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It's Official: Firmware Update for DMC-GH2 / G3 / GF3 / GF2 coming
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  • @nomad
    Limit of 29 minutes, it is not the fault of Panasonic, only the fault of the law of the European Union, which wants to protect European manufacturers of video cameras (I'm just curious, who are producers).SIC!
  • @Mihuel
    I provided them elegant solution to remove this limits - add ability to enter special code and include special card with this code in non EU cameras only :-) So anyone seriously shooting in EU could get this code for free on internet :-)
    Legal and elegant.
  • @Vitaliy
    Ingenious, but what about the bureaucrats of Panasonic? Do Japanese morality does not allow this? That had changed after World War 2? Two atomic bombs mentality change?
  • >Ingenious, but what about the bureaucrats of Panasonic?

    I think it is best to start our new campaign and this time get in direct touch with Lumix department?
  • I wish Panasonic fixes some codec bugs and add more parameters.

    e.g. 24L having its own GOP value. So that we can have 66Mbps GOP6 AQ4 and 100Mbps GOP3 AQ2.
  • @VK +1. How many members in this forum? Can you create a poll from this forum site?
  • Very good idea !!! Gentlemen managers must understand that it is in their interest. I want to be part of this movement.
  • Count me in!
  • @stonebat

    Nope, no poll planned.
    We need Japanese guys and get to them other old method - phone.
    All this web petitions do not work. Waste of time.
  • Why don't you post about it and mark it important? Let 43rumors broadcast about it. It's only a few button clicks from getting helps from Japan, right? I often visit Korean site and you got some Korean fans, too. This is the chance. The firmware programmers got about 6 more weeks to go.
  • Hmmm... try Twitter?
  • God bless Sony with their NEX/A77 line for pushing Panasonic towards 25p!
  • Let's wait and see guys & dolls. They haven't confirmed anything yet.
  • how about all users interested write them an email? I'd think what most people want to see is peaking, 25p, super flat film mode (Technicolor curve) and uncompressed,progressive-hdmi. right? maybe an email with these 4 points should be written by every member! but where to write to?
  • we also need some improvements in photography
  • never gonna happen...I bet it'll be just some lens firmware updates (they want to sell these new lenses)...little else.
    yeah im cynical...but panasonic havent changed this tune yet when it comes to significant updates.
    Its GH1 all over again ;-)
  • Would love to have 1080p30 WITH sound for those of us on this side of the pond. But yeah - not holding my breath. And we could do with some sharper in-camera JPEG creation on the photo side too.
  • we have RAW, any serious photographer will use this option, right?

    I mean- in this interview the panny guy said ppl should write for improvement suggestions, so why doubt it? we could at least try.. Vitaliy, what do you think?
  • need improvements in picture quality on all jpeg, 24,25,60 also p to 28 mbps, that would be perfect for me!
  • Panasonic team, please support 2.35:1 aspect ratio by taking advantage of the multi-aspect sensor. That could give 1.8x or lower crop factor.
  • I am planning to write design proposal.
    Something like "Expert Mode Design Guide" :-)
  • Hmmm... sounds elaborate.
  • This is good news. But still I look forward to next ptool. VK rules over Panasonic.
  • lumix fz150 60p 28mbps? _-----------lumix gh2 60i 17 mbps panasonic is horrible!!!!
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    We should really try to establish a technical contact with Panasonic.
    Update us with your ideas
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