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GH2 720p50/60 and 1080i60 Settings
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  • I know what you mean and I actually do have neat video although I did not use it in this piece. I somehow wanted to see how it would look without the ISO being too high for most scenes although for scenes like the traditional dancing, I kept it at 3,200 so it can be seen more clearly and it was very good. Still, when it came to scenes with the ice, it was my intention to only show the ice well and not care about anything else.

    The next time I used that hack was this Moday for behind the scenes shooting for the music video "Beautiful Comeback". It was the 1080 24p H mode and in this case my PNY class 10 had not one issue.

    Please don't mind the changing of the lighting in the first scene. That window was being a pain!

    I took a heck of a lot of footage on that day. The music video was shot entirely on the 5D Mark II by another shooter. I'm not sure when he'll finish editing the music video but when it's done, I'm going to mix some of my GH2's behind the scenes footage with some of the music video's footage for a behind the scenes video and it'll go on that kids YouTube channel. What I might also do is put it on my Vimeo account with a high bit rate so that people can see the quality if they download it. I'm still planning on how it'll look but at least I have some time to think since the music video needs to be out first. I do have good ideas so far.

    That video I'm showing is just a couple of clips that we decided should be online right away.

  • just tested sanity v3.1
    The trancent 16gb class6 gives porblems but works fine with sanity v2
    The sandisk extreme pro 45mb works just great with v3.1
    i have done all posible options, and no hickups or anything else.

    just one thing.
    after some video shots, i did make a picture in raw format.
    after that, the camera says, file number exeed, and i had to remove the batterie.
    in menu change the setting in video out from pal to ntsc.
    powering down the gh2, and powering up, and set it back to pal.
    After that everything works great again.
    Even when i take a raw foto picture it dosent give any errors anymore...

    720p Screen-shot (from sony vegas when collor correcting... )

    1280 x 720 - 215K
  • @mozes Thanks for the report. Yes, class 6 cards are dicey, but they should work OK if you use them with 24L and FH/H modes.

  • This was shot on a sandisk 8gb 95mb which doesn't span. just a little test shoot out doors to see what quantum v6 is like, I really like it however even with the iso at 160 in this video there does seem to be some noise, it isn't bad at all and could most likely be covered up with neat video but I was just wondering if this is normal?

  • Hakosuka its impossible to span on a 8gb cart, you lose some 750mb (dont ask why), so there is not just enough room .

  • @mozes oh I see, from what I'm reading here it seems the 64GB is the only way to go then, thanks for the info.

  • @Hakosuka Use Quantum beta 7 rather than 6 now.

  • @driftwood yh I noticed Beta 7 but 6 is working fine for me so I have no reason to update, not unless there are noticeable differences?

  • @Hakosuka

    Dude... just do what the Master says LOL ;)

  • @Tommyboy LOL, yes sir yes sir ;)

  • @Hakosuka

    hahaha ;-) good one!

  • just watched this from Sage:

  • Could 1080i60/720p60 try out Quantum Beta v8 with some new theories? Its in the patch vault. Thanks.

  • Forget v8 try this Quantum v9 as 720p50 and 1080i50 are primed too and everything is now under better AVC rate control.

    Driftwood Quantum v9 Beta -
  • driftwood, is there a reason that all languages and max iso limit is not activated in ptools.

  • Just did a fast and dirty test with the 720p 50fps.
    No matter what i did, it keeps going.
    I was really surprised by that, because i did expect a wright error, bu it didn't
    low iso, to 12500 it did no matter, handhold fast moving and fast in and out zooming.
    even tele2 did not give a problem

    for 24p H the same no problems ad all.

    datarate is very different...

    i did not a span test.
    all done on a a scandisk extreme pro 32gb 30m/s

    1271 x 682 - 129K
    1264 x 671 - 115K
    1261 x 645 - 116K
  • @mozes you can switch on all languages and iso lift if you want. Yep, the 60p and 50p stuff should just keep going and accordingly to detail.

  • Here is my first slow motion test with @Ralph_B 's Sanity V3.1 patch.

    I have to report many writing errors with Transcend SDXC 64GB.

    I'd like to try Driftwood's Quantum patches, but 720p@60 aren't working at all with my card (24p is working though) and it seems I won't be able to find a faster card in Peru.

    I almost forgot to mention that, after applying the patch, the MF guide is updating really slowly in 60p mode. Am I the only one having this issue?

    Thanks to all of you guys, who have been working so hard on this hacking project.

  • @MorphoV Try using H mode for 720 60P and see if that works. SDXC cards are a different beast.

  • Just have playing with the 50i video, shot with sanity v3.1
    Here on a local motocross track.
    There is a lot of motion, sharp colors and very fine detail.
    And it looks real good, i mean real good.
    still surprised how far i can push the grading, now i can with 2x the same shots, creating two total different clips.
    > Even when converted to 50p (with VDub bob) it looks great <br

  • @mozes I know what you mean about the 1080i. Over the years I've done many, many, many comparisons between 720P and 1080i, where I blew up the 720 to 1080. Even though I really want the 720P to be better (or at least the same), it just isn't. With a high quality de-interlace, the 1080i wins every time.

  • Hi Guys!

    is there any patch, what make movie in 1080i or 720p Fsh, Fh) above 44mbit and spanning with my 32gb 30mb/s sandisk card? I try many of patches, but all stop after 4gb record - or it is not see on the unit after record, or had problem with 50i/60i or with ex tele.:(

    So i would search a allinone patch:) or a "general" for longer record, good quality (not want insane). It is impossible? Or i should buy a very expensive 64Gb 95mb/s card?:(

    Thanks! Q

  • Slomo testing with quantum v7. I'll probably stay with this patch the whole winter

  • @rozroz I tried that patch (GH2-X v3 "THIRTY") and I got several write errors. I had to remove the battery to restart the camera (it did not respond to powering off)...the first time this has happened with any patch. This was in FSH 720. Card Sandisk extreme 32g 30mbs HD video, lenses minolta md 50 and 28mm. I did similar shots using quatum v7 for slow motion, same card and lenses and did not get any errors. I'll be testing out V9b today, with V7 on a card just in case I run into errors I can quickly flash back to V7 which seems to work pretty good. But the "THIRTY" patch locking up the camera is not fun.


  • "Just to clarify: this patch does not have a 1080i option. By boosting 720, 1080i is made unstable because it is entwined. It is only for 720p 60 SH, and 720p 50 H (60 H will do for spanning). For the extreme, its an unstable 720p 60 SH, and a stable 720p 60 H."

    FSH is only a 1080i option. If you are using the extreme variation, 720 SH is unstable, and should be kept to a few seconds to avoid crash. All other modes are 100% stable, spanning on pulse motion deathchart.