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PTool v3.63d topic
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  • I haven’t been able to do any scientific testing. However, I must say that the higher FPS with MJPEG looks promising. It definitely changes the frame rate.

    The issue might be that it is upping the frame rate of the video to 120 FPS. However, it could also be shooting 60 FPS and speeding the footage up to coincide with the 120 FPS file.

    I am going to do some low light, I.Contrast, with greater than ISO 3200, 1080p MJPEG @ 120 FPS shooting tonight. That should cover most of the new changes and a few future hopefuls.

    Thanks VK and team. This is the update I have been waiting for since I do a lot of slow motion.
  • >MPEG is 1920 x 1080, ya?
    nop, 720p by default. It's still unclear if modifying MJPEG resolution with the hack is just upscaling or really raise resolution
  • btw - if 120fps works, the GH2 will have better slo-mo than the Scarlet! 120fps @ 1K.

    MPEG is 1920 x 1080, ya?
  • cool - 72fps would be great. 3x slow motion @ 24fps

    High FPS needs lots of light, you might consider shooting outdoors.
  • This is just too much fun.
  • 72 FPS works. It indicates it is 72 FPS and it looks like 72 FPS. Not sure if 72 FPS is a good thing or not though? It looks weird and 1/160 of a second shutter speed looks bad with the lights I have near me. Trying 120 FPS now.
  • @chrimsbroome - "I think Vitaliy restricted access to the new version because people who didn't contribute to the payment are not on the list..."

  • And now. Mrs. Driftwood, Chris Brandin an the others gurus, is your time!!!!
  • Well, that could be exciting - wish I had my GH2 here at work to try 120fps, or higher? :)

    mpgxsvcd - look forward to hearing your findings!
  • About MJPEG. At 24fps it'll skip frames.

    You can redownload PTool. I raised allowed maximum. :-)
  • @ehr
    ... Try it... It is not possible to type a number above 60

    can you try to resize the frame at 1080 and try the 60fps? (my gh2 is in assistance)
  • What! 720p/60 that's great. 120p would be a mind bending!
  • 720p @ 60 FPS MJPEG works and it is definitely 60 FPS. Trying 120 FPS now!

    Looks like Ptool won’t allow more than 60 FPS. Reluctantly trying 24 FPS now.
  • Is 24p now possible in MJPEG mode on gh2 with the variable fps MJPEG patch?
  • It is released to public.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I'd like to test PTool v3.63d if you're willing. Thanks
  • Sorry @Tomaso - I made a typo- new PTool 3.63 :-O
  • @lacomposer
    new firmware!!!! ---- From where did you get it?
    It's not December yet:-)
  • Ok- I misunderstood what you said- yes I agree! Can't wait for the new firmware!
  • @alcomposer

    I wouldn't call the second bad. I would just say it doesn't have noise reduction. I don't believe that turning noise reduction down to -2 actually turns off noise reduction in all cases even for RAW files.

    Your pictures make it look like a difference in noise reduction between the two. I wonder if the new firmware update corrects this issue. Doesn't the new firmware offer improved noise reduction?
  • Just to chime in the ISO patch in PTool v.3.63d at this point does not look like it has any effect on the ISO bug:

    (Just incase anyone thought that the alteration to the ISO range changed anything else re: ISO)
    1394 x 784 - 2M
    1394 x 784 - 2M
  • For me too Please.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I would like to test 3.63d as well please. The ISO Limit patch sounds very interesting. I have done some extensive testing on the I.Dynamic mode and I think I finally have it fiugred out. I will try to post a video demonstration of how it works tonight.

    Is i.dynamic still on your radar?
  • I would like to try out the new PTool. Thanks.
  • I would like to test you new 3.63 version. Thanks Vitaliy
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