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GH2 720p50/60 and 1080i60 Settings
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  • @gib Thanks gib, we're looking at a few more amendments to these settings for the next beta.
  • Can't wait for future developments on 720p60. It's the standard in my industry and I can't wait to improve the quality. I'm loving the 24p stuff but it's really going to make a difference when I can ramp the quality on 720p60.

    Thanks @driftwood @Ralph_B @Vitaliy_Kiselev and everyone else who's doing such amazing work.
  • @Ralph_B - About your sanity vs2: what do you think, could I lower the 24P settings to 44Mbps (24H) and 32Mbps (24L)? Cheers
  • @gameb
    Sure, you can change the data rate.
    BTW, I've done additional testing and now recommend that you set Auto Quantizer for 1080 modes to AQ4 instead of AQ3. I've been amazed at the quality I'm getting. Even 44M is very close to Quantum 5.
  • Ralph, can you point me to the latest settings including the change to AQ4 you are referring to in your message above?
  • Ralph,

    Do you think a Transcend Class 10 card would be sufficient to try this patch out? I'm not well versed on the different card abilities, so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hey guys,

    Looking for a 720p patch for the GH2 that will give great quality, but longer recording times. I love the Driftwood patches for narrative, but I have an 8 hour run and gun shoot coming up, so I am looking for reliability and long record times. Currently using mpgxsvcd 32mb 60p settings....but for some reason my estimated record time on a 32gb card is only 1 hour 32 mins? Any thoughts on this? Thanks for everyone's great work too.
  • @proaudio4 @tcarretti @Rtwalker


    Here's the latest version of SANITY. The only difference between this and v2 is the change of "Auto Quantizer for 1080 mode" to AQ4 from AQ3.

    This should work fine with any Class 10 card.

    Just to repeat, the 720P modes in Sanity are the best I've seen. If you want to shoot 50P/60P you should check this out. Sanity's 1080 60i is also the best I've seen.
  • @Ralph_B Awesome thanks Ralph!
  • @Ralph_B Thanks a lot Ralph, works fine and the 720P looks amazing. Will check now if it spans on the 32GB sandisk extreme...
  • @gameb havent had a chance to load this up yet....but what is your estimated recording time on that 32gb card? I have the same.
  • @Rtwalker about 90 minutes in 720P mode and also in 24P Cinema Mode, because I changed the settings. Both are 44Mbps and 32Mbps. Right now I am checking if it spans and it looks like it does span.

    P.S. Yes it spans
  • @gameb
    Out of curiousity, which modes successfully span?
  • That looks good @Ralph_B. Just streameyed it (720p60) and its very pleasing. Well done mate. :-) Need to do some motion tests now. Have you posted any?
  • Thanks a bunch @Ralph_B, looking forward to testing this properly.

    How do the 24p 66M settings you've included compare to chris' 66M?

    EDIT: I note he settled on AQ2, wasn't that because motion is better than 4?
  • @Ralph_B 720P SH spans on Sandisk 32GB Extreme, I am testing other modes right now, will let you know

    Edit: 720P SH spans, Cinema Mode 24L spans, 24H doesn't span
  • @driftwood
    No, I haven't posted any tests. What I've come to learn is that motion cannot be fairly judged by a still frame. You have to see it in motion (duh...).

    Don't know how it compares to Chris' 66M. I've only compared it to Quantum 5 and HDMI output, and it's very close to both of those. Basically, I'm thrilled with it - even the 44M, which I find myself using more and more.

    When you say 24L spans, are you using 44M or 32M?
  • @Raph_B I was intrigued to see how well the p frames are performing at 720p hence streameye. Theyre working well on the quantiser. And thats great.
  • @Ralph_B I changed the settings to 24H/44M and 24L/32M and it works fine
  • @Ralph_B Definitely not stable on Transcend 32GB class 10 card. 720/60 crashed whenever stressed with a lot of motion or detail. Usually between 5 and 10 seconds. Also, the images seemed unusually noisy. But that could have been the ISO bug. Was really hoping this was the one as I need to shoot a fair amount of slo-mo. Didn't have any other cards with me, so can't verify if a Sandisk would've held up better. Had to fall back on the old reliable HPX170 for the rest of the shoot. Maybe it was a limitation of card?
  • @filty
    It's possible - I'm suspicious of Transcend cards in general. I had a 16GB Transcend that went bad. The replacement they sent me benchmarked 5MB/sec slower than the original. Who knows what goes on under the hood with these cards. Oh, and then yesterday, the cover just fell apart for no apparent reason.
  • Can we combine Ralph excellent 720p patch and Driftwood quantum v5 24h high bitrate in one patch?
  • I would also like a hybrid patch that @PixCanFly suggested. This would give us the ability to capture high quality 720p 60 and 1080 24 in one convenient setup :)
  • This is a 24p 100mb(H) intra and a 720p 68mb(SH) long gop patch. Works fine for me so far...
  • Thanks Ralph. working on my panasonic class 6 at night. will test tomorrow outdoors. How does one incorporate the 40fps prolonged burst rate mode into this patch? that would be the icing on the cake for me.