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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • You can download the video of my test here Don't bother watching it online, it's heavily compressed. You can download the ProRes file from the file menu.

  • It's home. Been trying photo mode for the moment (holly molly, how can I even dare to compare this to a D3x? Did so and it looks good, looks really, really good). I've never tried a camera with a better low pass filter than this one (bare in mind I haven't had opportunity to try D800 nor D800e). It tack sharp while taking out all aliasing (200% and yet, no alias). Looks superb to me this far, I've got to push it to the limit yet, just did few home family tests.

    Only did few test videos, nothing impressive for the moment (comparing it to the GH2, nothing I can say "wow" neither can I say "meh") but there's a lot I need to work out with it, I'll be testing it this week a lot with Lpowell's profiles, pushing it to the limit and let's see then.

    Do not like the controls at all, but IQ looks superb. Haven't tried high ISOs neither for the moment. Lack of histogram or any kind of exposure control in video mode makes me really nervous, and it's kind of a deal braker. Lucky thing, it's not my camera :P .

    It's an amazing little thing for the price. IQ matter if we talk about video or about pictures: it's superb, and getting to the ridicolous point where only proffesionals get the differences, but not normal public (unless comparing to 4k, high DR situations comparing to RAW video cameras, and so on). DR in video is it's biggest limit (as it is with any DSLR) when on uncontroled light situations. Under controled light, this might be at least close to the throne in the DSLR world.

    It does look like a really good piece of hardware...

  • @squig

    I've got LP's profiles loaded, I think they're a great idea but you have to be very careful how you use them on this camera. The fixed pattern noise is a problem

    Nice grading tests, I'm looking forward to trying out the D5200 in the near future. One important thing to note about Nikon Gamma Controls: there's actually no danger of overdoing the gamma boost, since you can always restore the video back to the camera's default gamma 1.0 in post, without loss of image detail. While you may indeed see more FPN with more extreme gamma settings, no additional noise is being added to what the image sensor is producing itself. With boosted gamma, the H.264 encoder is able to record the darker details more accurately and with less banding and quantization noise. When you then grade down the boosted shadows in post, the FPN is naturally reduced along with it.

  • Seems like the 5D has a smoother more noise reduced look

    I would not use the Red LUT in Filmconvert on the D5200 video, adds too much red/orange to the image in my experience. Did you try the standard sRGB one?

  • I was just using the filmconvert plugin so I didn't have full control over the grade, I could easily correct it in the standalone version. I tried all the presets and the RED LUT looked best out of the box, the room is so green a bit of red would help.

    The 5D is still the high ISO king but the D5200 is pretty impressive for $700.

  • More in the sense that the 5D seems to have some noise reduction going on?

    Or the FC noise is interacting differently - I have found with FC the noise character will change from different LUTs since it interacts to exposure and different colours

    The D5200 through FC seems much more textured

  • Based on the original footage from camera downloaded from vimeo I developed two Neat video preset settings for the D5200. The footage did not allow me to extract the noise profiles, so just the denoise settings was done.

    The conservative version works good for iso up to 3200, use radius 2.

    The aggressive version works good for iso 6400 and 12800, use radius 5.

    Observation: denoised iso 3200 does not show image tremble, but iso 6400 and 12800 shows some tremble impossible to remove. This tremble issue is generated by the high amount of noise which deforms the image, so when the noise is cleaned, the image tremble a bit.

    It is important to say the GH2 shows some tremble in 1600 denoised footage and the D5200 just starts to show it in 6400, so it is 2 fstops improvement. Also denoised iso 6400 and 12800 is pretty usable.

    A tip to hide the tremble is to apply a small amount of film grain simulation to the denoised footage.

    Here are the two presets:
  • I've shot similar scene with GH2, latest Nebula 6, Nostalgic -2-2 0 0 and Nikon D5200 Lpowell 1.0 with sharpness +2, my observations, GH2 shows more detail, resolution, significant enough to make it a choice on wide, detailed shots, D5200 looks a bit soft, on par with 5dmk3, as many observers found similarity of two cameras, making it perfect on mid and close ups. The links are for original files, please download and make your conclusions, settings: both cameras 3.2k, iso 160, shutter 1/50, F1.8 focus on the lettering on tea bag on the left. lenses on GH2, Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 ASPH, on D5200 Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G

    I found that Nostalgic on GH2, is very similar in colorimetry to Lpowell 1.0 setting. having sharpness on D5200 all the way to 0 does not help Nikon, even sharpened it by no means look like GH2, that can be sharpened too. The range on both cameras similar, yet high bitrate of hacked GH2 allows for more shadow recovery.

  • @olegkalyan

    They both look out of focus to me :)

    Suprised the GH2 is that much wider than the D5200

  • they both in focus, on the lettering on tea bag, for the angle both lenses show similar angle of view, about 50mm in full photo frame. will do another test with S. Hurtado Flaat profile as he asked.

  • one more test, couple of originals, 25 mb each, D800e with mosaic filter, and D5200, let me know what you think, same settings, Lpowell 0.8.

    I think they are pretty close, with slight edge to D800e, and proof that no moire will be in the shot, with D5200 you can catch it once in a while. D800e is full frame, more use of Nikon glass.

  • @olegkalyan The video quality is indeed very, very close, only the ISO noise pattern in dark areas is nicer on the D800e, more random. The D5200 shows some horizontal banding. But only visible when extra raising the Gamma values.

  • @olegkalyan Damn what happened to the accent? :)

    D5200 mic has no bass :(

    GH2 mic is very good, full of bass.

    One advantage I have noticed over the GH2 - the D5200 saves videos in MOV format - easy to load straight in Davinci Resolve

    I like the GH2 outdoors, but indoors I dunno, it always seems to look a bit green here, even with tweaked colours. Or maybe it's because of the kit lens I'm using along with the higher ISO? My Rx100 looks more pleasing indoors in comparison.

  • @CoolColJ hanks, I worked on my accent :) GH2 known for good audio recording, with Pasadena pulse.. D5200 files sizes are smaller too, probably 4 times, in my case.. GH2 nostalgic seem to not produce extra green, or maybe covering it with yellow, magenta, which I like. Try next time! to me, with two Noktons, GH2 is the winner, still. For creating film like images out of DSLR.

  • Ok here's my first effort shot with the D5200.

    I deliberately blew the highlights in the grade for effect, if you don't like it I don't care. I shot it on the shoulder with a Nikon 105mm f/2.5 ai, @ 100 ISO, neutral, 3 sharpness (a bit too sharp), everything else set to 0. Transcoded to ProRes 442HQ, graded in magic bullet looks, no post sharpening.

    Download the Mp4 from the file menu (the viewer is heavily compressed), it looks almost identical to the 5Gb ProRes file.

  • @olegkalyan Well I still get this green look in the blacks and dark areas even with Nostalgic.

  • @squig Link not working.

  • Try it now.

    It's pretty nice for $700 and I think it blows every DSLR away up to the D800 and 5D MKIII and even gives them a run for their money. I could comfortably make films with it, it looks very cinematic.

    BTW most of that clip was shot @ f/22, not exactly the sweet spot of the lens.

    Here's an ungraded ProRes clip for those who like to tinker- 1Gb download from the file menu.

    This is how it looks ungraded vs graded

    prores 2.jpg
    1280 x 720 - 317K
    prores 1.jpg
    1278 x 720 - 374K
    prores 2 graded.jpg
    1282 x 720 - 372K
  • @CoolColJ, strange, can you adjust it in 3 way color corrector, how you dial, set WB, is it auto?

  • @olegkalyan

    Here is a sample - attached - GH2 top, RX100 bottom. GH2 is far too crushed blacks and contrast, even set at the lowest setting - AWB for both - under fluro lighting. The colour balance is fine as you can see from the white'ish walls which is similar for both, but the blacks are just too green on the GH2. I suspect it's due to the large amounts of extra noise the GH2 has in the blue channel

    GH2 Colour balance is 2 notches left and 2 notches down

    Outdoors is fine though, but indoors is a problem for me

    GH2 vs RX100 Indoors.jpg
    640 x 651 - 95K
  • @Squig

    That profile of the ungraded prores clip looks nice and even for grading, not too crushed.

    But I love the motion, very smooth, and judder free for digital 24p, almost BMCC like :)

  • Personally I prefer it the the BMCC, much easier to work with and result wise only a peeper is gonna be able to tell the difference.

    The neutral profile works well, I still have to test flaat, standard with contrast down, and LPowell's gammas.

  • @squig, just to confirm that is the internal codec? ie 24mb/avc .mov file and then transcoded to prores. So you shot 1/50sec? where is the jello everyone is seeing, that is uber smooth for 24p!

  • CoolColJ, see what you mean, 3 way color corrector works for me, getting desired color in blacks, shadows works pretty good. I like fuller luma/croma signal out of GH2, neutral, has it's limitations while grading, if recorded to the card.. It's easier for me to bring the shadows, take some highlights out, if you need to while balancing colors in 3 way CC. (Killed luma, some people may like the look, is not my cup of coffee)