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Panasonic LX7 topic
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  • So how is the hack for the LX7 coming along ? I'm planning to buy one in the very near future.


  • I would settle for standard 1080p60 with no 29 minute length limitation :) :)

  • I used my DIY steadicam with the LX7, OIS really help alot !!

  • Another video, indoors. Also makes use in one scene of built-in time-lapse (disguised as 'miniature mode', but you can tweak it so that you get rid of the pumped-up saturation and small focus area) which gives fast motion at full 108060p:

  • @markr041 How can I tweak 'miniature mode'? Can you tell me more detail about that?

  • There are three tweaks for this mode, requiring two buttons/dials:

    1. You push the upper right dial and you get two options:

    A. EV adjustment (exposure compensation).

    B. Saturation. If you move this all the way to the left you get normal saturation, so the video in this mode will look like regular video.

    1. You push the left button and you get the option for the size of the focus area. By moving the upper-right dail you can change this. If you enlarge the area to the maximum, most of the frame will be in focus and it will look like normal video.

    If you enlarge the focus area and de-saturate you will get a 1/10th time-lapse video in full 108060p, 28Mbps that will match the rest of the video.

    Here is an LX7 video that begins with the time-lapse:

  • @markr041 thank you for your explanation. have a nice day!

  • Would be fantastic to get a better timelapse function! Now I need to have a timer set and go back every hour to reset. And off course that means I might touch the camera position :( Having fun with camera. Great night shots and video. A small donation sent for now example:

    Also for semipro work in my area flying helicopters it is great (I am not pro..)

  • How is the 120fps mode on the LX7 limited? Shutter? Iris? Both??

  • Both. It is limited in many ways

  • Flying in the dark is always difficult and especially in the auto settings. But the LX7 works well ;-) But having more options in the High speed would hopefully make that usable (in the video I use 100frames and it gets grainy compared to the normal AVCHD 50p or MP4).

  • Thanks for all your hard work with the GH1. Given the hacks, my two little cams are hard to give up for my professional work (really want the GH3, but the GH1s are excellent). As for the LX7, I lucked into one on Black Friday for a song. Below is a little video I shot one Sunday morning while making breakfast. It was cut in FCPX (which has gotten better) with minimal CC. But after reading this posting thread, I think I can get more out of this cam. Key moving forward is to get a hack that removes the 29 minute time limit.

  • Another indoor LX7 video: two landmark places in Palm Beach.

    Stained glass windows and candles in a dim church and a popular pharmacy hang out.

    Select 1080p.

  • I've been using the LX7 on my little local TV show. I shoot it with 4 cameras. It is really just for fun but helps keep my editing skills sharp (4 camera multicam with a 5th audio track from the radio station). Since shooting this, I have changed my settings and I think I'm getting better video.

  • @dailyfilmfix - looks great! What are the other cameras being used?

  • @dailyfilmfix - no need to answer, just saw your notes on Vimeo

  • Thanks for watching! I wish I had time to lock focus. I've shot two or three of these and just can't get a feeling for where to put all the cameras in such a small space. The LX7 settings produced a creamier looking image than the GH1s, I think.

    In fourth quarter last year, I shot 40 interviews on my latest documentary, Three Days at Foster, with the HMC150 and the two GH1s. It was a fire drill because we shot in four states over two months or so. Used the reliability hack because I had to be sure that the camera would not stall out (average interview time was 45 minutes or so). We had 1TB of footage archived in compressed form! But this weekend, I toyed around with the BP hack and I may try that out for my next documentary we're hoping to lens here in Georgia starting next month. We Kickstatered Foster with great results, by the way.

    If the LX7 could be hacked to give me 1080p for longer than 29 minutes, I would use it as a fourth cam for a behind the scenes wide. The TV show is going to stay 720 in order to use the LX7 and it seems to be less intensive on my iMac to edit (not scientific mind you, but my personal experience).

    Thanks again, and I hope to have a few bucks next month to contribute again to the camera hacking cause.

  • @DailyFilmFix "Key moving forward is to get a hack that removes the 29 minute time limit"

    Yes this is what is screwing me up too. I have to carry the FZ200 for longer shoots, and the LX5 for less-intimidating shooting. It is a pain...

  • I set up the C2 on the LX7 dial for 720 and the timer says 45 minutes or so. Why does it say that? I've shot for longer than 29 minutes in 720 (for my show), but I noticed the timer yesterday. I've read where there is not a limit on 720 AVCHD. Is that correct? In MP4, the limit is 29 minutes even in 720 according to the timer on the display.

    I did a quick green screen test with the LX7 and it was okay. I shot in AVCHD and cut it very quickly. I did not light the green screen like I would on a professional commercial shoot. I may try it on a commercial, if I get a job soon, but only as a test not as the key camera or anything.

    Here it is for you guys criticism (it is awful green screen work keep in mind):

  • At 720p there is no 30 minute limit, only on 1080p FullHD.

  • Any word on the hack? I shot my little show this week in 720p along with my two hacked GH1s and there was no contest. The higher bitrate for 720p or longer shoot times for 1080p is really needed for this little cam. If the clip length issue could be overcome in 1080, this cam would be a great C-cam for documentary interviews.

  • Museum Visit Video with the LX7

    A very dim place, with dinosaurs, mummies, glowing rocks, dioramas, visitors, and live specimens! Some playing around with reflections and a polarizing filter. The f1.4, 24mm really comes in handy for interiors.

    Those darn lizards, who move around interestingly, would stop and pose (as you will see) whenever I pointed the camera at them. I could not communicate I was taking video. The ants did not care, and kept working.

    108060p original (downloadable).

    1/60th shutter, STD color, NR -2.

  • I got the DMW-AVC1 AV Cable today since I just found out LX7 have active/live video out when hold down the delete button and it really work ( USB-AV out only, not work for HDMI ), but when I push the REC button to start recording video, live video out no longer available ( external monitor will turn off ) until I push the REC button again to stop recording ( external monitor turn back on ) , just want to know if this is normal or any other way to fix it ?

    2048 x 1536 - 931K
  • @mac006 That is the way my Panasonic cameras work. I believe it is an intentional crippling of the camera by Panasonic to force you to buy a more expensive model if you have the desire to monitor live video - which Panasonic classes as a 'professional' application, I think - just like recording FullHD video for longer than 30 minutes. But never fear, the cameras will be hacked soon...

  • That would be great if a hack can give us a real active / live video out.