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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • I am a former GH1 user and upgraded to a G6. After using it one day, I like it very much. The electronic view finder is darker in comparison to the GH1 and the sharpness seems to be different. The G6 EV seems less pixelated than the GH1 viewfinder. Maybe the RGB pattern of the OLED is different. On the other hand it seems to be very accurate compared with the picture on the computer screen. So I quickly got used to this.

    I have one major problem though. When I want to activate the WiFi feature, the camera locks up. It freezes at the "Please wait ..." screen. I need to remove the battery. Resetting the settings does not help.

    Has anybody experienced this problem as well? Is there an easy solution?

  • Easy solution. Don't use the wifi on the g6 !

  • @kurth Very funny! Very funny! :-(

  • I can't say how many post I've read of g6 owners having wifi related problems....and when I tried it, remembering everyone elses grief, and I had a problem....guess what my solution was ?

  • anyone have any solution for loupe, I really like varavon style, that use articulated screen option

  • It's a shame you guys are having such drama with your WiFi functions. Mine have always been very reliable.

    For a loupe @oneday, I use the GGS Swivi (found here: On it's own, it doesn't actually fit the camera, but if in between the loupes baseplate and the camera you put an L-bracket (like this one then it JUST fits on. @Snoop2929 recommended it to me and it's working out great. Here's a picture of my G6 with those on:

    Also peep out that custom seamless, 360-degree follow focus gear ring that I crafted ;)

  • @thomasesmith thanks for the loupe info

  • @kurth I can tell you for certain that that P and C QV1 won't fit on the G6 without some additional spacing and modification. I know that because I ordered it myself and had to send it back.

  • @thomasesmith does the G6 need more height or less height that what is provided by the QV-1?

  • @CFreak If I remember correctly there needed to be more height added. If one could put space beneath the camera body and the QV-1 plate, I think it would work. Kind of like how I have the Swivi set up with the L-bracket. The L-bracket is handy for adding more hand area to an already tiny camera, but it's really there to prop the camera up. Here are closer pics of the way mine is currently set up:

  • Guys, the QV1-M probably works with the G6. I have one; it is the same QV-1, but the support plate have an additional piece in the top, thus allowing to use with mirrorless cameras (you could see comparing the pictures berween the two models). I don't have a G6, but it fitted perfectly my GX7, E-M10 and GH2.

  • Kamerar 16:9 will fit, see the the measurements there: There is also "bracketed" version, swiveling up, with 501PL plate. Look at their web page.

  • @thomasesmith thanks.

    This reminded me of the excellent video John Griswell aka Johnny Gadget put together where he shows how he had to raise up his loupe and used a piece of a plastic cutting board to do so. Picture here:

    Video here checkout the part at 15:00 (It's also on PV somewhere):

  • @thomasesmith

    you forgot the "M' part . They say the new loupe mount was designed specifically for mirrorless, like the g6. I don't know if it'll cover the lcd as good as the 16:9 magview, but with the mv you have to glue it to the camera .


    I don't see any other mounting options for the magview.

  • I have a problem with my g6. There is a darker line on the whole screen (from left to right) 1/2 cm height. I can see that line on lcd and viewfinder too. This happends in video mode on the dial and low light conditions. If I change shutter speed it goes up /down ( between 60-400). So I cannot rec in 50p /100 soot speed .It goes less visible when I press rec button and it is verry little visible on the video on pc. I can't see anything on good light conditions (outdoor) .This cand be a bug? or a sensor problem? I have a manual lens with adaptor. I recently update to v1.2 but I cannot tell if it was there before because on 25p I never get higher than 50 shoot speed ( from 60 it's being visible) please somebody confirm that. Need to check more in photo mode ..but I cannot see anything on the photos.

  • Here is a piece I worked on for friends using my G6, a samyang 85mm with speed booster for the interview, the kit lens for the rest, rode videomic go, zoom H1 with old sony lavalier mic, a velbon tripod and benro monopod, variables nDs. The G6 is a great tool that I can rely on.

  • Lately I have been working on a G6 LUT that would improve skin tone recovery when shoot at -5 Contrast, Natural Profile.

    G6 have the same issue GH3 have, at least to my eyes...

    • Skin and Red colours looked too bright (Due to high Red Hue Brightness in panasonic's cameras)
    • Shadows have bad gradation, it went from mid shadow to black too quickly

    So here is a screen grab of a graded shot, before and after the LUT was applied.

    I would like to know what you guy's think of the G6 skin tones and what you think of the Before/After pic.

    First one is After: LUT applied

    1247 x 699 - 1M
    1246 x 699 - 1M
  • before looks better

  • @adam_mercier great job on the sound. I like how you mixed ambient sound with the music. So many videos just have a music slapped on for the non interview-parts. This is vastly superior.

  • Thanks @DanPV , the rode videomic go is a nice match for the g6, simple and well performing! Plus as it is a passive mic you never have to worry about juice running out.. I am looking at geting the sigma art 19mm as a go go lens to keep always on camera, what do you guys think about it?

  • what sd card speeds do you need to use for video on the g6? i have spent hundreds in the past couple of years on 95mb/s cards for the hacked gh2 and the bmpcc..i assume this does not need the same ummph?

  • Pretty much all the cheapest class 10 cards should do. I have Sandisk Ultra that wont work on GH2 50mbit but no issues with G6.

  • @yak, I prefer the first as well, your Lut looks a bit plastic, and lifeless on that frame grab.

  • @maranfilms

    Just making sure, on my other post, the first frame grab was with the LUT applied.

    Here is a better exemple, straight out of the camera and with only LUT applied.

    First = Straight Out - Second = LUT applied

    No LUT.png
    1350 x 769 - 1M
    1346 x 768 - 1M