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Mitakon lens Turbo, Speed Booster analog, available
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  • Excuse me for not pointing out:

    i was thinking specifically about the BMPCC with its smaller sensor, effectively giving us our GH2 FOV back on that. With the right optical elements this should be possible, don't you think?

  • Just because it's a blackmagic camera doesn't mean it can defy the laws of physics. Think about what you are asking, take a m4/3 lens designed for a m4/3 mount and stick an extra bit of metal between the mount and lens. Even if possible to get some sort of focus (not likely) the image circle of the lens provides no benefit to a focal reducer so there would be a massive vignette.

    Focal reducers will only work with lenses that are designed for mounts with a substantially larger flange distance than the mount on your camera and that are also designed to cover a larger sensor size than the camera.

  • I'd suggest you should read a bit about flange distances.

    What you want is something totally different to the current speed booster design, although I don't know if it's completely impossible or not. There are for example some adapters with optical elements which correct the flange distance from FD to EF. But here we're only talking 2mm.

    Still, it's a stupid idea. The only camera who would benefit from such a design is the BMPCC.

  • I would also like to know that if it´s possible to make speedboster only as a focal reducer with m4/3 mounts , I would like to use slrmgic cine Aps-H lenses that would make them with speedboster a beautifull 1x crop on GH series

  • @niGGo: thanks, will do. :)

    and yes, the BMPCC would be the only application. :)

    EDIT: I read it, this was not new to me. But I thought (I assume this was my mistake), that a certain lens between the elements inside the speedbooster could make up for the increased distance. :)

  • Could someone who speaks Chinese PLEASE tell the manufacturers we need Nikon G to m43/E-mount "Turbo thingy" with mechanical aperture control.

    And while you're at it: tell them all Canon FD adapters don't need the Lock/Open feature! Just copy Ciecio7's design :)

  • the Lock/Open feature of canon fd adapters is useful for a stepless aperture in video, is quite handy if you have to change the aperture while recording, i do hope they implement that

  • picture comparison with and without the lens turbo:

    pages 4,5 and 6

  • @lolo I prefer deklicking my FDs :)

  • Vtw, they already sold first batch.

  • The first FD-m43 adapter I bought was from jinfinance aka RJ on eBay. That $25 adapter's still going strong, and when a bearing came loose all it took as an email to RJ to get a small envelope full of teeny bearings from China in about 5 days. I sincerely hope RJ makes an FD-m43 SpeedBooster knockoff, and I'll buy two or three the moment he does. Good seller, solid gear, fair pricing.

  • If the image quality is compareable to metabones count me in for a nikon --> MFT version. Hope there will be a PV deal once its out.

  • FD-m43 + Nikon G-m43 Speedboosters FTW!

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  • Wow, and with my favorite lens! They are gonna leave Metabones in the dust…

  • Dang! Too bad Sony NEX has awful aliasing for video. Still-wise this is gonna be a killer! Any news on m43 turbos?

  • I need that for m43! Come on Mitakon!!!

  • Mitakon please m43-takon (MiFTakon) OK ?

  • Mitakon please m43 - PK !

  • Can Vitaliy ask them for a m43 nikon/canon version. Unfortunately they just copied metabones while the obvious market is the M43 one. Still shooters (more so Nex camera) are a very poor target market for this adapter more so when they are going to loose autofocus and IS. While with the advent of the GH2, now Gh3 and the black magic cinema camera and BM pocket camera, you have a whole market of video shooters that would that don't care that much about autofocus etc.

  • FD-MFT please!

  • The sad thing is that they are first for the Sony mount for Nikon F lenses and so far none of the have aperture control. If they don't start building them now, could we expect aperture control for m43? I am having doubts.

  • The sad thing is that they are first for the Sony mount for Nikon F lenses and so far none of the have aperture control.

    You mean aperture control for Nikon G lenses?

  • Yes aperture control for Nikon g lenses. The tokina 11-16 with Nikon mount would be the ideal lens for M43 and BMC pocket camera.

  • Yes, it would be nice to have aperture control using something like the Tokina 11-16 on any MFT body.