events around me. Maybe it'll be mostly the SD600 for day light footage and then once the lights start to go down, I'll be the GH2. For sure I'll be doing a lot of 60p shooting on both cameras and then posting them on both YouTube and Vimeo.

    Too bad though that I only have 1 class 10 Sandisk 32GB card. I wanted to get the 64GB SDXC version badly but never mind paying that much for a card, it's not easy to find at reliable places. GH2 users are eating them up.

    I'm glad you like the pillow fight event. I'm just glad both my GH1 and SD600 survived. The SD600 version that I shot the following year is on my YouTube account.

  • Hi,
    what do you think about GOP1 (Driftwood) vs GOP30 (Ralph_B) for 720p IQ during fast motion?
    I am asking this question since I have got 2 opposite opinions here:
    1/ in the FAQ they say GOP1 is a must for fast motion,
    2/ here : long GOPs are a must for 720p50

    I know, I must test it myself...but what do you think about it?
  • The reason for the long GOPs is just to get the settings to run properly. :) We would all love to have to GOP1 for 720p60, but the longer GOP 720p60 settings are the ones that seem to be running properly at this point. :)
  • So you said : as far as 720p50-fast-motion is concerned, theoretically GOP1 is better, but implementation in gh2 gives better results with GOP30.
    Did I understood well?
  • Basically, yes. Though the problems have been more with 720p60 than with 720p50, from what I have heard.

    In my own experience, the recent Sanity versions are some of the only ones that have worked on a wide range of cards, other than the factory settings, for any length of time.
  • This might be slightly off topic but after I did the hack and select creative manual movie mode and adjust the ISO, it automatically goes to "ISO Auto" How do I disable that? I don't mean to go off topic and if theirs a thread that talks about it, please direct me to it.
  • @paulo_teixeira
    It's purely a cosmetic issue: it actually uses the ISO setting you specified.

    I'm afraid I don't remember the thread where it's been brought up, but early on it was designated a "known issue", with the hope that it might be fixed later on. To be clear: the glitch is only that it shows "ISO Auto". It actually uses the setting you chose. This issue began when the ability to use ISOs above 3,200 during filming was added in PTool.

    At that point, no workarounds were proposed.
  • Thanks for the clarification. I haven't done much reading up on the ISO hack. I spend a few minutes going over every setting on the camera wondering where it's at and thinking that I could have sworn I knew my way around the menu very well.

  • I know that feeling all too well. :) Best of luck.
  • @Ralph_B
    I've tried Sanity v3 with SanDisk 32g Extreme HD video 30mb/s and it looks really great and spans in all modes, well done!
    The only problem is that I get writing errors after a few seconds in FSH mode 1080 50is. Could it be cured?
    Anyway, amazing patch, thanks!
  • "The only problem is that I get writing errors after a few seconds in FSH mode 1080 50is. Could it be cured?"
    Yes, set FSH/SH to 36Mbit/s for stable 1080i50 (haven't looked into SH/720p yet, but at FSH/50i it looks great).
  • Hi
    I was waiting with gh2 for 25p so after update I got one week ago with hope for Vitaliy's new hack.
    Im using eoshd patch for 24fps but need 720p 50 where 50 is important i cant have 60.
    Im not sure which settings in Ptool effects both 1080 and 720. to use Sanity settings as well as they looks for 720p60. I was looking for cbardin 66mb as I dont want to stable and not high bitrate.
    last thing if live PAL<->NTSC Menu= UN-Checked - it means that is 720p50 for sure or it is doing something else?
    my settings mow:

    30min limit removal=Checked
    Maximum ISO limit removal=Checked
    PAL<->NTSC Menu=Checked
    Video Bitrate 24H=88000000
    Video Bitrate 24L=35000000
    1080i50 and 1080p24 GOP Size=1
    Encoder setting 1 1080i/p=2
    Encoder setting 4 1080i=16
    Video buffer=0x3000000
    Video buffer 24p=0x3600000
    Initial quantizer=14
    Quantizer for 1080 modes=14
    1080p24 Frame Limit=6111808
    60fps Frame Limit=1278873
    50fps Frame Limit=1416352

    Im sorry for my english
    thank you
  • eoshd must have worked hard for his patch! He's so good I feel like giving up.
  • driftwood -I know you did great job on it... but unfortunately yours is too good for me :( (to big files)

  • eoshd is my settings so you got big files anyway altering the bitrate to 88M gives poor mbs.
  • im sorry then driftwood..I did not know its yours, 88m its max for me...I seen yours were 176m which for me was double size and better card's speed, maybe Im wrong. I have few Patriot lx 30mbs and i want to stay whit them 32gb with 88m gives me about 50 mins recording, which is short enough. I need and prefer good stable 720p 50 now anyway but I need more knowledge and expertness with this which should I change and which not. I see 60fps there as well for example and this looks for me like I dont need it as I want to stay in Pal.
    shy now: why gives poor mbs?

  • @Ralph_B

    It's nice to see you experimenting with long GOP settings. Nick Driftwood is the undisputed master of GOP1, and I think I ended up the long GOP guy - even though I haven't updated my settings in months. I'm looking forward to trying out your stuff!

  • Chris, you still have a very loyal following, not all of us want or need GOP1. Your and Lpowell's patches are sensible and appreciated by the people who shoot many hours of footage on a regular basis where content is the main focus, not individual pixels.

    Keen to see what you come up with in future.

    Thanks R
  • Chris's patches are long gop/hi efficient king of patches. 66M is proven = excellent. Ralph_B has spent a lot of time on 720p/1080i and he is doing terrific work in that domain. lpowell, is master of mjpeg. There you have it.
  • Let's not forget Lpowell was/is master of GH13