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It's Official: Firmware Update for DMC-GH2 / G3 / GF3 / GF2 coming
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  • lets hope this happens.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev. Is it possible that we see in the near future an hack for the popular Lumix G3 for 1080p @ 30fps / 25 fps or 24 fps?
  • One nice feather to add...

    Auto ISO for Creative Movie mode!!!

    Set ISO to Auto. Then Creative mode enables users to change aperture, shutter speed, and "desired" EV settings. Then I'd use a spot metering and click AE lock button to lock auto selected ISO value. Max ISO value can be set by ISO limiter. If the max ISO cannot meet the desired EV setting, the screen will display the settings in red color.

    This will be a lifesaver for event shooters. I don't really care ISO value between 160 and 1600.
  • I'm keeping my hopes up high for the upcoming GH2 official firmware update. Peaking, 25p, encoder bug fixes, etc. No gimmicks. Real deal!!!
  • My ideal FW update would allow me to put the histogram on one function key and peaking on another. My third function key is well used for ETC. Obviously 1080p 60fps would be sweet but not expected in this reality. A transformer button that'd turn me into a toad? Oh, um, the shutter release, right. Sorry
  • "Panny turned me into a toad!"

    "But then how ever are you operating your GH2 with those tiny little toad hands?"

    "… I got better!"
  • this update from Panasonic is taking it's time to appear
  • Panasonic Rep came into my work the other day and said the GH2 firmware would be out on Oct 21st.........We'll see
  • GF2/3 and G3 f/w is out to support new x lense zooms-displays. Looking forward to new GH2 f/w do you think they'll proide 25p?
  • Released today

    DMC-G3 Ver.1.1
    DMC-GF2 Ver.1.1
    DMC-GF3 Ver.1.1
  • Any more on GH2, release and/or any new features?
  • I'm hoping Panasonic takes longer time in GH2 firmware 1.1...
  • Hope that the reason for leaving the GH2 out in today’s release do have some significant reason such as testing and inclusion of 25p;-)
    Dreams? Well at least my hope:-)
  • any chance a zoom remote will work after this, like the Libec ZC-3DV?
  • Oops!
    It appears that Panasonic removed the G3 and GF3 firmware v1.1 update. I'd guess from the text there is a possible instability with their 4/3 lens adapter? Need to add that to the test matrix...


    For customers of DMC-G3 and DMC-GF3

    The download for the firmware update program to Ver. 1.1 is temporally suspended, in order to make sure the reliability of the firmware, especially in case of the use of Four Thirds Lens couppled with mount Adapter.

    The download will be available back again around the middle of Oct.
  • Still no GH2 update.
  • All the other lumixes got their update, except the gh2. So I guess Panasonic is waiting for Vitaliy to release the new ptool to see how they can keep the loss at a minimum and Vitaliy is waiting for Panasonic for his new release to include the new settings (hopefully 25p). Let's see who holds the breath for how long. (I'm out of breath a long time ago)
  • @Chrispy wrote earlier in this thread:
    "Panasonic Rep came into my work the other day and said the GH2 firmware would be out on Oct 21st.........We'll see"
    So will just have to wait and see:-)
  • Always wondered Vitaliy if you had ever taken a look at the lens firmware for the most popular gh2 - 14-40 and 14-140? A lot of manual lenses work great under certain conditions where the Panny's will fail.
  • I think the delay in release of both the GH2 firmware and ptool is because secretly Panasonic has allowed Vitaliy access to their codebase and what is going to be released will actually be a "pro" version of the panasonic firmware giving us the full capabilities the hardware can offer 1080p25, 1080p30 with sound, 10 bit 4:2:2, high bitrates with spanning working, etc, etc - with full on-camera control.

    Hey, I can dream, right? :P
  • @arvidtparvidtp hahah you are forgetting the 240fps at 4k resolution
  • A Panasonic guy at the "salon de la Photo" in Paris told me 10 days ago that the GX1 will not have evf, and that a 1.4 Mp external evf will be released. He also told me GH2 firmware with 25p had already been released. I thought he was full of shit (because of 25p), but seeing that he was telling the truth about GX1, I'm now wondering about 25p...
  • NEX-7 to be shipped on Nov 30th. GH2 firmware 1.1 next month? Then new PTools, new testings, new settings. Then Merry Xmas and Kumbaya moment to end this ugly year... if we are lucky.
  • @Chrispy Hmm... it's past October 21st!
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