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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • Damn, GH2 holding strong. Haven't been in here in awhile but awesome looking vids. Crazy to think you can get a GH2 for $400 these days.

  • lol. I spent over a month trying to grab one for $400; it's not as easy as you think. :P

  • @tormaid Well I could only fetch $426(shipping paid by me) for mine I sold on ebay.

  • @Stylz

    how much does ebay take in fees?

  • @dado023 10%. Paypal takes some too. I just picked up my GH2 about a month ago and it was $625 shipped. But that included a spare Panny battery and the 14-42 kit lens.

  • @tormaid 90MB/s is the read speed, not write speed. According to the PNY website, your card has a write speed of 10MB/s.


  • Music Videoclip shoot with Moon T7 with Oly 12mm F2, Panny 14-140, Canon Fd 35mm F2, 50mm F1.4 28mm F2.8

  • Been using Moon T7 for awhile. Got a chance to get some great footage on a recent trip and wow MoonT7 grades REALLY well! Here are some before and afters pics. Video will be posted soon! @Driftwood - you da man!

    661 x 371 - 279K
    661 x 371 - 325K
    661 x 370 - 286K
    659 x 371 - 293K
    660 x 370 - 265K
    659 x 371 - 289K
    662 x 371 - 270K
    660 x 374 - 288K
  • Just Got Done With My First Test With moont7 and LOVE IT! EXCELLENT QUALITY! However i did have too very "minor annoyances" one is that when transferring the videos off the gh2 using its built in usb it takes ages! and the second complaint is that when i took out my card and reinserted it to start shooting later somehow the camera didn't know anything about all that footage anymore in the playback window it was all gone. Thankfully it was just a scare and when i got home it was all still there. THANKS!

  • Has anyone here had luck recording Moon T7 on any card besides a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s and had it stay stable?

  • I use toshiba exceria type 2 32GB 24p works ok

  • @IVIaverick52 Yes, I have. A couple months back I formatted all my Extreme Pro cards for my BMPCC so I've been using the GH2 with Moon T7 exclusively with 32gb Sandisk extreme 30mb/s cards for two months without a single issue (to my surprise).

    THOUGH - I've only shot 24H and maybe 720p once or twice, so I can't gaurauntee stability across the board, but for 24h I've had no problems. Shots have even included moving water and dense foliage without any write errors.

  • Sandisk Extreme 45MB/s

  • @IVIaverick52 I use moont7 with a patriot 64gb sdxc 90mb/s read 50 mb/s write card. Works flawlessly never had one write error unlike my sandisk 32gb class 10 which will always stop within 3 seconds of recording with moont7 even on lowest settings.

  • Awesome, thanks for the replies. Is moon able to span on 64GB cards? I'm not holding my breath but it would be nice lol.

  • Made with moon t7, sandisk extreme 64G under a small forest. Full hd, 100 ss for movement. Got some frozen in exttreme situations like direct sun, shadows and lights and trees and bushes. I think that is normal.

  • Next, I' m gonna try Spizz, need it from Pal and more stabilty than MoonT7. What do you think? Any experience with Spizz?

  • So it seems as though Moon T7 may have locked up my GH2. i put Leica lenses on an adapter on to the camera and tried to take a picture, but the camera told me the shoot without lenses setting wasn't on. I knew that wasn't true, but went into the menu to check it out. My D-Pad was locked up. I switched to Manual Movie mode. the camera shifted between selected icons uncontrolably. Any ideas to fix this or manually reset the camera. Because the D-Pad seems to be frozen in software, I can't switch to another firmware.

  • Guys, I really need your help! Many thanks Vitaly and Nick for their amazing work. I've tried out Moon T7 and I'm very impressed. But there is a little problem. It just happened that I use old lenses only. And what I get is a very soft (I'd say blurred) picture. Are there any versions of Moon T7 with sharp picture? Or how else can I acquire sharpness with this great firmware?

  • @Aenima Moon T4 was a very sharp version of Moon if I remember correctly. Also I'd try shooting some more shots with your old lens and Moon T7 just to be sure, because a lot of people use Moon T7 and don't report that maybe it was just how you were focusing on that particular day of shooting. Good luck.

  • @Aenima I allways shoot manual lenses, old soft canonFD, or 12 mm slr magic and never experience this kind of bluriness, quite sharp, even with sharpen all down. This video above is with manual samyang 8mm and sgma apo 70-300. Of course was shot with moon T7. Did you push up sharpen in post?

  • @Fran

    I used Spizz T6 for a short piece and liked the quality and performance. It is posted a page earlier...

  • Update on my problem: D-Pad is sporadically responsive when held down, has allowed me to be able to put the camera through an update process (tried to bring it back to 1.1), but the update doesn't hold upon completion. Any ideas Guys? could really use some help.

  • @MichaelT thanks, looking forward to it, I really need record times longer than MoonT6. Thanks for telling me your experience! Your video is super, nice quallty and beautiful history!

  • Run n Gun promo I shot for new local record store in York UK on DREWnet T9 on old Sandisk 32MB/s 32Gb, no problems looked excellent, no grading just filmconvert kodak stock, couple of old Nikkors and Lumix 14mm and RODE videomic. Thanks.

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