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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @Brian202020 I was going to give my fiancé my gh2 but she refused saying she wants a Canon 5D MK III. I was like well we can share lenes if we both have mft cameras, she was like no I want a canon. I was like ok you won't be getting a camera at all lol.

  • I was like well we can share lenes if we both have mft cameras, she was like no I want a canon. I was like ok you won't be getting a camera at all lol.

    haha, awesome! I just don't get peoples fascination with canon at all. Great marketing marketing I guess... but terrible products. I feel for people though... since I bought into the canon hype myself in the beginning. Now I know they're really just aimed at selling products to uninformed n00bz happy with mediocre quality.

  • i'm not into canon but to be honest, my mom has a canon eos 350d and when i take it sometimes i really have the feeling to grab something in my hands, nicely build imo.

  • I find it even funnier that you actually typed the "I was like" and "She was like" in the message.

  • I got my first hands on look at the BMPCC today, I like what I saw.

    So..., it ain't gonna ship this week although they say it is still on target for July... probing a bit more suggested its a week or two away.

    The first thing I noticed was the camera felt warm to the touch, it had obviously been on for a while connected to an external power source, however when I checked it again a couple of hours later it did not feel any hotter, mind you it had not been recording either (no SD card).

    The menu structure was uncomplicated, the only recording format available on the demo model I got to handle was ProRes and the rep indicated in most likely won't ship with CinemaDNG out of the box though he did say it was not far off.

    I neglected to check the speed of the Autofocus and could not find a way to move the focus square the rep was not sure how to or if it could be moved yet either. Please bear in mind this may not have been the firmware that it will ship with.

    I hope to get back to see it again before the end of the week and will be taking some vintage glass with me to try out. Once again please let me know if there are any question you want me to pass on.

  • @DocoDocoMan,

    Can you find out if the HDMI out is overlay free? Please.

  • It is. Optionally.


  • I recur..

    @peaceonearth July 18 Edit:

    it's getting time that BMD will ship the camera and this discussion here will come back to facts and footage instead making sth. up out of thin air

    ... plus Canon bashing

  • I suppose that I will just wait and see when the camera arrives.... ordered it the end of April in Germany... may still be somewhere at the end of line.... is it worth waiting? very likely yes....

    More important than waiting is to find nice S16 coverage vintage glass and test lenses (with Nikon V1/J1 camera which has approximately the same sensor size as the BMPCC)......

    What I really would like to know is whether the BMPCC will support the new SDHC UHS-II interface memory cards, (which have an extra row of pins in order to reach full writing speed).... this could in the longer run (current capacity max 64 GB but this will change) fully solve the issues of writing RAW to SD cards.....


  • For what it's worth the support section of the website is now set up to accept Service Requests relating to the BMPCC. It is my belief we should consider this to be another sign release is imminent. Accordingly, I have lodged a request questioning whether or not the BMPCC supports UHS-II SD cards.

    Their response will be posted here will shortly after I have read it myself. The query will also be made at Blackmagic's SMPTE 2013 Exhibition stand when I am there later in the week should there not have been a response from the support team by then.

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    only recording format available on the demo model I got to handle was ProRes and the rep indicated in most likely won't ship with CinemaDNG out of the box though he did say it was not far off.

    Slightly above.

    43rumors just repost stuff :-)

  • I know not using RAW limits your abilities in heavy film grading, but does ProRes 422 or CinemaDMG limit your editing capabilities to a fault or is there not much of a difference?

  • Being 'limited' to 10 bit 422 ProRes will not affect your editing capabilities

  • I just got a email from B&H saying my order has shipped! I was like holy crap! But then I looked closer and it said partially shipped. Turns out it was a shoe mount adapter I bought so I could stick my Rode VideoMic Pro on top of my pocket cam. Oh well.

  • I hate you! lol, have fun with the camera. Still no word from adorama :(

  • @double_vision

    It was just a adapter.

  • lol, didnt read it all.

  • Update from B&H...

    not bad news...but still not great based on original shipping dates specified.

  • Answer so far on support for UHS-II... Looks like more to info to come and I will follow up when I visit the stand again on Thursday or Friday...

    From: To: Subject: RE: BMPCC support for UHS-II Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 23:50:12 +0000

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for contacting Blackmagic Design support. Your request has been forwarded to New Magic Australia, the master distributor for Blackmagic Design products in Australia and New Zealand. We also handle all sales, support and warranty enquires for our customers.

    We don't have any information regarding UHS-II SD cards being supported on the Pocket Cinema Camera. Not sure if the camera will have the additional pins that UHS-II uses, but my understanding is that these SD cards can be used in non-USH-II devices and still offer UHS-I speeds (104 MB/s max theoretical). We'll try to find out some more info from BMD.

    In any case, the extra speed that these UHS-II cards will offer over the current SDXC UHS-I cards may not be of any use, as there will be no "write delay" like some dslrs. The files are written directly to the SD card in realtime, provided the SD card is fast enough. If the SD card is too slow, you'll simply get dropped frames and/or corrupted files.

    Just as there is a certified SSD list, there will also be a certified SD card list and any SD card not on this list won't be officially supported.

    Regards, Justin Moy Technical Support, New Magic Australia Pty Ltd +61 3 9722 9700

  • Things are moving in Australia...

    For now a Nauticam UW housing with tokina 10-17 for the bigger sister.

  • Did I miss something? I thought we worked out the Pro Extreme cards could handle the flavours of RAW we were expecting from the camera?

  • @imackreath looks like the tweet was removed. What did it say

  • With regard to shipping, like anything you should always go to the actual source, asking BHphoto about shipping dates will get you tons of different replies according to who you get in customer service. Christine on the BM forum said yesterday that she asked the team and they indicated shipping 'in July' is still the plan.

  • @kevin_kirchman

    It was the big wig at B&H saying the Pocket shipping probably first couple of weeks in August and the 4K first couple of weeks in September