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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @No_SuRReNDeR We were just playing around. We were riffing on the fact that the same things keep coming up time and time again on threads because nobody bothers to read any posts before. Kinda happening all over the place on here. Makes me feel like I'm taking crazy pills :)

  • @shian

    Any chance you could bring a camera and a get a interview with a rep?

    Love to hear about shipping numbers, approved SD cards, and if the camera ads any corrections to Panasonic glass.

  • There are no corrections for m4/3 native lenses.


  • I would like to know how to activate IS of the Panasonic lens, if the lens has no physical IS switch button on the body of the lens.

  • It would be permanently on. There's no way of deactivating in current firmware unless there's a switch on the lens.


  • Glad to know, thanks John!

  • Probably not. Mr May doesn't like me as it is. I don't want to exacerbate things by sticking a camera in his face and putting him on the spot. They're doing good work. They really are. But I ask hard questions, and don't accept the idea of "buy it now... we're working on all that stuff that doesn't work right yet." My face is hard to miss, so I'll probably go just to see, touch, feel and form an opinion on whether or not this is a worthy upgrade over my IV-GH2.

    It likely is. But I wanna see just where they are with it before plunking down my money. I may still wait to see if anything shakes out in what BMD has now decided to use as their beta test - actual customers.

    Pluses for me are:

    13 stops of DR - Prores and RAW, MFT mount for a variety of glass that ISN'T Canon, and compact size. And it's not that shitty GH3 sensor that looks awful.<

    I might get one and use it side by side with my RED as a B-cam and lo-budget gun. The IV-GH2 works for now and really delivers, but the limited DR is sometimes a pain and a time eater.

  • @johnbrawley Thank you for some terrific test Vimeos. Fuckin fabulous. @shian Well I gotta admit its very tempting to order one. Probably would be so low on the list it would take a year to come through.

  • Although, if they just decided to GIVE ME one... I'd be really hard for me to be critical...

    eh? eh? :)

  • @johnbrawley

    Are you still using a prototype? Or do you have a retail production line version yet?

  • Anyone notice that has the release date set for 9/30/2013.

  • There are no corrections for m4/3 native lenses.

    This makes me a little nervous. I was excited to use this camera with the the Lumix 12-35mm but I've read that it has a problem with purple fringing/CA when used with the Olympus OM-D (no correction):

  • @QuickHitRecord

    The stuff @johnbrawley shot with the BMPCC and Lumix 12-35mm looks very good.

  • looks like the fringing is worst @ the edges, so it'll help that there's a 3x crop instead of 2x of the om-d. also, I wouldn't be surprised if resolve was able to correct this automatically some day.

  • @Brian202020 It does look great, but it's hard to know what the Vimeo compression is hiding.

  • I'm happy to wait until I get reviews of shipping cameras. I'm tired of "beta testing" new products. 60 days will not change my business.

  • I'd expect it to become an integrated ecosystem sooner or later, Resolve could do whatever electronic in-camera correction can do. Even better, since there's more time and computing power. Just compare cheap in-camera sharpening to a well adjusted unshared masking.

  • @No_SuRReNDeR could you give me a link to the 7-14mm video?

  • Just printed off the full manual and had a read. It clearly talks about CinemaDNG RAW use on the pocket and the use of auto-focus, nothing about these features appearing in a future firmware also mentions what recommended SD cards to use.

    It basically states:

    "SDHC and SDHX cards recommended for lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) video recording include:

    Sandisk 64GB Extreme Sanidsk 64GB Extreme Pro Sandisk 128gb Extreme

    Nothing about whether they need to have 45mb/s or 95mb/s transfer rates though...

  • Looks like 45mbs cards will do. The extreme "pro" is the only 95mbs card listed.

    I have a 64gig extreme pro. Might get a 128 extreme for longer record times.

  • @LongJohnSilver Here it is


    You can kinda see when he turns it around. Like when hes showing focus peaking @3:19... It looks good to me...if only that lens took filters :(

    Still cant decide between that and the 9-18 oly but I am leaning towards the 7-14 since I could also use it photography to do some crazy cool shots.

  • I just noticed that SanDisk is now offering Extreme 8/16/32/64 & 128GB cards at 80MB/sec read and 60MB write. I wonder if this will gradually replace the 45MB/sec Extreme cards and if they're worth the increased price over the 45MB version that is still supposed to work with this cam.