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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • Those HongKong places usually deliver within 3 days to here - Australia

    Thinking about grabbing one from TDimension with the 18-55mm kit lens :)

    TDimension have 12 months door to door warranty - they send a courier over and pick it up

  • Well, I'm based in Shanghai now - several years ago the grey market HK stuff was cheaper - but now most of the parallel imports have gone aside and its cheaper here in the mainland. I'll look into the D5200 myself, but I am probably gonna hold out until I see the D7100 in my hands.

    Import duties are ridiculous here of course - it also depends on the courier. I paid 23% duties on Edelkrone gear (DHL), and like 3% on a SmallHD DP4 EVF Combo (UPS).

  • @CoolColJ I ordered mine from TDimension, they have the best rep on whirlpool and the lowest price. I think most of the grey imports are shipped from Guangzhou, they just like to say they're from HK.

  • Running some tests. Banding is MUCH improved over the GH2 (see screen grabs).

    Also, audio monitoring is possible with an external monitor. There is a very slight delay but it's quite workable.

    And even though this is documented, I had to test it for myself -- magnified focus assist works with a monitor plugged in. This means that you can reassign your pixel-to-pixel shortcut button on your monitor to something else!

    Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.46.52 PM.png
    1694 x 1061 - 1019K
    Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.46.45 PM.png
    1694 x 1061 - 2M
  • @QuickHitRecord

    Nice, looks like it doesn't have the dreaded GH2 green shift at low light/high ISO on certain dark/black objects at certain light angles I've noticed - even if you tweak the balance of the AWB towards the red/yellow side

    The D7100 has an inbuilt focus motor so you can use vintage lenses with it, with autofocus.

    Wished the D5200 had the same lens flexibility as the GH2 - I just ordered a Fujian 25mm F1.4 CCTV lens to play around with for $30+.

  • From what I've seen so far this sensor is vastly superior to the GH2 in all but resolution and I think resolution is overrated. My guess is it has 2-3 stops more DR, we'll know for sure next week once I've run Samuels tests. macgregors test is the best I've seen yet from this camera, that plus the lens cap test made me pull the trigger.

  • @squig Dynamic range looks good, however I am finding that the jello in this camera makes it almost unusable for serious production work, at least for my purposes. Smooth pans and tilts might be alright, but I'd be concerned about putting this camera on a shoulder rig, slider, dolly track, or in a car. I will post an example shortly. Or just look at Macgregor's test.

  • Here's a quick comparison shot between the D5200 and the GH2 in some difficult lighting conditions:

    I tried to match the settings of the cameras but they look completely different.

    I also bumped the camera deliberately so that you can see the jello in comparison to the GH2's (both cameras have manual lenses on them, so neither has any image stabilization).

  • The jello is a concern, it's certainly not going to work well on a bike but the jello doesn't look any worse than what I've seen from the BMCC and everyones going apeshit over that camera. Do you have an external recorder? I think the codec is playing a part and not keeping up with the movement. I'm planning to use the D5200 alongside a GH3 or FS100 for slo mo and fast action. macgregor doesn't think the jello is a major problem. Maybe GH2 users have been spoilt because the 5D MKII had a lot of jello too, but it didn't stop Shane using it on act of valour.

  • I don't have an external recorder to test that theory, but I have done a fair amount of shooting with 5Ds and 7Ds and this is much worse in that respect. Believe me, I want to love this camera. I don't think that we've ever had access to this kind of dynamic range in a package quite this small and affordable (and it's mostly free of moire too!). But unless it is used with VR-enabled AF-S lenses, it's going to cause problems whenever it is being moved (or there is a breeze, as in MacGregor's video).

  • The weight of the D5200 makes it much more prone to camera shake than a 5D. Add a pound of weight to it and then see what happens.... This jumping between 2 forums is doing my head in. Oh well used to be 3.

  • I tried the same test again but I switched positions so that the GH2 was on top:

    This basically nullifies the conclusion from my last test video. The problem was with my test, not the camera. The D5200 is still in the running. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

  • That test also demonstrates why battery grips and high rod mounts are a bad idea.

    I've configured my shoulder rig to mount the MKIII and D5200 side by side for a more accurate jello test.

  • @Craftwerk Without access to AVIsynth (I am running a Mac), can you or anyone else suggest another way to get rid of the horizontal noise? It seems to be in the shadows of all of my shots thus far, regardless of the picture profiles I have tried (standard, portrait, neutral) or ISO.

  • Honestly I've seen some shakey hand held footage and rolling shutter does not seem like an issue at all

  • @QuickHitRecord After tweaking around with Neat Video a little bit more I got rid of it with good results.

  • Look at eyenorths lens cap test re fixed pattern noise. The sensor has some sweet spots. It likes under 200 ISO daylight balanced and tungsten 200 ISO and over. I imagine other white balance settings will differ too. 1600 ISO is cleaner than 1250 ISO. A slight black crush in post can get rid of the FPN. I don't think you need a denoiser to fix it, you just have to become familiar with the cameras emulsion, choose the right profile, and take care in post. I haven't denoised a frame of DSLR footage in 4 years and don't use a truckload of lights. Adding some film grain is another way to deal with noise. Using a monitor or EVF with a histogram will show the FPN, I can see it on the histogram in filmconvert deep in the shadows.

    507 x 290 - 37K
  • You can download the standalone demo of filmconvert and add a 5D standard LUT and see if that gets rid of the noise. I can do it if someone uploads an uncompressed file.

  • After looking at QuickHitRecord's test, I don't see the better dynamic range. Maybe it is something in the profile settings I don't know about.

  • I went out shooting landscape in very high contrast conditions today with the d5200. The images it gave back were much more pleasing than I'm used to with the gh2 in such situations. Grading was a breeze as well. I would say there is quite some wiggle room in highlights and shadows compared to gh2.

  • I have been doing tests with both the GH2 and the D5200. Starting out with two fresh batteries, they have been turned on and turned off at the same time. The D5200 battery just died. The GH2 battery still has all three bars.

  • Another side-by-side:

    Settings matched as much as possible. Both balanced for daylight.

  • I recommend downloading the original and grading it.

  • @QuickHitRecord that was a really cool test. I actually like some of the Flaat profiles. I think this camera has a lot of gusto for such a low price. It makes me wonder what is possible for the D7100 with more powerful processing. In any event the D5200 is showing itself to be an amazing performer.

  • @QuickHitRecord Great test indeed! I think the Flaat10 is a good style to shoot with. It keeps noise and DR in balance.