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GH2 720p50/60 and 1080i60 Settings
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  • thanks alot for this ralph, ill be trying out sanity 2 tonight. ive been waiting for a good 60p patch as i use that frame rate alot for easy conversions to 30p and overcranking. hopefully you guys can develop some really great 720 60p patches in the future.
  • Thank you so much. My sanity is happily restored and it's time to enjoy some 2fps slowness.
  • Hi guys,
    i am very interested in this topic since I want to use GH2 for skiing footage (slalom) :720p50 only.
    I will use your setups and choose best for me. I just wonder about the relation between GOP length and best iq for action video :-)
    Ill give feedback asap, thx for your testings :-)
  • 720p50 shouldn't be a problem with Chris' latest. 720p60 is the bitch.
  • Hi
    filmed a little test with your patch earlier today looks very nice, detail in the shadows is great.

    used the 720 50p setting in camera

    thank you :)
  • @nomad
    720p60 is a bitch no more...
  • Here is my stab at GH2 720p60. SH=44, H=33. The video recording seems reliable so far. SH spans most of the time, and H spans all of the time. The files play back in the camera. The base is Driftwood Aquamotion v1, with reliable intra 24p and 30p with spanning; 24L lowered to 66. Credit goes to Driftwood.

    "balazer v1"
  • I would love to see any sample footage with those yum 50p/60p settings!
  • Yhea me2...
    i still dont have a gh2.
    shooting in 60p is for me a must have, when its in 720p its oké, but better in 1080p.
    but i am happy with 720p...

    i did download some clips, but those have dubble frames in it. (60p)
    for example, frame 5 and 6 are the same, 11 and 12, 17 and 18... etc....
    this was not raw material, but edited, so it can be in the used codec..

    So i like to see a nice sample ....
  • They look like 720p and they look good - as good as can be expected for the bit rates and the mix of I-frames and P-frames. Just download the different patch settings and try them out for yourself. Not having a GH2 is no excuse. ;)
  • @balazer

    does your patches work for 1080i 50 ?
    Tested it works OK but 1080i 50 is "wrapped" , i need it to record un wrapped ...
    So iave to go back to cbrandins 44/32
  • Balazer, you are right.
    but how can i see the quality if i dont have a gh2
    i have a very cheap cam that shoots in 720p 60fps. (qmedia 145 euro) off-course the quality is :(
    and a canon hf100 that only shoots 25p wrapped in a 25i file, but looks very nice.....

    i am looking for a other cam, i think a month off 4 now.
    i am sure it will for 95% the pannie gh2.
    And 5% something else.
    Its just, i cant find a good 720p 60fps file, or 50fps for download, so i can check it on my own pc....
  • @feha, my settings do for 1080i50 whatever Aquamotion v1 does. I don't know offhand what that is. You can always mix and match settings for different modes. (with some limitations: 1080i50 is tied to 24p)

    @mozes, trust us, 720p on the GH2 is very good. You won't be disappointed.

  • i just found a nice clip.

    the 95 is now 98% :lol:
  • @balazer
    I mean the 1080i50 uses a "wrapped" mode i need non wrapped mode how do i change ?
    I don't want in post production to remove "extra" lines ...
    asked @driftwood but no answer ...
  • @feha, I have no idea what you mean by wrapped.
  • 1080i I have it on authority from Colin at Divergent Media Support that Final Cut Pro X and FCP7 sees the transcoded files properly as upper field dominance and handles them as interlaced.
  • With premiere pro 5.5 the mts files (shot in 60i mode) are recognized as 29.97p. No problem with either Seaquake or Quantum patches.
  • May someone post a 1080p24 and 1080i60 vid with this hack/patch on youtube?

    I dont like 720p... dimensions are too small.. we are in the new age, it must be in 1080p. :]

    I want to see the quality before trying... thanks all.
  • I don't like 24 fps or interlacing. The dimensions are too small. We are in a new age.

    Don't be so lazy. Try the patch settings for yourself. A YouTube video won't tell you everything you need to know.
  • Youtube vid is very good quality. It tells alot. Vimeo is slightly bad because u (a free user) cant upload and view streaming vids in 1080p, it is only allowable for paid users. You also can not seek.

    But the good thing is that u can download the original unreencoded (not encoded by vimeo) vid. :D
  • Driftwood Quantum 720p60 in action (apologies for leaving AF on) :-)

  • @Ralph_B
    Hey Ralph i got a quick question. I downloaded ur sanity 2 patch and found the 720p settings. My intentions of this this patch was to shoot a great quality tv commercial at at 720p//29.97fps. When i clicked the 60-29 setting, a window popped up stating the "the compression is not improved so the bitrate is dropped." I know im bastardizing the whole point of a great slow motion patch but i really need the fps to be 29.97. Should i just click the button or is their another patch that records in the format I need? Thanks
  • @Petee28
    Why not shoot at great quality 60p and you can convert it to 30p in post?
    By converting, I dont mean "slowing" down the 60p for slow motion, but instead editing in a 60p work flow. Then after your all done, just export at 30p. (dropping the extra frames).
  • @Petee28
    I don't understand your question. When you say, "i clicked the 60-29 setting", what are you refering to?