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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • Looks like whatever lens he's shooting on the GH3 is causing some bloomy/softness stuff wide open. (Look at the girls before the train comes, for instance)

  • GH3 was Olympus PEN-F 38mm F1.8

  • i'd consider the 5200 if it was to ever be hacked. but being that I just dumped all my nikon garbage, I don't have any intentions of going back to the dark side. lol

  • @GravitateMediaGroup It's looking pretty good so far! Besides my MFT glass, all my stuff is Nikon mount now so I'm damn tempted but so is a MFT BMCC!!!

  • Hmmm interesting why go GH3? I'm hoping for a hack for the GH3 (fingers crossed) Although this for the affordable price does look good since I have a lot of manual Nikon Glass. But GH3 will also allow me to use my contax and voigt lens which i like shooting with. Ahh problems of the rich!

  • @vicharris

    It's a no brainer comparisson against BMCC. We might like it or not, most people will never find the difference between GH2, GH3, 5D MIII or D5200 after some grading. BMCC is just in another league. We have to live with it :P .

    Can I share a personal-view?

    While this forum I know is full of pixel peepers, there's a difference when trying to get the best out of a 700$ GH2, and going NUTS about D5200. It actually seems like most EOSHD readers have registered here. It's such a subtle difference, I'd never find the Nikon D5200 worth the investment.

    Better ISO and shallower DOF, yep. But it requires really expensive lenses that don't give quite the "thingy" SLR Magics and Voigtlanders are giving to M43 world. That, the looks, is a lot more noticeable than half a stop. Well if you go Carl zeiss...

    Also, there's little discussion in interior shots we don't need (and actually, is not "Film look" at all) so shallow DOF (I'm tired of it, what the hell happened in "Les miserables"? Was the art so badly design or just crappy materials so they had to hide it? Same thing I wonder with most HDSLR footage). So, again M43 is an advantage, as less light is required to get more DOF.

    Only the better high ISO looks like the thing...but we get at least 1 full stop over Nikkor primes with those Voigtlander beautiful clickless lenses.

    Yeah, I'm not in love with the GH2, nor GH3, not even BMCC (I'm a liar, see the "even"?), but M43 lenses.

    Thus far, all I'm saying is there's much more of a difference due to the mount, than to the electronics when comparing what can be done with top 3 stock HDSLR's for video: 5DIII, Nikon D5200 and GH3. 3 very good little pretty things. Or at least 2 of them.

    Don't get me wrong: I'm saying this 'cause there's no actual work done with it, no proper tests, and way too much hurray's up to page 11 we are now. It's better to keep calm...

  • @Raysito22

    "Thus far, all I'm saying is there's much more of a difference due to the mount, than to the electronics when comparing what can be done with top 3 stock HDSLR's for video: 5DIII, Nikon D5200 and GH3."

    If anything its the difference in sensor size than mount per se.

    Have you actually done a comparison of image quality...rather than look at other's heavily compressed material on Youtube/Vimeo? Even the downloads are usually not straight out of the there is no substitute to doing your own tests before making broad conclusions. I've compared my D5200 to a D800; a Canon 5D3; my hacked GH2's (different hacks); and the GH3. The D5200 easily wins in terms of image it pixel peeping or just looking at the IQ for impact on a 52 inch LCD.

    "It's such a subtle difference, I'd never find the Nikon D5200 worth the investment."

    Given what the camera does in terms of video image quality for such a low priced "investment" I call it as your loss..

  • 'I've compared my D5200 to a D800; a Canon 5D3; my hacked GH2's (different hacks); and the GH3. The D5200 easily wins in terms of image quality". Hear that Vitaliy? I think you should drop everything mate and start working on this, if we could get it to record 100+Mbps intraframe 422 it would be almost ideal. I say almost because the rolling shutter isn't stellar and it doesn't do 60p 1080p.

    I've just been told to expect my D5200 within 24 hours.

  • So far I feel like it's becoming clear that the Nikon D5200 is worth the recent excitement. We haven't had this IQ level at this price range since the GH2. I think it's great that we've got another good low cost option. With every test done it's becoming clearer that the D5200 isn't all hype. It's really looking like a new low cost contender.

    You've got better DR, Low Light, clean and potent HDMI, low Aliasing and Moire. It looks like you have good range in regard to being able to make adjustments in your NLE. Sure the camera has some cons, but that's always the case with low cost cameras.

  • @vicharris I think it is a bit difficult to discuss lens choice between M43 and Nikon mount lens. One has hundred of models that been there for more than half a century and then you have the resale value of the name brand like Nikon and Zeiss. Ask a lens and I bet there is 99% of a chance to have one in Nikon mount, do the same for M43. Now to balance thing up it is true that you can mount those lens on the M43 but with a zoom effect.

    Another thing that is a pure contradiction is that you are criticizing shallow depth of field and you talk about the half a stop of the Voigtlanders. When to you find this half a stop when you are at .9 fstop and than the depth of field is paper thin even on a M43 sensor size. Believe me, Nikon has also a ton of .... legendary lens, just make a little search and you will see. For cost at worst you could get a set of older primes or samyang to serve you well. I am not against M43, but I think your point is not very valid.

  • @Raysito22 I agree on the glass side but there are some amazing lenses for nikon. Keep in mind the harrahs are by mostly people who own one (like me!)

    Heres my view The GH2 is a great stills/video camera for a great price

    The GH3 is a okay stills/video camera for the (over) price

    The d5200 is a great stills/video camera for a great price

    Theres no need to be so precious about it (and I sense there will be the usual gh2 fanboys acting so).

    If another company releases a camera with great video quality (and a larger sensor to boot) then its not a bad thing at all.

    Having choice is a good thing.

  • Brick wall seems Moire free

    I did my own little test with the downloaded version of that EOSHD comparison between the D5200 vs GH3 rerendering it through Filmconvert and the D5200 just looks so lovely, looks like film. GH3 seems to have this more washed out pink look which I don't particularly like...

    And that pan in the train looks smooth of the D5200, but juddery on the GH3 at 25p

    It's just a pity it doesn't do 1080 60p or 720 60p is not good quality :(

    Might have to use my RX100 exculsively for slo mo

  • I'm trying not to get too excited but my gut feeling since I ordered one last week has been that this camera is quite special. The D90 prompted me to make the career change to filmmaking so it would be fitting for me to shoot my first feature on a Nikon.

    If you want a filmic look vinatge Leica-r glass is amazing, Shane Hurlbut compared the Leicas to Panavison primo primes! I replaced most of my Nikon ai/ai-s glass with the Leicas but I can attest that old Nikon glass is very good, very filmic, and quite cheap. I shot these with Nikon ai glass on the 5D.

    The best resource for info on vintage Nikon glass- Ken Rockwell's reviews on Nikon glass aren't bad either- Ken doesn't think the D5200 is worth upgrading to which is pretty funny. For detailed specs and info on all the old Nikkor lenses look here-

  • Don't forget this other excellent Nikon lens resource:

  • @squig

    "Ken doesn't think the D5200 is worth upgrading to which is pretty funny."

    Ha ha...Ken thinks that video in a DSLR is new-fangled horse shit... and the people using a DSLR for such a non-traditional application as video are irrelevant. :-)

  • @ last_shift Never seen that one, good stuff! It used to be tough trying to identify pre-ai, ai, and ai-s glass sometimes.

  • @squig

    I always have it handy when shopping for old Nikkors :-)

  • The only problem with the old Nikkors is the build quality is nowhere near as good as the Leicas, particularly the ai-s. The ai's were more solid and the pre ai's better still. I had a few with worn helicoids. I'll miss my Pentax glass on the Nikon.

  • I just bought a old 70-210 F4 Nikon. Perhaps not as pin sharp as a prime but so far nice quality footage. Not much chromatic aberration either, realistic color rendition. Sharpness and image quality also very good at F4 throughout the whole range .

  • I really find this camera interesting, I was not saying it wasn't. Indeed for "newcomers" it might be the best investment. But as said, I find it a bit better than GH2, GH3, it's obvious, just not that much different. It's still 8 bits...

    I know there are good Nikkor lenses. I've used Nikon since I was 10! Old EM, nikon F5, D100, D3 and D3x...yep, no video yet. Also have those 3 zoom 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 among others (good for photo, but too perfect to me for video - yeah know they're zooms).

    What I really meant is that moving from 5DMIII, GH2 or GH3 to D5200 seems difficult to explain, and I was reading that kind of comments here. And of course it's good to have a new contender! No discussion about that.

    In my pretty modest opinion, step up over any of those, now or in few years, is BMCC style Raw Camera (or Bolex or Kineraw, if they ever make it). Until there's no real game changer in HDSLR world (10 bit 4:2:2 for example), new options might arrive, but I won't find them enough of an improvement as to invest on them.

    @danyyiel When mentioning the +1 stop of Voigts, I meant it could save your shot or let you shoot with -1 ISO step. Under controled light, you don't want to be using f0.95 except for strange things maybe...softness + super thin FOV can kill the shot. And about lens options...maybe it would be better a thread about Nikon F mount lenses, prices and availability, 'cause as far as I can remember, good film looking (whatever that means) prime lenses are a bit expensive. Nikon mount lenses are adaptable to almost everything, so interest on those lenses is sky high.

    And wow it was impressive how calmed it all stayed, I had second thoughts about sending my comment, sometimes you can start a flame war over a personal view... Thanks for your personal views, pretty much appreciated. Keep it up with the D5200 :) . A friend of mine is already hating himself, he changed Nikon to Canon just a few months back, and he's regretting it already hehe.

  • How is the screen for focusing? I like the GH2 viewfinder. Got a GH3 body but am not that impressed with it for the price. Have not managed to get the richness of the GH2 from it yet. Thing is for me I need continuous recording. And the nikon does not offer that. However I may be persuaded to use my remaining GH2 for that and offload the GH3 body. Exciting times

  • @ raysito22 on moving from the 5D etc. Every camera has its weaknesses and strengths, they can all produce nice work under the right conditions but I'm shooting a feature that will include lots of low key lighting which is a challenge for any digital camera. I bought the D5200 to test whether its better suited to shoot the film than the 5D. It may turn out that neither is suitable and I'll have to spend more money, we'll see.

  • I love D5200, compared it to D800e, D4, in a crop mode 2.7 is the king still. but D5200 is pretty close.. there is a plenty optics for Nikon, resolution, grain structure as we call it on Nikon not as good as GH2, there less details. overall as one single body, camera, is something really can be beaten, at a higher price point.

    Someone, could you compare it with 5dmk3? in high/low light conditions?

  • I'm testing it against the MKIII as soon as I get my hands on it, hopefully tomorrow.

  • @olegkalyan sorry as I know you are not a native English speaker, but can you clarify?

    "there is a plenty optics for Nikon, resolution, grain structure as we call it on Nikon not as good as GH2, there less details"

    Does this mean that resolution/grain structure on D5200 is poorer than on the GH2? So GH2 is better in your tests for film like grain and resolution?