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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @matthere it's the same. It has the same TX settings. jb

  • I think an excellent solution would be the Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 with a speedbooster. This lens is a constant f3.5. That would mean a 7-14mm f2.5. Pretty hard to beat that for a wide angle zoom.

    The only problem is we have to wait for the speedbooster.

  • Panasonic sells a very highly regarded wide angle converter for their 14-42 Vario X series and 14mm pancake lens that take them to 11mm with no loss of f stop and minimal IQ loss, principly some edge distortion. other people have used them on Olympus glass.

  • @kholi, as fast as possible for me as I need to do occasional low-light. Though I would trade speed for small, light & cheap.

    @philiplipetz I've considered the Panny wide adapter for use with my GH2s, but the quality isn't that great from what I read.

  • @_gl

    Sony and Panasonic wide adapters are good. You can search for topics here.

  • Thanks @Vitaliy_Kiselev. I read a review a while back that didn't like it, but maybe they had a bad sample. Might have to grab a couple.

  • Guy's John have posted the ungraded version of the BMPCC footage looking good, looking good. Can't wait to get my hands of this little beast.

  • I for sure like the ungraded footage better, Thanks for posting.

    I'm a curious how my samyang 7,5 mm m4/3 will work on the bmpcc (if it will feel less fisheye)

    Also wonder how my cheap pana 14-42 will work on this. On my gh2 it works good in daylight, but maybe it will fall apart without in camera correction? otherwise it woul be nice with the bmpcc thinkning of size, wheight and the fact that it has IS.

  • yeap looks a lot better ungraded, the promised dynamic range is there,

    but, i dont know about the resolution, the gh2 seems a lot sharper to my eyes, i would like to see more footage though, the nd filter, the iso 800, the lens used and the vimeo recompression contributes to a softer image, but to what extent, is immposible to say for now...

  • So, Im not the only one who thinks the image looks a bit soft, nikon v1 raw (

    ) is sharper than the 1st footage of the bmpcc. However, we cannot jump into wild conclusion at the moment.

  • @double_vision

    1. Nikon "RAW VIDEO" or whatever you call one second burts of stills is 4K.
    2. Shorter video for Nikon RAW video = Better Compression

    So, it should appear "sharper".

  • There are people who are willing to use the Nikon D5200/7100 for the DR and Color and yet we have some complaints about the sharpness of the BMPC? It's surely got enough detail for what most of us need and i'm pretty sure it will not only be much more tweakable for Color and sharpness and with the added DR should give better image than the GH2. For me it's the overall package when it comes to IQ.

  • @Aria

    BMPC=Blackmagic Production Camera (the Super35 4K one)

    BMPCC=Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

    I figured you were talking about the BMPCC but forgot a "C". Just wanted to clear up some confusion if there is any for anyone.

  • @Brian202020

    BPC = Blackmagic Pocket Camera B4K = Blackmagic Production Camera BV1 = Blackmagic CInema Camera

    Say them out loud, FEEL the names.

    xD Or don't.

  • @Kholi

    What happens when Blackmagic makes another 4K camera?

  • @Brian202020

    We shall cross that road when the time comes... but there's no way in hell I'm going to keep writing "BMPCC", and I'm sure as hell not going to say it out loud hahaha

  • @Kholi

    Five letters too long for ya? :)

  • @Brian202020

    Three's the limit! Not really but for serious: DVX, HVX, F3, EX1, GH2, GH3, NEX, RED

    You can say all of these, including Alexa and even FS100, C300, pretty much MOST cameras' identifiers in public and they sound great...


    Not even. BMPCC. DEFINITELY not even.

    Up until NAB I put in work to force everyone around me to say Blackmagic, that sounds better. Hell I think I'll continue to use that in person and refer to the others online as whatever. xD

    And yes, I realize that this is as trivial as calling a Clothespin a C47.

  • Ok well I will continue on with BMCC for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera (BMCC EF or BMCC MFT went talking about a specific models), BMPC for Blackmagic Production Camera, and BMPCC for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. To me abbreviating what Blackmagic gives us makes the most sence. I do use C47 tho :)

  • @Brian202020. The new Aptinia S16 sensor give BM a potential upgrade path to 4K.

  • Or maybe we just say we've got a small BM or a big BM?

  • Any word on how much Pro-Res video will fit on a 64gb SD card?

    Do you have to use 95mbs cards or can you get away with slightly cheaper cards like the 45mbs? I doubt I will use RAW often.

    Also a hour of battery life sounds awful, not sure if I should walk around with pocket full of batteries or create some type of rig with a bigger battery.


  • Just under 30 min. The vids only show them using the 95mbs cards.

  • In one of their Ads they showed the BMPCC with the 45 mb/s and the 95 mb/s - i assume prores with its ~220mbps should work no problem on a 45mb/s card.

    Does anyone know the size of a 1080p DNG? Should be all we need to estimate the minimum speed of the card.