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Personal View NEST Video Contest, Cats special
  • Welcome to our second video contest.


    1. You can submit ONE video clip made by you personally using any camera. Just post it in this topic.
    2. Clip must reside on vimeo or youtube video hostings and must have "personal-view contest" and link to contest page (for contest time).
    3. Clip must be below 3 minutes in length (for any exception with length you must PM me).
    4. Only new videos are accepted. Do not submit your one year old video.
    5. Only videos featuring pets or animals like cat, dog, hamster, etc are accepted.
    6. For first prize - video must have story to tell, must feature pet, must be funny and/or interesting.
    7. For second prize - must feature your cat (yep, cats only!), must be funny/pretty/etc.
    8. Deadline - March 9, reaching minimum 10 entries.

    We are waiting for your videos:


    About NEST

    NEST is HK manufacturer of premium quality tripods and photo/video heads.
    I use their legs and heads for few years and they are really top notch.

    First prize - NEST NT-9403 carbon legs + 683H fluid head

    Very sturdy carbon legs made using 10x layers of best carbon. Big legs diameter. Can handle with ease 12kg real weight of your rig. 100mm bowl. 1660mm max height.

    683H is very good, fully metal, 100mm bowl head. With adjustments of pan and tilt drag, as well as counterbalance.



    Second prize - NEST NT-6294CK carbon legs + new small fluid head

    Sturdy and light carbon legs. Detachable leg that can be converted to monopod.

    Small and high quality fluid head made specially for light tripods and easy travel.



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  • Great prises, how about those who don't have pets?

  • Great prizes, how about those who don't have pets?

    May be it is good time to get one? :-) May be contest have secret goal to spread cats? :-)

    Some samples

  • Ι have a new, funny, for no specific reason video, all shot in hand inside car with kind of acting in greek language but no pets. Vitaliy you cut my wings with your pet thing :P

  • @starios

    It is main idea to bring equality. Many people have actors with tails.

  • Time to join the competition I think! :) That first prize is great! Is stuffed animal accepted (as I´ve got no pets)?

  • Is stuffed animal accepted (as I´ve got no pets)?

    Nope. But neighbor or rented ones are ok.

  • Do we get bonus points for having multiple pets in there. I can go borrow a few from friends

  • Do we get bonus points for having multiple pets in there

    Nope. Number is not important, quality is.

  • I would like to submit a rather unique contribution to the video contest... This ten-minute social documentary was shot on a hacked GH2 and features Shenzhen Cats, an animal welfare organisation based in Shenzhen, China.

    In parts of southern China cats are still being eaten and there are many reported instances of animal cruelty. The non-profit organisation Shenzhen Cats tries to change people's perceptions of pet animals.

    The short doc is in Chinese and English, with English subtitles. It would be great if this video was seen by more cat lovers around the world.

    I would be very happy if you could accept this entry, although I am fully aware that it does not fully comply with the terms of the competition.

  • If there is no pet but free birds is it acceptable cause I have no pets?

  • If there is no pet but free birds is it acceptable cause I have no pets?

    You live in pets free area? It is also interesting that funny things birds can do? :-)

  • Well, it's removed now, Vitaliy.

  • @zbloc

    Check terms

    video must have story to tell

  • I will be entering...little more work to do...

  • What's the story?

    Smart dog to take a shortcut.

  • @Fool4UAnyway

    Not a big story, but it is interesting and quite fun.

  • This is my entry. All shot since the announcement of this contest. While it features our dogs there is a quick clip of a cat at the end just in case that will allow the video to qualify for second place ;)

    And for extra credit this is the how-to video. Not very interesting but it shows the very simple gear used. No rigs or tripods or anything...just camera, 2 lenses, and a small $15 audio recorder.

  • OK, so here's mine. We foster dogs for a dog rescue charity called Hope Rescue, and this is our latest foster, Terry, telling his own story. Terry's been with us longer than most, probably because he looks a bit scary, but he's a big softy really. All shot this month except for one short clip (the slo mo of Terry jumping).

  • I Gotta get in on this competition I Love animals and my quick release plate for my $40 tripod has been missing and i can't afford to get a new one lol. Needless to say my video will definitely not be shot using a tripod ;D Shame there hasn't been so many entries so far lets pick it up GUYS! He's awarding GREAT PRIZES!

  • @TheLoneRoger

    That is great! :)

  • Here is my entry made today :)

  • Any chance you are extending the deadline slightly @vitaliy_kiselev? Counting the submissions they might not reach 10 by february 28. Not to moan but I have all the footage and this week the whole family (more or less) got the flu so absolutely no energy or time to edit or work for that matter.. So I´m kind of hoping for an extension or some kind of miraculous recovery.