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GH2 INTRA Demo: It's Collaboration Time!
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  • @driftwood I sent it trough a filetransfer service.. ( to driftwood.brighton adress from your profile. Nothing in the spambox either? Or maybe the adress is incorrect? (pm me if that's the case!)
  • @Nameless thanks, it now d/ls and opens.... not a joke then... :-)
  • Just one day to go to get your uploads in for this showreel. :-) Anyone wqho has simply sent a vimeo or youtube link will not be used. It has to be an original file submitted via a filesharing site or dropbox etc...
  • is mine no good? I made the vid 100% private password only you know, and its an original file straight from cam . . .
  • its ok, quite an interesting stairway pan up :-)
  • @driftwood My contribution will be in before the deadline tomorrow, but I wanted to check a few things.

    1) Do the original clips need to be under 10 seconds in length (I'm guessing with a 1 or 2 second margin of error due to the indicators) or can they be a 10 second excerpt from a longer file?

    2) Which of the following would be most useful (these are the only shoots I have with the appropriate settings that haven't been released yet)?

    - Macro video (color and black and white) moving arms reflected in an eye, with and without ETC shot using 7mm extension tube on Canon 24-70mmL.

    - Interviews with homeless men in Pasadena, talking or playing guitar (color and black and white), using 20mm pancake or Canon 24-70mmL.

    - Close-ups of waterfall with narrow shutter (color and black and white).

    - People wading at the base of, or rappeling up of (or throwing rope down from) a ca. 30 foot waterfall, using various lenses from 10 or 20mm to Canon 400mm (100-400mm L) ETC.

    - Panning down most of the aforementioned waterfall over the course of the ca 10 seconds.

    - Other landscape shots from around the Los Angeles and SGV areas.

    - Sunsets.

    - Birds.

    - Moon shot with Canon 400mm L and ETC.
  • @thepalalias 1/ 10 seconds excerpt from a longer file - just tell me the time in and out points if you send one large file.
    2/ Send me your best 3 and we will decide if you like. Or you choose 'the one' you are most proudest of ! :-)

    Dont forget to tell us which INTRA patch you used, the lens, and settings employed.
    Send me both original mts and your own graded version if you can. Then youre happy. If not, just the mts and we'll grade it.


  • @ Driftwood.

    If there is anything you guys want me to run through the Davinci Resolve for this project let me know. I am more than willing to donate to the cause.

  • @Bueller Could be good idea. When all the clips are in, we'll take a look at grading, and include you on the test.
  • I'll confess (if you didn't guess already) the stairwell "pan up" is just me playing carefully with the drag on the tripod and letting it tilt back of its own accord. Its too bad . . . I'm shooting a zombie short film in a couple weeks. I'd give you gritty zombie awesomeness, but I don't have any yet.
  • i use pentax 50mm 1.4 and panny 20mm ,iso was in auto after i pres record.
  • @driftwood, I shoot something last night and graded. Not sure if I will have enough time to transfer it when I get home tonight to meet your dateline. Any faster way of sending it to you?
  • @HillTop1 i need some way of downloading it! dont worry, just upload and we'll include it even if its very late tonight...
  • Are there any free sites that you can upload these obese files sizes to?

    I dont have a paid account anywhere. :(...

    @driftwood So is it cool if I send you an uncut.mts then the graded file in a prores mov?... I'm editing on FCP 7 so...

  • @No_SuRReNDeR

    Dropbox - free account up to 2 gigs.
  • @No_SuRReNDeR

    no account needed, don´t no the max, but most likely the connection will fail from 700 mgb up
  • @Hallvalla Cool thx!
    @lolo Appreciate it!
  • @driftwood

    Now uploading some Herman Cain footage for you.
  • @shrigg
    ok, good stuff.
  • @driftwood

    Cool. Let me know if you have any problems pulling them down
  • @shrigg whoops I think I started d/l your 00026.mts file before you had completed uploading it. I'll take that file in a few hours just to make sure. Thanks again. Nick
  • @driftwood

    yea it's still uploading, has like 15 minutes remaining
  • oki doki :-)