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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • @olegkalyan GH2 banding (it's right there in the opening shot; look for the bands in the sky):

    Banding has been my biggest camera with this camera but I have found that Driftwood's new Moon settings (at least Trial 3) combined with a Standard profile seem to do a much better job of hiding it.

    I wanted the D5200 to be my next camera, but when I tried it, the fixed pattern noise (horizontal lines showing up in anything that isn't exposed properly) just ruined it for me. I'm sticking to the GH2 for now and I have been happy about that decision.

  • @QuickHitRecord I have seen banding on vimeo compression that I don't see on my original. Haven't shot a lot of sky and I'm sure it happens sometimes, but so far not much. Did your original have banding too?

  • @tinyrobot The original did have banding, unfortunately. But sometimes Vimeo compression has been known to add banding where there was none in the original.

    One of the strengths of the D5200 is that during my time with it, it did not seem to have this issue. But it's a trade-off with the fixed pattern noise and you'll have to figure out what is most important to you.

  • @QuickHitRecord

    Anamorphic... Oh! Anamorphic... I feel good when I see Anamorphic...

    GH2 is a classic and a classic will never be replaced, no matter the improvements in new cameras. The image is so beautiful. It is a camera every owner will always want to use, just keep it close to you until it dies, and if it dies someday, keep it as an ornament decoration.

    Maybe we need more investigation about the horizontal pattern in the D5200 to perceive the limits we can go. In the video you did shooting the dummy comparing the Flaat versions I did not see problems with these horizontal patterns. BTW that video was very well done.

    I just have one curiosity about the Flaat, not answered yet: Flaat allows more information in the 0-255 range to be used by the highlights and shadows, leaving less tonal gradation to midtones. So will it be good for skin tones or would it mud it? Human skin has much more texture and tonal gradations than the dummy. What would happen if replace the dummy with a real person using Flaat, and how Flaat will compare to Portrait dialed down to skin tones/texture?

  • @olegkalyan Surprised you don't see banding on the GH2, I see it all the time!

    Very obvious on this video of me testing the Fujian 25mm F1.4 CCTV C mount lens Especially at the end. Light glancing off low contrast surfaces band like hell.

    Also surprised how noisey the GH2 is with this fairly bright f1.4 lens, with ISO no higher than 640, unlike the clean D5200 video shown early with the Nikon 35mm f1.8 - better sensor no doubt :)

  • Possibly I do not really see banding is that, I transfer all footage to Prores HQ 10 bit, there was an article somewhere explaining, how adding bit resolution helps.. What is your workflow, folks seeing banding?

  • I just load the MTS files into Vegas and switch them to 32 bit depth with video colour range

  • Ok I did more tests and GH2 can be pretty clean at ISO 500 with the Fujian 25mm at f1.4. Maybe auto ISO just makes it more noisey?

    Didn't get the green blacks as well.... interesting could be Pana lens or ISO issue

    Still the banding issue annoys me. D5200 FPN is probably less annoying

  • @ CoolColJ if your using the crop ex. teve conv mode with your C mount lens you will have a more noise then if it were scanning the full sensor normally. Also avoid iso 500 or dial down from higher iso to 500 to help with noise. Banding is still a problem with any setting thats just the way the 8 bit 420 is with the gh2. The d5200 does some nice looks. Sure would like to see a bit more rez, whether its from a external recorder or a hack.

  • @CoolColJ, try 10 bit,converted, instead of 32 floating, this possibly may help.

  • Nice dynamic range :)

    Nikon D5200 + Nikkor 14-24 2.8

  • After a month of testing and use I returned my d5200 and replaced it with a d7100 today. First impression is that the d7100 has better resolution. I would say about 20% more rez. The moiré and aliasing are non existing with the video I shot indoors. But I still see the horizontal fixed pattern noise in the blacks at all iso levels and in M an S modes, using several in camera and custom picture profiles, along with several good Nikon and Sigma lenses. I can also see the FPN on the HDMI output with my Cineroid EVF and on my Panasonic and LG screens set to 1080p. This really sucks because it would no doubt be outputted to any external recorder that I may want to use. The FPN was one of two reasons for returning the d5200, plus its poor overall resolution. I had such high hopes of moving into an APS size sensor beyond using a GH2. Looks like I'm probably going to have to dump the d7100 in favour of a GH3. Unless Nikon can come up with a fix for the FPN.

  • @rigs They let you return it after that period of time? :)

    There is also the NEX7n, which should be announced next month. New sensor, which might be good, but Sony doesn't like to let their cheaper cams step on the toes of their expensive video cameras... so who knows...

  • Have anyone used this camera with a heavier lens like 70-300? Do you worry about damaging the mount knowing the fact that this is not a rigid construction like the upper class models?

    @Craftwerk used the 70-210mm and I believe it is a heavy lens. Have you left it on a tripod while shooting with the 70-210mm mounted on?

  • @Struja The 70-210mm F4 lens isn't heavy. I had the camera on a tripod with the lens attached without problems. The 70-200mm F2.8 is much heavier. I had the Tamron version some time ago and used the special collar on the lens to shoot with the tripod.

  • So I guess 700-800g is not a big deal for the mount.

  • @Struja

    If you are shooting video it is always good to have lens support to have steady footage.

  • New D5200 film test

    The dynamic range is great, so are the colours, I did minimal colour correction on this. Standard profile +1 sharpening, -1 contrast, -1 saturation. The light kept changing which made it a bastard to grade and expose.

  • DPReview posted a 24Mpix still-frame comparison between the D5200 and the D7100 here:

    The difference the OLPF makes can be seen when viewing the top pair of photos in full resolution. In the D7100 photo, you can see colored bands of moire on the silver coin between Mickey Mouse and Pluto. In the D5200 photo, there is no visible moire, but the edges are not quite as sharp. This cinches it for me, as I have little tolerance for chroma moire.

  • D5200 vs 5D MKIII 1080p/720p post sharpened and graded.

    1920 x 1080 - 902K
    5D MKIII.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 918K
  • Hey guys!

    This is a video I shot with my D5200 + 70-300mm VR this weekend. I didn't have tripod with me so I was holding the camera on the zoo fence. It was very sunny and I was using Flaat 11 and I'm very satisfied with the outcome. This is not graded, I don't have any experience with color grading, but if anyone wants to try it out it I'd like to see some results.

  • Footage looked very nice

    Thanks, I'll probably fiddle with it sooner or later :)

  • @Struja

    Yes, I agree nice looking footage - and Flaat 11 is working really nice here. I did a quick pass in AE - will render to ProRes and try to upload in the next few days. It responds very well to grading.

  • @CoolColJ @last_SHIFT I can't wait to see the graded videos :)

  • I've done back to back tests with the D5200, 5D MKIII, and GH3. Here's how I rate them-

    Resolution 1 GH3 2 D5200 3 MKIII

    Dynamic range 1 D5200 2 MKIII 3 GH3

    Noise 1 GH3 2 MKIII 3 D5200

    Rolling shutter 1 GH3 2 MKIII 3 D5200