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GH2 720p50/60 and 1080i60 Settings
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  • As a recent convert to Flowmotion and a user of Premiere, I concur. You gotta use the originals. When you are dealing with people who actually can easily use the mts files you have to actually compare those. Even so, I'm not going to say you are wrong. I'm sure Sanity has advantages over Flowmotion. Flowmotion really does have killer motion that changes the whole game for me. Hopefully we can all learn from each other and not compete with who has the best patch. In the end this is a collaboration, though your respective reputations may be on the line the important thing to remember is that we all respect you and we should strive for the best together.

  • @towi I can't understand how you say "Because you can't really edit MTS files in real time" Even a lowly editor like Corel Visual Studio X4 handles native mts file well and without any issues. I have a feeling you need to modify your view about workflow.

  • towi the Sanity V3 works very well except for SH mode. It barely passes 14mbits for some reason what would you recommend to improve the bit-rate here? Excellent patch HBR mode looks superb.

  • okay, I stand corrected regarding editing MTS natively. I only know Avid and FCP for editing MTS files. Too, playing back MTS files in QT (through the Panasonic plugin) or in VLC there's always a lag when you start to play the streams. I wasn't aware Premiere and Vegas handle MTS natively without background transcoding or so. Thanks for the clarification.

    Anyway... I didn't start to compare Sanity and Flowmotion beacause I wanted to see which hack works "better" in the first place. I've tested Flowmotion and found there's clearly a noticable drop in resolution when you compare 24H and HBR (HBR is not really better than FSH). I then went back to Sanity with FW 1.1 & PTools 3.64 and found 24H and HBR are almost indiscernible. First in FSH mode you really see a drop in IQ. This is why I started to look closer into a direct comparison of Sanity and Flowmotion...

    @jamesgh2 re SH I don't know. Actually I don't use this mode. I only use 24h, HBR and FSH.

  • @towi Why did you lower in the new sanity the bitrates for FSH/SH mode from originally 44Mbits (old sanity) to 36Mbits and FH/H mode from originally 32Mbits (old sanity) to 24Mbits?

  • "Why did you lower in the new sanity the bitrates for FSH/SH mode from originally 44Mbits (old sanity) to 36Mbits "

    44M crashed in FSH mode. 36M is stable.

  • *** New*** Optimised settings for 720p50 and 60p plus a lot more. GF2 and GH2 compatible settings.

  • May have INTRA 720p working before the end of the night... at last !

  • The dream... so close!

  • @driftwood Best of luck with that Nick. :)

  • Shot with the most recent version of Sanity for the new P-Tools. Looks great :] Thanks so much for your work!

  • @Ralph_B last week I was shooting a documentary, and had a few crashes, battery out, restart etc. shooting in HBR mode, I was using your settings which have been modified by I don't remember who for HBR. Did it happen to you? I use SanDisk Extreme 30Mbs and didn't have any problems until now. The shot when it crashed where not even long shots. Any ideas about it?

  • @gameb Check that the 1080i60 GOP Size=18. The person who modified it changed it to 9. That was a mistake.

  • @Ralph_B thanks, I will try it right now, I am running the PAL version so it would be the 1080i50 settings GOP size=18, right? Do you think these settings would work on a GF2? Mine comes next week hopefully... cheers Edit: I changed the GOP and it looks fine. I remember the person who modified it was saying the 36Mps in HBR looks as good as the 66Mbs in 24H Cinema, do you agree? Did you ever put up the HBR to 66Mbps?

  • @Ralph_B & @gameb

    in my modified Sanity setting ( ) only the bitrate of FSH was lowered to 36M (44M crashed in PAL mode). I used this modified Sanity settings for quite some time - never crashed, footage always looked great. The new 24p25p-NINE setting (GOP=9) was aimed at PAL users for 24H/24p and HBR/25p modes.

    @gameb - GOP size for 50i is 12 (50i is coupled with 24p)

  • @gameb No, it's 1080i60 that should be GOP 18. I didn't realize you were running in PAL. I don't know yet what the correct setting should be for HBR in PAL. I'm still working on a proper port of Sanity for firmware 1.1.

    Keep 1080i50 and 1080p24 GOP Size=12. Try lowering Video Bitrate FSH/SH to 32000000 and lower Video Bitrate FH/H to 24000000.

    HBR works off the FSH/SH bitrate.

  • @towi Sorry for the confusion. It's hard to remember who did what with all the activity that's going on. Interesting that you ran Sanity successfully in HBR at 36M, while gameb had problems. I guess it's in the cards!

  • @Ralph_B

    no problem at all...

    Yes, I also feel it's in the cards. Settings that survive heavy torture tests in PAL mode on my SanDisk 30MB/s cards failed for users with other cards (though 30MB/s, too).

  • @towi Were those other cards Sandisk, or other manufacturers?

  • @Ralph_B

    other manufacturers (Transcend if I remember correctly)

  • @Ralph_B @towi SanDisk 30MB/s, this is exactly the card I have and it crashed. Anyway thanks for the advices, I will try it out.

  • @Ralph_B. Have you tried to redo your settings using some of the new scaling and quantization matrices? You have one of the best settings for 1080i60 and 720p60 using GOP18 and GOP39. I am currently combining yours with Driftwood's 24p settings. Good job.

  • @Zaven13 Workin' on it...

  • @Ralph_B. I used Sanity 3.1 with FSH/SH=44mb, FH/H=28mb and merged it with Driftwood's Sedna A Q20 matrix. There is a significant difference in quality and bitrate between Sanity settings using stock matrix vs. Sedna matrix. Sedna A Q20 is much sharper and generating higher resolution/bitrate. You may have already tried it. If not you should. You will be pleasantly surprised.

  • @Zaven13 - how did you perform the merger?