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GH2 INTRA Demo: It's Collaboration Time!
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  • @driftwood Not home now but I will be in a couple hours, than I'll upload to fileserve ;) I can't miss the boat lol..
  • @driftwood
    I sent PM to you.
    Please check.

    BTW, That is not a 'Temple' but a "Shrine". ;-)
  • @bkmcwd changed ;-) I needed a title!
  • @TrackZillas upload to Dropbox overnight. And add my email address as a recipient in Dropbox. Dropbox is free for upto 2gigs. Please try and send the highest quality without grading. An .mts file is preferred. Nothing too long. Remember 10 seconds is max per clip.
  • @all Showreel 1 is complete, but of course many people wanted to take part who have emailed me recently who didnt make the deadline. Therefore, and because of the new patches (seAQuake and TerrAQuake plus spanmybitchup and aquamotion2) and ptools 3.63d with the new ISO settings we will be looking at doing showreel number 2. Except it will be more themed towards movie style clips.
    Any suggestions as to what theme: let us all know here. :-)
    The first showreel ungraded will be going up tomorrow, quickly followed by Bueller's graded version a few days later. Thanks once again. Nick
  • @Driftwood Looking forward to it, Nick. :)
  • driftwood sorry man,i dint se you message until now
  • Bueller is sending me graded files at the moment. :-)
  • @Driftwood, Where is the showreel located? Also is it too late to get in on the second one?
  • Ungraded to Graded comparison video is at;-

  • there are some nice grades there,

    ...but wtf happened with my flower, instead of making it worst you could of just used the graded file i made, upload and sended twice, it doesnt make any sense making it white with magenta, seriously wtf?

    either way, nice to see that it came out a collaborative graded video
  • @lolo Your graded flower version will go in the complete graded video going up later tonight. I left it to Bueller to grade away - we didn't mean to offend you - maybe he is trying to demonstrate the shadows and highlights with his version of the grade. No offence intended I can assure you.
    Update: We'll also overwrite this version with yours and reupload , youre absolutely right to be upset.
  • i´m not offended, don´t worry about that...
    its just there is really no aesthethic intention on that particular color grade, it doesnt make any sense, because there is no enhancement on what that shoot can display (specially considering that i do sended a graded version with an aesthetic intention... twice)
    but, if you are going to reupload, well, i kind of feel guilty now :P, fuck it...

    just upload it on the version that you are going to upload without the fades to compare, please :), that way you will not have to work that much
  • I enjoyed that, and looking forward to the final-final version. Hard to lock off a final first time with so many contributors, perhaps varying views on grade and choices made. @lolo, your flower was so beautifully rich and, basically already "graded", I guess the grade had to go somewhere else. That said, the amendment coming will be great. Thank you @driftwood, @bueller, et al.
  • Thanks a lot @bueller. I liked your grading so much on some of the parts that I'm compiling a list of my favorites (having now downloaded the MOV to check more closely).

    But before I get to that list, your grading of @Driftwood's 'Sunset' was a definite standout. :)
  • leave @lolo's flower alone. It's perfect as it is! :)
  • @lolo its cool. Dont worry man. Vimeo's replace tool is good. But itll take a few hours till they finish upload. Both versions.
  • @lolo Your graded version is incorporated into the reupload now check to see :-)
  • :) thank you, i feel kind of lame though, even though it is better thatn the white/magenta, is not that good, compared to others bueller grading, :)
  • The full version is now up on Vimeo at;-

    Enjoy, and a BIG big thank you to @Bueller for doing the grading :-)
  • Nice to see it.
    Didn't like rat :-)

    What do you think about making some core idea in the net try.
    So, people won't go wrong and you could make all into solid stuff looking like short piece done by one man.

    How about "Long walk" idea. One endless move at fixed height and specified speed, with seamless intercuts (using passing guys, columns, and similar things). Along many differen cities around the globe.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Yeah, like the idea. After Skin Tones Showreel, that'll be the next. But promise me you'll include some footage from you?! ;-)
  • Hello Gentlemen.

    Just a couple of notes for the curious. No worries Lolo, I didn't try and grade the flower I was just playing around with it knowing that your own version would be going up. FGCU's "Moment of Truth" guy was also not graded because I was also under the impression that he would also be providing his own version. And the Fireworks shot was not graded. Also 4R's "into the mist" was not graded. And the steadicam shot by Mr. Bkmcwd was only very lightly graded so you could see what was in the shrine at the end which you could not see in the original. Also the shot with the girl walking under the streetlights is not the correct grade. I have emailed Mr. Driftwood the right one and put it in his dropbox. If anyybody has any questions that they want to ask me personally about any grades just pm me.

    Happy Holidays

    Glad to hear that people don't like the rat. :]
  • That squalid and entropic rat should be a profoundly tacit affirmation of why the rest being shown is worth experiencing.

    Viva el rata!