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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • When is Moon T8 going to come out?

  • No because the GH4 is arrived and we are an old prehistoric man with our GH2...sniff

  • @azo

    24p vs 23.976... some of these settings claim to record at 24p, not 23.976.. i wass wondering if there is proof the recording is recorded at 24fps and not at 23.976... just curious.

  • In 99% of the cases when someone says 24P it's really 23.976. Otherwise somebody screwed up or you're talking about an actual cinema camera, designed to allow digital origination for film presentation and distribution. That's all 24P, true 24, is really good for.

  • Someone said soon five months ago, but god knows when. :)

  • SOOC Moon T7 60p, 1/250 shutter.

  • @jpturbo Cool. How did you mount/stabilize the GH2?

  • @matt_gh2

    It was on a smallish tripod behind the front seats.

    I didn't wind the engine out near as much as I normally do because I was worried about it tipping over.

  • Moon T7 at 60P

  • @pilotisafk really good looking video dude!

  • Sorry my stupid question, but what is the setting to shoot at 60P on GH2? I never can do a good slow motion... thanks guys.

  • @paulo

    Menu> movie settings(movie camera icon) > Rec Mode > 720p AVCHD.

    Then in your editor you tell it to treat the footage as 24 fps.

  • @jpturbo Damn - pretty stable and steady shot for just placing tripod in backseat. Nice one. (Also has nice feel/mood to a beginning to nice drama/thriller movie.)

    @pilotisafk Looks very nice.

  • Moon T7 :)

  • @electria0814 fantastic footage :) what lenses and light have you used here?

  • Test video I just did, recently got back my reconditioned Isco 2x lens.

    GH2(Moon-T7 24H), Isco 2x, Nikon 85mm @F2, no filters, light unmask sharp.

  • @flaschus The one set of Moon Trial 7 will give you actual 24/30/60 fps files. Premier seems to think the footage is ARRI when it is 24fps vs 23.976. The other set will give you 23.976/29.97/59.94 fps. I tried the actual 24/30/60 patch and I like it. Since most everything I shoot goes to the internet, not broadcast or anything, in my opinion, it's not as crucial. If I were producing video for anything else, I'd use the standard 23.976/29.97/59.94 set.

  • How much better can moon-T8 be? I feel moon-T7 is more than impressive already

  • I feel no T8 will be - no reason for it, also nothing revolutionary to add. The revolutionary improvements of GH2 didn't happen. Hope I'm not right for first time...

    Anyway, I'm on few steps to the first release of my FilmVision Pro plug-in (the break-through version 6) which definitely reproduces the motion picture look of the most film studios. Of course, if some don't like it, don't use it. Here is a sample processed with FilmVision Pro v6 (original source:

  • @AlbertZ Thanks. I use 14-42 Kit Lens , leica dg 1.4 and stage lighting & optical flares . :)

  • electria0814, your work is getting quite amazingly good! Did you use any autofocus on any of that like when you were behind the people walking down the hall, or all manual focus? Also, was it all handheld, or stabilizers of some sort used?

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