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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • A suggestion: Is it possible to make this thread and (latest) PTool thread sticky in the forum? (aka "Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic" and "PTool v3.62d topic" for the time being).
    They get burried in all the other forum threads from time to time..

  • @evero

    I won't do this.
    Because this topics are not for frequently asked questions.
    And both are very easy to find.
    Just click on proper category, only22 topics in it.
  • Vitaliy can you add the AutoReview function to the GH2 firmware again. Extremely usefull for the photographers out there. Thanks.
  • Well with the G1 you had a function called AutoReview which would give you a 2x zoomed view of the picture you just took. Now you can only set the Review to 1, 2 or 5 seconds (time the photo is shown after it has been taken) and you need to manually zoom in using the wheel on the back of the camera. The G1 option made it possible to scan a photo on sharpness in a matter of seconds without touching a button.
  • You know that only works if you shoot JPeg tho right?

    When shooting RAW that "AutoReview" image can be displayed and all but it's a quarter or eighths scale embedded jpeg - which when zoomed past 2x is just total interpolated mush not useful for pivel-peeping. :(

    Shooting Jpeg seems to display the full res image tho! I wonder how many people shoot jpeg on their GH or GF cameras? I'm a RAW shooter myself. {shrug}.

  • Yes I know, I shoot jpeg when on vacations because I don't have time to convert/edit thousands of photo's afterwards. For normal day shooting it is RAW for me as well.

    @ Vitaliy; so you think it is possible to do?
  • Question: I own both the GH2 and G2 and have the hacks running on both cameras. On the G2 there was only one set of hack settings I've seen posted and applied those with great success......the problem is with my GH2~ I can't find anyone who has setup settings that allow for 60+mbps settings at 720p (mjpeg) like I'm able to achieve with the G2- any reason why? I would assume the GH2 should be able to achieve 100mbps or greater at 720p mjpeg but have yet to find any settings posted anywhere.....have I missed something guys?
    I'd like the maximum stable 720 settings the GH2 can handle with typical CL10 cards using Mjpeg.
    Thanks guys!
  • Hello,
    I would have 1 question.
    If I understand it correctly - after I remove the 30 min limit in PAL area, I will loose the 50i correct?
    So this basically does not remove the 30min limit, but switches the camera from PAL over to NTSC right?

    I personally don't need higher bitrates, nor 25p... I just would like to get rid of the 30min limit & keep the 1080/50i.

    Is this somehow possible?

    Thank you :)
  • @Alfi666

    No it is incorrect. Why no just try and not make fantasies?
    And use Basic questions topic instead!
  • That's great! :) thank you and sorry for asking in wrong topic.
  • Is it possible to create a preview function, so before turning on the "rec" button to see looks like the image during recording? Would be very helpful when setting the white balance.
  • Vitaliy made a suggestion in the "Low Bitrate" thread I started: why not set 24L to a very low rate and have the camera recording a kind of dummy while adjusting?
  • @Nomad
    Most of the suggestions Vitaliy makes sense, and I did not registered for it . Thanks. Most of my fun with GH2 is catching the moment so it might be a little slow. Practice makes perfect.
  • I'll be releasing new PTool version this month.

    It'll have import/export capability, so it'll be easy to export any settings and make zip file ready to upload with separate simple txt description inside.

    Few other things will be included.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Special thanks for your great work!
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Based on 90-95MB/s SDXC cards coming from SanDisk and progress with the hack from driftwood and all other generous contributors, will higher image IQ be obtained at the higher rates?

    At this stage with 176mbit/s, in comparing to external hdmi recording devices like Ninja or uncompressed HDMI recording to Blackmagic shuttle... am I simply better off waiting for faster SDXC media and avoiding those devices (even for greenscreen use)?

    I have been trying C. Brandin 66mbps setting, with some success and at times message " Exceeded file limit" on 64GB Transcend SDXC card which then stops recording ability. It normally spans fine for me prior to that.

    Thank you for all your work!
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Nice! What few other things can we expect? Any news on Film modes? Peaking assist?
  • @NickBen "... C. Brandin 66mbps setting, ... It normally spans fine for me prior to that."

    The 66mbps are really spanning on your cam? I thought it wasn't, see

  • @neveraholiday I will clarify if "reliable" spanning on followup reply.
  • Has there been any progress on allowing sound to be recorded on 24H 80% variable movie mode so we can have true 30p with sound? Even if it's recorded on a separate file.

    Thank you!
  • @pletysmo

    Thanks for posting, but, please use one of the topics in Showcase category, ok?
  • I'm using a hacked gh2 at 42 mb/s, but every time I look at the footage properties it always shows that it's shooting around 15 mb/s. Does anyone have this problem? This has happened on 2 gh2s already, and I've done everything according to the instructions.