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GH2 INTRA Demo: It's Collaboration Time!
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  • @driftwood Now 00026.mts is complete.

    00029.mts with ETC
    00026.mts no ETC

    Both shot with 176M_GOP1_NOAQ at ISO 160
    Nikon ED 17-35mm f2.8
    1/50 at around f4

  • Nice footage of Herman, How close were you!!!! Best Nick
  • Ill grab 26 now
  • @All Just wanna say a BIG thankyou to you all for getting involved in this lill' project. We've had some terrific entries and a few eyeopeners ;-)
    I may come back to one or two of you as we collate and make sure we have everyone who submitted in, their details, and their personal-view nickname.
    The edit begins from tomorrow. Hopefully by next week we'll have something great to show :-)

    Thanks once again, Nick
  • @driftwood

    I was the closest person to him, with camera or otherwise... I *had* to get close because I only brought one lens, lol
    The ETC really looked great with your patch. Thanks for your great work Nick!
  • The video is nearly edited together. A few latecomers ;-) Then its audio man, grading and we have it. :-)
  • @Driftwood Exciting stuff. :)
  • First, Light is paramount, it sets the mood. With Driftwood's 170,.....let me say this, you have the control.
    The elements are all there. I am sure that Vitaly and the group will carry on, taking this small camera and molding
    it into something no one thought could surface. Wow! I can see in the dark. I would like to say one other thing, companies like Panasonic, big money companies, you have to wonder how much more they intentionally hide from the people. The test,
  • @exilenorth - Trying to figure out what this strange video has to do with the topic?
  • Sorry you were confused. it is the 170. Intra
  • @No_SuRReNDeR, @cosimo_bullo, @lolo, @pchristoph, @B3Guy, @bkmcwd, @5thwall, @sohus, @thepalalias, @Hallvalla, @bdegazio, @lenuisible, @exilenorth, @RRRR, @FGCU, @sanzadez, @Bueller, @derek, @HillTop1, @shrigg, @sammy, @blackroom, @TrackZillas, @atticusd, @paglez, @filthy, @greenbean, @Nameless, @tuprware

    HI guys to save me a lot of time please take a look at this credits check text file and let me know if;-

    A/anyone's missing off it who sent me something/any name that is wrong/misspelt too,
    B/ what PATCH did you use, important
    C/ what settings/Lens you used for your uploaded file. important

    Where's there's question marks I need to know.

    We're nearly there now. @thepalalias will hopefully be able to send the music asap, and then its grading to @Bueller if he's up for it still? ( I can give you access to a dropbox folder if you pm me your address)

    Please ALL try and fill in the details better than what we have in this text file - you know how people like to know what settings were used! And PM me - private message me (using personal-view) any extra details you can remember/have.

    Please check if you have sent me a file and you are not on the list - then resend it!

    Driftwood INTRA Collaboration Film - collaborators list.txt
  • ONE LAST THING: Is anyone really into doing the Credits? I haven't got a lot of time this week and once we get all the info upto date I would like to achieve a proper credit roll. Any takers?
  • For my clip: Aquarius settings, 24H, ISO800, Nostalgic, shutter50, 40mm Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.8 (free from my pastor's attic) wide open with paper bokeh filter on front (oval).
  • For my clip: AQuarius patch.
    24H, ISO300, 800, 1600
    Shot with samyang 35mm f1.4
    Nostalgic -1,+1,+1, -2

  • @driftwood

    reAQuainted iso 160, nostalgic -2-2-2-2 - 1080p24, 1/50, canon 50mm f1.4 c-mount @ f9 (or 11?), cropped~2:21.
    reAQuainted iso 1600, nostalgic -2-2-2-2 - 720p50, 1/50, konica 40mm f1.8 @ f1.8
    into mist
    AQuarius v2 iso 160, nostalgic -2-2-2-2 - 1080p24, 1/50, canon 50mm f1.4 c-mount @ f5.6 + yashica 1.5x anamorphic adapter.

    (any grades done in looks)

    Getting excited now to see the results! :) IMO plain frames with text look better / are easier to check out than rolling credits.. If no-one else is up for it I can do it, np.
  • @driftwood

    I can do the credit roll if you still need it done
  • 10. Sohus 'Zoo clips'
    Patch: ???????. Settings/Lens: ??????

    Patch: ReAQainted, multiple iso, nostalgic -2-2-2-2, 1080p24, all shot with 14-140 stock lens, no grades.
  • As Follows: Intra AQarius 170. Shot Canon 24mm 5.6 ISO 3200
    50fps.. Cinema Mode. Cut down in Premiere Pro CS5.
  • -Settings Nostaligic -2,-2,-2 -2, -- with nd filter Iso 640( F?...I cant recall the fstop)-- 1/50th
  • cool thanks. @No_SuRReNDeR However you didn't mention the lens!
  • @exilenorth I can't find anything from you. I can't use anything you've already uploaded on Vimeo or Youtube! Sorry. Unless you sent a very late one in? Nick
  • The Showreel is finished apart from a few missing details from a few others.
  • @TrackZillas, @derek and @exilenorth We couldn't use any of your vimeo clips - if you read the brief at the top of the thread it has to be original clips not posted before. We required files submitted to a fileserver link or dropbox. Surely, its not that difficult to grasp?! Oh, well, its a shame. Next time fellas, roll on showreel 2.
  • Unless one of you is called Frank Lamarr?
  • @driftwood I'm gonna get you the footage just saw your message...