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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • Here is my astonishing review of this amazing camera

  • Heres a odd thing maybe someone can technically explain The original D5100 MOV file plays back with very strong contrast and less detail..yet when running it through handbrake converting to mp4 the contrast is improved and the image is sharper. grabs enclosed

    1920 x 1080 - 784K
    1920 x 1080 - 825K
  • Is handbrake doing a levels correction, am not sure but alot of the mov files are 16-235 and many video players, nle's are interpreting the footage as 0-255!

  • Shot some footage today with the old 70-210 F4 Nikon and can only say that the quality of these daylight shots at 100 ISO are very very nice. The clarity, the colors, the sharpnes all looks natural and beautiful. Also the absence of moire and aliasing makes the output high quality. I have no regrets switching from the D5100 to this little monster of a camera!

  • @squig @Raysito22

    The best resource for info on vintage Nikon glass...

    Sorry if I didn't make this clear earlier:

    Vintage Nikon AI-S lenses do not work properly with the D5200.

    The D5x00 and D3x00 cameras do not play well with manual lenses that lack a CPU chip. These lenses will shut down the camera's light monitoring systems, cripple the viewfinder, and leave you with no means of determining the proper exposure, aside from eyeballing it on the LCD screen.

    In practice, using a Nikon prosumer camera for video is nothing like shooting with a GH2 in manual exposure mode. The Nikons work best in Aperture Priority mode, with a preset shutter speed and auto-ISO. The camera has a broad usable ISO range (100-3200), but lacks the Live View histogram you'd need to set ISO manually. But there's no reason to do so, because you can rely on its matrix light metering system to set the correct ISO for you.

    For GH2 shooters who'd like to share lenses with the D5200, the most compatible choice is Nikon AF-D lenses (and third-party equivalents). These lenses have built-in aperture rings, manual focus rings, and the proper CPU chip for light metering with the D5200. Since they lack built-in focus motors, AF-D lenses will not auto-focus on the D5200, but work perfectly well as manual focus lenses on both GH2 and Nikon cameras. These are great lenses for video and I reviewed many of the most video-friendly in the following thread:

  • @LPowell

    This is why you need to get Pentax cameras :-) No chips, just simple contacts coding stuff. And no fucking crippled cameras without motors. I'll soon get my new K-01 that works with any old lens.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev In case I wasn't clear about this, I'm not criticizing the D5200's auto-exposure system, I think it's great! Compared to the GH2's all-manual operation, it's a pleasure to rely on the camera to select the correct ISO, while I concentrate on the compositional aspects of the shot. Nikon cameras also provide a feature I wish the GH2 had - a manual focus confirmation indicator in the viewfinder (which also requires a chipped lens). I prefer framing a shot in the viewfinder and manual focus confirmation enables me to do this without needing to switch to a magnified view on the LCD screen.

  • I prefer framing a shot in the viewfinder and manual focus confirmation enables me to do this without needing to switch to a magnified view on the LCD screen.

    You mean that you need focus assist enabled in EVF, for cameras with contrast AF.

  • If you want to run old glass one can always rely on the false color and or zebras from an external EVF.

  • @tinyrobot, sorry for my hectic writing, and no punctuation in right places. I like the micro sctructure, grain structure better no GH2, compared to D5200, too many good things on GH2, histogram for one, audio I find comparable, Nikon has stereo mic, very good. I will test them together at some point this weekend, hope. Overall for run/gun, wedding with low light rooms, variety of difficult lighting scenarios, I't take D5200, shootin 3200 not a problem at all. Lattitude seems better on Nikon, nicer, smoother skin gradation, what brides like anyways, if we talk about event videography. For film, I dislike, what we used as "Canon" look, in this regards, D5200 is somewhat similar, with Nikon edge to latitude, actually just rewatched Skyfall, shot on Aleksa, catch myself thinking that Nikon has similar colorimetry, the way that colors are translated on screen, GH2 has somewhat finer, Alexa's grain structure... that's non scientific, imho observation.

  • @Lpowell, confirmation indicator in the viewfinder, you mean taking photos, it does not apply to video, if I understand you correctly?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    You mean that you need focus assist enabled in EVF, for cameras with contrast AF.

    The viewfinder in a Nikon camera is an optical prism rather than a tiny LCD screen like the one in the GH2. It uses phase detection rather than contrast AF to confirm manual focus on an indicator scale. Contrast AF has its own advantages, but it's not fast enough to drive a real-time focus confirmation indicator.

    @olegkalyan You can use the D5100 viewfinder to set aperture and confirm focus before switching into Live View. The viewfinder will then go dark and the LCD will turn on. At that point, you can confirm shutter speed and ISO and use the AE-Lock button to lock-down your exposure during the take.

  • @ LPowell I have 2 light meters, they're mount to my head. I haven't shot a film with any kind of metering in 4 years. It's like the force, you just have to let go and trust your instincts. I tried shooting some stills with the 5D recently with the viewfinder and metering (I normally use a z-finder) it was a complete fukup! An EVF or external display with a histogram is one way around the metering issue. I think the Ninja has either zebras or a histogram?

  • @squig

    I have 2 light meters, they're mount to my head.

    LOL, problem is my eyes don't have USB outputs calibrated in f-stops, and they're pretty much useless for judging white balance. But compared to the human eye, the D5100 sucks at framing shots the way I like.

  • I don't know why photographers like optical viewfinders. I was shooting stills with a Nikon 105/2.5 ai (highly recommend this lens) and I couldn't judge my DOF. I shot with a Nikon FM2 20 years ago, loved that camera but I don't wanna go back. I wish Nikon and Canon would just ditch the mirrorbox and go with a shorter mount.

  • @Voldemort

    Ha ha...great sense of humor. Great camera tests as well.


    "The Nikons work best in Aperture Priority mode, with a preset shutter speed ..."

    I think you meant to say Shutter Priority mode.

    A couple of general comments:

    If you want to use AF during video with the D5200 remember to use the dedicated AF-F setting. It's not quite as good as AF with Lumix lenses on the GH2/GH3 but not bad either...much better than on the D800.

    Don't forget about older Tokina AT-X lenses with CPU. Some are just OK...but others (28-80mm f2.8) are superb with better color purity than the much more expensive Nikkor equivalents. However still just manual focus on D5200.

  • @GH2UW

    I think you meant to say Shutter Priority mode.

    Nope, Shutter Priority does not work in D5200 video mode. Once you enter Live View, the camera will ignore any attempt to alter the aperture, either manually or automatically. As a consequence, you must set the aperture in Manual or Aperture Priority modes, before entering Live View. Shooting in auto-ISO Aperture Priority mode on the D5200 allows you to preset your desired shutter speed in the camera's menu settings, and use the Exposure Compensation button to fine-tune your exposure. Once I got used to its semi-manual operation, I found Nikon's auto-ISO Aperture Priority mode more useful than fully manual exposure control.

  • LPowell that's more or less my workflow on the RX100 as well - good to know Especially since shutter speed is not something you will tweak on the fly, only when I experiementing with artifical lighting to see if any flickers happen

    I'm still undecided on the D5200, but I did spot a local etailer selling new silver GH2 with 14-42 kit lens for $599, so I jumped on it, so the D5200 will have to wait in the meantime :)

    I can always resell it for not much loss in any case

  • @squig I'll be waiting on those low key shots :) . It really is a challenge for HDSLRs, light must be perfectly set and you really must know the cameras DR and postprocessing posibilities to work it out well, so best of luck!

    I agree about optical viewfinders: nowadays with a propper OLED viewfinder it's SO MUCH better...I don't really care about what it looks like in real life, I care about how it looks on a display, as that's the way I'll be watching it later on, so c'mon it just makes sense even for "quality" reasons, not only FOV preview, or histogram or whatever they chose to include in it. Going crazier makes me think about EVF apps. I'm such a dreamer, I can even see a cat saying "Good exposure beauty!".

    About exposure control:

    I don't know what big companies are finding so hard about giving us good ways of measuring exposure. Zebras, real live histogram (not the liar we find in the GH2) would just be enough.

    I'm really a manual mode freak, I don't like the way you have to work with Nikons in video. Though as said, with a monitor you get all you need, that just makes no sense sometimes (as time's an issue for some productions), so you have to trust the cam as LPowell said. I'm not saying it's bad, just that I'm not bond to it. Anyway, Nikons matrix light metering system is really really good, the one I trust the most.

    Not even when talking about quality but also, workflow, this cams are different yet even. It's so interesting how many ways there are to screw us and not do things just the right and simple way, as we ask them to be...but people here always get the best workaround to solve issues and share it :) it's so nice I can even cry about it.

  • @LPowell

    "Nope, Shutter Priority does not work in D5200 video mode."

    Well, it does...very well, I think. FedEx kindly delivered my D5200 (RED One!) this morning and I've been shooting video all day using Shutter Priority. The exposure accuracy is quite impressive.

    But you are correct in that once the Shutter Priority is selected and the shutter speed is dialed in it is not possible to manually alter the ISO once shooting video (in Live View). It is possible to alter shutter during shooting (not sure why anyone would want to). The aperture is automatically selected and changes according to ambient light...and there is a read-out showing what the current aperture is (this is great and better than the stupid way the D800 is designed).

    I've never used "Shutter Priority" in any other way (for still or video)...and it's a semantic point that using it in any other way no longer makes it Shutter Priority.

    Now that I've finally got mine and have used it under more relaxed circumstances (with time to tweak the settings) I am even more impressed with just how well-resolved, clean/noise-free and color accurate the video is out of this thing...and I haven't even hooked up the Ninja yet. :-)...and NO F*****G COLOR BANDING in the blue sky!

  • @LPowell

    Shutter priority does work on the d5200 for video automatically. Just checked. So please stop stating things as fact until you actually own one.

    It is not a d5100.

    Why would one want to use shutter priority for video when you now have manual controls is beyond me anyway.

    As for manual lenses on the d5200...many use them just fine via using live view for photography and videowork.

  • @Mimirsan

    "Why would one want to use shutter priority for video when you now have manual controls is beyond me anyway."

    Ha ha...If you were at 40 meters in a strong current with about a dozen sharks milling around you you'd understand. :-)

  • I wouldn't understand, I'd shit myself!