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GH2 INTRA Demo: It's Collaboration Time!
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  • @driftwood gonna seen you a couple clips from my video..
  • Some Snapshots samples of the QuickTime File after being compressed out of Premiere Pro CS5 for delivery on youtube. Tell me if that's not impressive guy's I still can't believe what I'm seeing coming out of a $800 camera WOW!!!!
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M

  • GOP1 176 driftwood (ReAQuainted)patch, 20mm 1.7 shot at 1.7 200 iso,final x and magic bullet mojo
  • @driftwood

    Aye, mate. There's an exhibition opening tonight at a local modern art centre. I'll try to capture some seconds of ReAQuainted goodness while I'm there.
  • Hi everyone... using the 32Gig Sandisk HD Video card is great for ReAQuainted- however- 720p50 dies like a dead dog. :(

    Wanting to film Intra in Slowmo for this anyone got any Death Chart (or even leaves- screen door) working patches?

  • ReAQuainted patch is only for 24P.
  • Yes thats right @paglez, just don't get why the 'amazing' ReAQuainted is totally fine- yet any other patch that is 720 dies, (I am testing Driftwood's patches)

    @Driftwood can you 'task' me to help you find a better 720p(50+60) INTRA patch?! Would love to help!
    (ie- if there is a list of things that you would like tested just PM me)
  • @derek Nice!!! loving the quality, image really crisp keep up the good work man. That 20mm Pani is my goto lens right now.
  • Here is the video guy's my last link was broken...
    ISO 640
    Shutter 50th
    Profile Dynamic (Love it for night shots)
    Lens 20mm f1.7
    Custom White Balance
  • TrackZillas
    thank you
  • @alcomposer I'm out filming all this weekend then back to it Monday. :-) We'll defo have to get 720p cracked.
  • Guys I dont want links to films already up on youtube or vimeo. I require downloadable links to file servers for your movies. Like dropbox or any file server.
  • @sohus your 'Driftwood at the Zoo' film - can you pm (private message) me the settings you used, and do you still have the original mts file/s?
  • @TrackZillas you need to send me a direct link to a file server where I can download your submitted clip from your GOP1 recording (remember only 10 seconds!)
  • ALL: Getting some really good submissions but many of you are yet to send in your clip with links to a file server. Please dont upload it to Vimeo or Youtube. We want submissions to be original and defo NOT seen before.
  • @driftwood did you recieve my flower? i sent you a PM
  • @lolo got that thanks. :-)
  • hopefully I will have my new guitar all assembled this week, in which case, I'll shoot a couple "guitar porn" shots for you to pick from . . . y'know, standard "product shot" style (basic focus pulls or slow pan/slides, maybe some macro detail stuffs).
  • @driftwood, I had a question above - will mxf format (AVC intra-100 codec) do?
    (I'm exporting from premiere cs5)
    Any restrictions regarding aspect ratio?
  • @driftwood au contraire, thank you :D!
  • @RRRR mxf is fine :-) no restrictions to aspect ratio
  • Nine days to go to get your GOP1 best 10 seconds into us. :-)
  • @derek you need to supply 10 seconds to a file server site where we can download your footage. Read the heading - we want unseen footage NOT stuff already on vimeo, youtube etc...
  • @sanzadez No preference - give me your most creative 10 seconds! :-)