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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @kholi , please can you make some test video with 12-35 on BMPCC ?

  • Love to see the pocket with a 17.5 Vöightlander. Love to see if this baby can do some decent shallow depth of field with that lens.

  • @feha Actually the only footage from the BMPCC that we've seen until now was taken by John Brawley with Lumix 12-35

  • @Flaaandeeers , thank you, than it is cinematic look even with 12-35, that's great :-)

  • Somebody with a prototype please show us the pocket with a 17.5 Vöightlander

  • @eyeiaye As far is known there is only one person with a prototype, John Brawley. Watch his blog for the next leak.

  • A few more tests (simulated on a GH2):

    – The Schneider Cinegon 10mm 1:1.8 in silver version (large front lens with 55mm thread) does not vignette. The widespread information that it has a smaller image circle than the black version (small front lens) is obviously wrong, which seems logical to me. It is even described in current PDFs from Schneider as being good for 1" ( ). It fit's normal, cheap c-mount adapters for infinity and is pretty sharp wide open, but it has quite some distortion. If anybody can tell me how to deactivate lens correction for the Panny 7-14 in Apple Aperture, I can lend one and compare.

    – The Schneider Variogon 18-90 T2 is a heavy beast with 810 grams. It is OK wide open, only the corners lack a bit, but it improves considerably from T4. It fit's cheap adapters getting to infinity but will need support. No vignetting, smooth aperture, focus and zoom with nearly constant length. Not parfocal on my adapter, may need some shimming.

    – A relatively cheap Fujinon TV Zoom 18-108 f2.5 was a surprise. It is quite soft wide open but improves considerably at 5.6, corners even better than the Schneider and it doesn't vignette. It weighs about half as much and is very thin. Smooth zoom and over 180 degree throw focus with minor change in length, but clicked aperture. Parfocal on my cheap adapter!

    As soon as I get the special adapter for the Tevidon 10mm, I'll post a comparison against the Schneider. But I suppose you'll need to wring the Schneider 10mm out of my cold hands, since my sample looks like new and is so perfect apart from the distortion…

  • Probably a dead end, but I have to ask: If a Nikon CX to MFT adaptor was made, would prime nikon CX-lenses work? In theory they would cover the BM pocket sensor, but I fear that other obstacles (like sensor distance and controlling focus/aperture) would make it hard? The interesting lens would be the 10mm f/2.8, which is a perfect combo; "fast", wide, cheap, compact.

  • Nikon CX lenses cannot be adapted to m43. The flange focal distance of Nikon CX is too short for how big the lenses are relative to the m43 opening.

    You want a fast, wide, compact lens that covers Super 16 and can be adapted to m43? Plenty of choices. Not cheap though. :)

    Don't overlook the Lumix 14 mm f/2.5 with a wide angle converter.

  • @balazer thanks for clarifying. The lumix 14mm with wide angle converter is worth concidering. For me it would add to much bulk and I think more trouble with ND-filters etc. Not sure if realistic, but I would really hope a 9mm mft budget prime would come to market. Who knows..

  • I'm wanting a decent stabilised zoom for the camera. I find the Panasonics offerings unappealing and make for video looking footage, including the highly overrated 12-35mm. I'm frustrated as so far the only option that looks great is the Leica 14-50mm 4/3 which with an adapter it's going to be massive on the PCC, expensive and has some practical flaws from what I've heard? (doable but not ideal)

    Which is why I'm curious about this lens.

    Otherwise I'm out of ideas. Any ideas?

  • Not sure in what way that tamron would give more cinematic footage. It's not particular fast, so "wide" it will have problems rendering shallow DOF, it's more of a all-purpose lens. Ofcourse the color and contrast rendition could be different than the panasonics, so that remains too see.

    My hope would be if tamron (or sigma?) released a fast stabilised normal zoom for M4/3.

  • Yeah, seems like I would just use Panys 14-140 instead of that Tamron. Seems like a useless lens to be introducing now.

  • @jimmykorea I just sold my 14-50 PanaLeica. It's a great stills lens. It's not a very good video lens. There's problems with the way the focus action "bounces" when you switch focus direction.

    The 12-35 is a good match. No adaptor. It's small. It's a constant 2.8.


  • Just bought a Computar 8mm f1.3 C-mount TV lens that covers 1" sensors. Equals 24mm wide on the Pocket Rocket. Looking forward to July! Lets hope BM keeps their delivery dates...

  • @jimmykorea I would agree that the Panasonic lenses have a "video" look to them on the GH cameras, but not on the pocket cam. I never use the Lumix lenses on my gh2 or gh3, but just from looking at John Brawley's footage with the pocket cam and the 12-35, I think the Lumix lenses might be a pretty good match. I'll be interested in seeing what my 14-140mm, 14mm, and 20mm lenses look like on it. I actually think they might be a good combo with the primes doing most of the work and if the 14-140 doesn't cut it, then I wouldn't hesitate to pick up the 12-35 based upon the initial footage.

  • Tried a Kern Switar AR 16mm 1:1.8. It shows quite some vignetting and the corners get soft WO. From 2.8 the corners improve considerably, center sharpness is excellent from the start.

    This lens is tiny, BTW!

  • Now compared the 10mm CZJ Tevidon 1:2 with the Schneider Cinegon 10mm 1:1.8. My first impression was right: the Schneider is a tiny monster, sharp WO into the corners and better contrast. Even stopped down to 5.6, the Schneider stays ahead, but the difference shrinks. Both have quite some barrel distortion.

    A good Cinegon fetches twice the price of the Tevidon, though.

  • Brawley's footage is prores yes? what specs of proRes? TBH the footage looks a tiny bit DSLRish to me

  • While I think he pocket cam footage looks good. I feel like the 12-35mm In a practical sense is perfect, wide, reasonable fast and brilliant stabilization. It's just I feel like that lens makes everything look like HDV video. the fact the PC footage looks good is in my opinion in spite of the lens not because of.

    As a last resort I still might try to work around the problems of the Leica 14-50mm cause whenever I see footage with it, it shines. Is there a better stablized zoom? so far I haven't seen footage that convinces me.

  • Does DNG footage even exist yet for this....? ALL I have scene anywhere from anyone is ProRes and even in the videos of the cameras menus it seems the Raw is not accessible.

    Would be nice to see the DR and how the footage holds up etc...

  • @johnbrawley Have you shot anything with the 20mm and the 14mm on the pocket cam and if so how do they compare to the 12-35mm?

  • I was looking today in a camera store (analog only!) and they had an interesting lens, which I think might work nicely with C-mount to m43 adaptor on the BMPCC.

    It's the French Berthiot Pan 17-85mm zoom.

    What's the consensus -- will this work with the BMPCC?

  • The Som-Berthiot Pan Cinor 17-85mm f/3.8 is a 16 mm lens, reflex possibly. It won't cover Super 16, and if it's reflex it means it would be hazy on a non-reflex camera except when stopped down.

    As a rule, old cine lens are not Super 16 lenses. As a rule, zoom lenses don't cover a larger format than they're designed for, at least not for the full range of focal lengths and aperture settings.